Virgo Man is Back – Kind of…!


Virgo Man – My Absence Explained

Virgo Man, as many of you will know has been off the blogosphere for a while now. This is by no means on purpose or because I am one of those bloggers that just simply, ‘gives up’.

The truth of the matter is I have not been well, and have had a number of health issues to attend to of which I will spare you the long boring details!

Virgo Man Not Feeling Well

Virgo Man Struggled To Get Online!

Whilst convalescing, there has been one truly inspirational music video that has kept me going and keeping the faith. The music video in question is by the band Rudimantal with their track, Waiting All Night featuring Ella Eyre. I defy anyone to watch this video and not feel their hairs stand on end. Based around the life events of Kurt Yaeger who tragically lost a leg due a bike accident this music video makes me feel truly blessed and grateful however ill I am. This man is a God in my opinion.

If you don’t believe me, see the official video for yourself below and let me know what you think. (For your sake & sanity I suggest you skip the YouTube ad after the 5 seconds are up!)

During my time away it has been impossible to not notice all the comments and questions my lovely readers have emailed me. There have been literally hundreds, if not thousands. However, as I’ve not been well, I haven’t been able to put them up on the site or even to begin to reply back.

One thing I have always maintained from the beginning is that my blogging is a hobby. I have a real job to maintain, but will do my upmost to answer everyone’s questions. This has not been possible the last 4 months and I apologise from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me if you’ve written me and I have not responded.

This Virgo Man still has some way to go before he’s fully recovered, but hopes that this particular blog goes some way to begin blogging again.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Best wishes as always,

Virgo Man


  1. Hello! Hope you are doing much better. Whet can we seems the Get Well flowers to? =)

    • Hey Girl with the silver Eyes,

      Thanks for your comment especially about the flowers! No need though

      Sorry for the late reply, but been busy and also not fully recovered yet.

      Much love to you as always.

      Virgo Man

  2. get well soon….wish i speedy recovery :)

  3. Awww,well Yaaayyy.I’m so glad ur back a hale and hearty Virgo.Been waiting for a reply and its been driving me crazy.Now ur back,and All will be well in VirgoLand ;) .


    *silent prayer* I hope he reads and replies mine first :p

  4. The Virgo man blogs have been a source of comfort and inspiration to me. It has helped me understand the complex behavior of my Virguy. I can now identify a Virgo man in the first few minutes if conversing with them. Without the comments, I don’t believe our relationship would have survived at all. I am a Scorpio woman, my first Virgo relationship was a disaster, it brought out the worse in both of us. I hope you will be completely well very soon. Thanks for all your work.

  5. I am sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. Glad to see you are back. Get well as soon as you can. No rush but you are missed :)

  6. Hey Pete VirgoMan sorry to hear about yr offline period of convalescing :( Yup, amazing Vid.. bought a tear ;’) & simple, important message for all. …now, with sooo many animated detailed fun and explicit responses to yr various posts over the years >hopefully< U feel very needed?!

    …perhaps a book?!

    Can Virgo men really be so complex? Seriously?

    I'm Aries & only resorted to googling :about virgo men

    …because I met one – and he's got me totally perplexed – I can't work him out! I mean, this is doing my cute sexy head in!

    He approached me. Left gift/s. sent emails/texts. Made jokingly(?) very fwd suggestions. On and Off. Gaps when he's away, but responds like it was just yesterday and there is no rush (well, responds sometimes like everything must be now or responds like it can't be now must be later)

    We finally had a date (when his work travel schedule aligned). Held my hand in the cab, but then seemed shy/awkward when walking in the street. (Ah, shy and retiring appearance in public, explicit when not?!) he talked just about himself when out with me, but didnt seem to want to know much of the detail about me. He worried about various things. Misinterpreted some (a lot) of my conversation in a negative way as if against him ("…. Hey, whoa, hang on there Mr"). Something that carried through to texts later – I'd send something I'd thought was fun & sexy & inviting, and the response would be critical or off track! (Gee, too hard?! How can I win a guy over who interprets all the nice suggestive things from me in such a wrong/opposite way?!)(I'm not going to text you, I'm going to try to phone you – if your not busy)

    I said I liked him. Many times…
    But began to feel like I was chasing him. invites suggestions weren't reciprocated how I thought they should be … Everything with him had to be right now (just on the day/hour i couldnt) or it would be for an unspecified "later"
    (He'd say see you in a hour/tonight & if I'm unavailable he'd respond as if I'm not interested. Or if he was out, travelling, busy at the moment – he would say – later, hold that thought (me: for how long?). He respond briefly or there'd be a long gap in time, with him responding as if it was straight away, and gushing about me with compliments and suggestions – but still his impossibility to catch

    Wow. Never come across personality like it.

    I felt like I'm on a game show with the gorgeous manly prize, come-and-get-me, enticing me forward, then blocking every move!

    Here I am, gorgeous sexy and cute – totally floored in the wrong way, not able to "read" this guy. It all should fit into the "too hard basket" if I didnt totally like him or remain so intrigued about what is really going on!

    Hence the googling of your blog (and responses) – about a virgo/dating a virgo was very enlighting. Plenty I could relate to when I "put on a different set of glasses" to view the behavior with. Thank you.

    Complex virgo men? Definetly!

    Get healthy – back to 100%
    Stay cheeky ;-) and ever so kind and helpful (another Virgo trait)


    • WoW! Thanks Denni,

      I really appreciate all the kind comments and am please you like the blog.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to write more frequently as I enjoy it soooo much!

      Take care honey, and good luck with your VM


  7. Dear Virgo gentleman,

    Send you all my best wishes and get well better soon, you sure are needed by all of us :)


  8. Hi there,
    i met this vm and he has been able to read me so well i felt vulnerable at first we had a misunderstanding i stated i wanted to start a fresh he said he liked my texts and my openness.i can be feisty i do sit on the fence a lot but the past two weekends I’ve just gone wirh it. We jel so well he was down on his luck and now hes picked himself back up again. This is my problem i told him how i felt in a roundabout way how much i felt content happy etc not to heavy then with his new adventures i asked if he would have time for me. We spoke on phone beforehand it was all about him so then i said speak soon. I thought maybe the next day but no hes ignored my texts its like hes off on a mission and he just met up with me cos he was down on his luck. I take comfort in knowing i did nothing wrong i was true to myself at all times i dont get it maybe he’ll be back maybe he wont but either way i had the best two weekends id had in a long time. What’s. Your take on this will he miss me if I’m not texting etc.
    thank you for your help in

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