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The Virgo Horoscope – And all things sex

The Virgo Horoscope remains a mystery to those who’ve never had any kind of relationship with one of us. Do you really believe the outdated stereotype that Virgos are these shy retiring types who blush at any mention of the word ‘Sex’. Or perhaps like many others, when you read the word, ‘Virgo’, you think of the innocent Virgin maiden behaving virginal and respectfully? Oh, you do? Then think again…

The Virgo Horoscope Chastity Belt

Thankfully things have changed, unless you’re into this kind of thing


When I first started dating, I’ll admit I was a little intimidated by the opposite sex. However, it quickly became obvious that when discussing my sexual exploits with my male friends they began to look at me as if I was some kind of freak. Normally being called a freak can be taken negatively…obviously. Nevertheless, my friends meant it in a good way and judging by the response I was getting from the ladies in-between the sheets I was obviously doing something right.

Virgo male skeleton with sex on the brain

Young men literally have sex on the brain

So what was I doing that was so different from other guys that I was being looked upon as some kind of sexual freak? Let me explain.

Unlike other zodiac signs, The Virgo Horoscope has a natural tendency to want to please those who are special and meaningful in our lives. Even on one night stands you’ll be made to feel like the most precious person in the world. Why? Because for Virgos there is no greater feeling than looking into their lovers eyes and knowing the sexual heights of satisfaction they have just reached is due to the unselfish practices of the Virgo loving.

Basically, if it turns you on, then it turns us on.


The Virgo Horoscope Orgasm

Nothing Virgos Love Better Than to Please Their Partner

This was the basis which established the differences between me and my male friends. Whereas they were all about pleasing themselves and getting as much out of their relationships as they could, I, being of the Virgo Horoscope, was about wanting to please rather than being pleased. 

It wasn’t just me who came to this conclusion. Female colleagues who’d had or were having relationships with male Virgos were full of praise for their unselfish lovers. They would comment on how they’d never been with anyone who was willing to ‘get down and dirty’ before they were expected to ‘get down and dirty’. And never had they been with anyone who wanted them to reach the big ‘O’ as much as Virgos.  It kind of left a warm feeling in my heart when I heard this. Well done my fellow Virgo brothers!


Virgo Bond Role Play

This Virgo Took The Role-Playing Part a Bit Too Seriously

However, when it comes to finding out what kind of things get our hormones roaring, expect the unexpected. If you know anything about Virgos, then you’ll know we don’t get satisfied with anything normal in life, and that includes the bedroom. If there’s a fetish to be tried, you can bet your last dollar a Virgo will have invented it or was first in line to try it.


Virgo Foot Fetish

Be Prepared For Any Kind of Fetish

If you’re squeamish, straitlaced or easily offended then sex with a Virgo may be a problem. The Virgo Horoscope dictates a dislike for wasting time on pleasantries and unnecessary dialogue when it’s quite obvious what both parties want. Your Virgo lover will be direct and tell you exactly what they want or even if you are doing something wrong. We’re not being insulting or demanding, just practical. 

Don’t be fooled by our cool, quiet demeanour, we’re simply thinking of ways to make you reach the greatest orgasm you’ll ever have. And trust me…. we WILL try! We may not talk about sex as much as others, but when we do be prepared for the unthinkable. We think outside the box and are very experimental, so long as we feel you’re comfortable to share these experiments with us.

Virgo Horoscope Bite

The Virgo Horoscope lover will definitely leave their mark on you one way or another

Having read bits of the 50 Shades Trilogy, It’s quite obvious Christian Grey was a Virgo! If you need any more convincing about the sexual prowess of Virgos, Charlie Sheen is one – Enough said!

Virgo Man Charlie Sheen

Expect The Unexpected From Your Virgo Lover – Ask Charlie Sheen

So the next time you get introduced to a male Virgo, for a split second ignore the fact that he’s an extremely polite well groomed guy, and instead rejoice in the fact that this guy could give you the greatest  f*** of your life.


Virgo Lovers Ecstasy

A Virgo Lover Will Leave Your Head Floating in The Clouds


Virgo Man


  1. Hot damn.

    • Ha Ha!

      That’s exactly the response I’ve been getting from women all my life!

      The reason? It’s all in the blog above!

      Thanks for your support ‘Girl with the Silver Eyes’

      Much appreciated.


      • Virgo Man, I’ m stunned


        The halo above my local hero just changed colour!…you may want to rethink the men’s tie’s thing then **(cheeky smile)


        • Hey Precious Fish,

          I’m loving your thinking about the men’s tie!

          Perhaps that the purpose of them!?

          I’ll have to try it out and let you know.


  2. Is there a chance that leos and virgos might click? I’ve been dating this virgo for almost 5 years now… He is as you have written… Damn hot sexy in his ways… Dependable and sincere… But I always have qualms wether or not we will click for real. You know how fickles and controlling leos are… Just asking virgo man!

    • Hey Confused Liona,

      If you don’t know after 5 years you’ll never know!

      I think you’re probably just suffering from the fact you’ve been together for a while. Be honest and brutal with him, but only do this if you are ready for the worst as Virgos can surprise you with their bad-timing honesty

      You need to tell him this, and it will shake him up and pick up his game. Spice things up in the bedroom. Virgo Men love their women to take the initiative!

      Good luck

  3. Virgo man… I am not sure if I have ever been with another Virgo lover or not…but my goodness the sweet shy most amazingly handsome Virgo I love now shuts my mouth to all men!!!! No man has ever made me cum…but he goes way beyond pleasing me EVERY time!!! I cannot get enough of him!!!!! And I am sure you have heard of female squirting…well this is exactly what he does to me…on and on and on. I have never been pleased once with any man so this is awesome for me!!!! I have always went over and beyond pleasing any man I have ever been with sexually and otherwise and it seems the more I please him the more he makes damn sure I am pleased!!! Yes yes yes!!!!!! I love this man that is all around perfect!!!! OMG. I NEED HIM NOW JUST THINKING ABOUT HIM!!!!!!

    • Hey lucky Mihevoli!

      Sounds like you’ve got yourself a typical Virgo Man! – You must be the envy of all your friends!

      What you describe is everything I tried to emphasise in the above Blog post.

      Virgo Men will do EVERYTHING they can to please you and make sure you are fully satisfied. I sometimes feel it’s why I was put on earth to do!

      Seeing as you’ve asked, I have heard, AND experienced female squirting, and it is the most delightful thing. The fact he makes you squirt is testament to everything I know about us Virgos.

      I am so pleased for you. Make sure to tell him how much you love the fact he makes you cum and squirt. It will only make him more determined to keep pleasing you, because Virgos secretly love being praised!

      Stay happy and keep squirting!


  4. Im dating a Virgo man ,n he is so great n every way. I gave him my heart! ;-) I love this man n wow he admitted he love me as well. He try n every way to show me how much he care. He makes me laugh, n he thinks Im da best. He say he loves me cuz I let him be himself. And that Im smart , cool n fine as wine. But at times I have to be careful with da things I say n do, r else he will give me space I dont want. Then I have to ask what did I say r do. N that tick me off cuz I thought he had a good since of humor. He can dish out stuff but cant take it when u dish something back at him. Whats up with that Mr. Virgo?

    • Hey Eve,

      He sounds like a typical Virgo!

      I’m glad you have seen all the positive things in him. Regarding the fact he can’t handle it when you give as good as you get, that surprises me.

      Be honest and tell him what you told me. Tell him exactly how you feel, and I’m sure you’ll see an even better Virgo.

      Stay happy.


  5. Oh yeah when we first met I was not lookin for what sign he was, he just came up to me with so much energy, n said he had an confession. He been wanting to talk to me but didnt know if I was married r had a boy friend. It had been 6 years that had passed by, until he came ti my job n asked me for a date. Now mind you Im much older than him, so he said he love older women. I smiled n said to myself young man has a fantasy to be fulfilled. So I did just that its been over three years now. I did try to let him go to find a young woman his own age but he say he need me n that we need each other n Im not leaving him .lol All we do is spoil each other. I wish he would spend so much money on me. When we r out on the town his head is high on cloud nine all smiles. He joke with me bout how he caught men sweating me. N he just might one day ask them why u lookin so hard at my woman. I told him if he does that Im done with him for good. R Virgo men jealous?

    • He wouldn’t be the first Virgo who likes the more mature woman! They’re my favourite too!

      Young Virgo Men want to constantly learn what pleases a woman, and there’s no better experience than being with one that is older than them.

      Mature women are much more classy and know what they want in the bedroom, and don’t play stupid mind games that little girls seem to always do.

      As for Virgos being jealous, it’s not so much jealousy, it’s more about being proud of you and wanting everyone to know you are theirs. However if his jealous behaviour increases you may have to warn him about it.

      Stay happy.


  6. I meant I wish he wouldnt spend so much money on me. I hope when I told him that he didnt get offended by it. His dad knows about us but not his mom. He say they dont get into his personal life relationship. They say he is a grown man. To me he is everything a woman need n a man , but u have to be patient with da way he is.

    • Yes you do need to be patient, because that’s part of the deal when involving yourself with someone younger.

      I’m sure you’ll figure it out.


  7. Thanks for be honest about the way a Virgo men is. But why is it u guys dont like to have sex every day r every other day, r is it just my Virgo man. U Virgo men r sooo fine n handsome. I love , Love n Affection a lot.Im a Pisces.

    • Virgo & Pisces is both Love & Hate. But that’s a good thing!

      It means life will never be boring!

      Not having sex everyday doesn’t surprise me either – It doesn’t mean he don’t love you or find you attractive, there may be other things on his mind, and Virgos let these things get to us too easily.

      However, if you were to dress up for him and act out one of his fantasies, I’m sure he wouldn’t turn you down!


  8. Mr Virgo I like u! You seem to be cool peeps.

  9. Virgo women like myself are the same when it comes to sex, making our partner the center of attention. The downside of the nature of a Virgo is that we don’t play well in relationships together.

  10. My virgo man says, hes trying to get his shit off. Hes about pleasing his self. He pleasing me but its not so much of him trying to. He just does what he do. He wont eat me. So he say, he dont do that. He doesnt caress my body. Barely sucks on my titties. He gets in, gets out and hes satisfied. It doesnt upset him to know I didnt get my shit off. He say, well he did. Hes very arregant. Why?? Whats up wit that? Sometimes when I ask for sex he says, he tired. We have sex maybe 6 times a month. I dont know whats up. Is he not one of those freaky virgos. Is he into somebody else more than me. Is he just laid back and really just could care less about sex. Is it my sex he just dont enjoy. Do he just have to much on his mind cuz hes not where he wanna b in life and sex just not on his mind rite now. I mean, what is it? I have one more question. When he doesnt call or text u all day, does it mean, hes not thinking about u? Yall virgo men r very confusing! Btw, hes 26, im 36 and sometimes I ask him, how old r u? When it comes to r sex situation. I tell him he act like a old ass man.

    • He don’t sound like a Virgo Man to me!

      Virgos LOVE their freaky sex! Especially pleasing their woman.

      You need to have a stern word with him and find out what’s on his mind. Be persistent but don’t piss him off too much.

      If he still doesn’t get his act together, find yourself another Virgo who will MAKE SURE you are pleased in all the right places.

      Good luck.


  11. All TRUE! ;-) And that’s all I’m going to say about that. – Lucky Virgo Woman with a Virgo Husband

    • That’s what to like to hear!

      Sex with a Virgo is a truly unique experience.

      Your neighbours must be very jealous!:)

      Stay happy and sexy,


  12. So in regards to sex and virgo men, is it true that you guys are very picky about who you share that side with? Or can virgo men be promiscuous?

    • Hey Magikunicorns

      With regards to sex, Virgo men are quite picky with whom they are going to give their gift to. If you are one of the chosen then be honoured and enjoy the ride!

      As for being promiscuous, Virgos will have at least one period in their life when they go a bit ‘crazy’ and try to put it about as much as they can.

      If you find one who has passed this phase then you’ll be fine.

      Hope this helps.


  13. It does help a lot! Thanks again for the helpful advice.

    • Well , I met a virgo male myself , and one of the virgo tatris, are to sometimes notice other flaws. Which I have been doing lately. In his case he may be mad that im not such a perfectionist. >*to his standards. while Im noticing and that he has the fussy and worrying ways of a virgo . So fairly i oppose and say that a virgo on virgo relationship is a headache But if your in love its possible . (ALOT OF MAKE UP AND BREAK UPS) Sincerely Tee x0x0

      • Hi Tianna,

        I agree with your comments. Virgo on Virgo can work, but can also be very tiresome as we are always noticing all the annoying things about each other.

        However, if the love for each other is strong enough, anything is possible.

        Best wishes,

        Virgo Man

        • I recently meet a virgo man and I am a aries woman I am very sexual and this guy is a fantastic lover the sex rocks my world he is a great time however I can tell that he is very into his work and seems stressed…what do you think about an areis and a virgo being compatible?

  14. I am a Virgo woman who just met a Virgo man. I can feel a connection already and we have only had phone conversations so far. Being typical Virgos we are taking our time. Which I am perfectly happy with. Reading this blog makes so very excited for things to come. I have never been with another Virgo but I’m full of hope. Cannot wait for the sex. Even though a little waiting is exactly what I’m gonna do. Anticipation is yummy! Thanks for all the great advice! Jac.

    • Hey Jacquie!

      Thanks for the comment and glad you like my sexy blog!

      I think you two are going to have some great sweaty fun together!

      The only thing I worry about is that as Virgos, you’ll spend too much time analysing your performances, and not enough time enjoying the excitement of 2 entwined bodies pleasuring each other to such sexual heights that no manual or blog could ever teach you!

      Have fun and let me know how it goes. If you have any questions, let me know!


  15. Hello, i love this blog abt Virgo man!
    I am a taurus lady and is 1 year older than my virgo man.
    He is a doctor, has the best manners, is extremely helpful and nice. All the girls are checking him out and i cant help but a little concerned if virgo man strays easily?
    I will be so heartbroken if he does.

    • Hey Leggy Taurean,

      Thank you for your kind comments about my blog. They’re always appreciated!

      You’ve described your partner as a very typical Virgo. It’s no wonder he gets lots of attention, because manners and being helpful seem to be diminishing rapidly in society lately.
      However, I can assure you that Virgos do not stray easily. We are by nature “worriers”, therefore cheating would make us feel such guilt and stress that it’s simply not worth the hassle!

      As long as you keep in interested in you, both intellectually and sexually, then you’ll be fine.
      Although by the sound of your name ‘Leggy’ I’m sure he won’t need to look anywhere else! (Great name!)

      Good luck, and let me know how it goes. Hope I’ve helped make you feel better.

      Best wishes


  16. Oh my goodness, this blog is exactly what I need!!!

    I just started dating a Virgo (I’m Sagittarius), and on our first two dates we spent a total of 12 hours just talking to each other! He has been a complete gentlemen, and he has admitted he has been sizing me up the whole time… but apparently I am passing the test so far. :) He is showering me with compliments, holding my hand in public, and just being an absolute dream so far!

    So, my question is… I am quite nervous about our first sexual encounter! I’m a fairly experience Sag that has tried anything and everything once, but I really want to make a good impression! Also, I am all about pleasing *him*– it’s more important to me that I please him first, before I’m pleased.

    So, please– suggestions on how we can impress YOU, Mr. Virgo!!!!

    Many thanks in advance! :)

    • Hi TheNewGirl!

      So pleased you liked my Blog – As you know, Virgos aim to please!

      From what you describe, your Virgo really likes you. Everything you have written is typical of a Virgo who is really into that person. You obviously stimulate his mind, as Virgos would not waste their time on someone who didn’t! (This is extremely important)

      DO NOT be nervous about your first sexual encounter. Virgo men know the importance of this and will make you feel so at ease that you’ll wonder what all the worry was about. – Trust me!

      Don’t hold back when it comes to sex, but like wise don’t show him your full bag of tricks on the first night. This may freak him out a bit if you did.

      Ask him what he likes once you are in the throes of lovemaking, and if you feel comfortable doing it then go for it!

      The most important thing I would suggest though is that you seduce him. Not in a slutty way, but more of a teasing sexy secretary type. (and remember, no man can resist nylon stockings and heels!) – Hang on, maybe I’m revealing a bit too much about my own sexual fantasy here!

      After the initial first time of love making, it’s essential you need to mix it up a bit. As I’ve said in my blog, Virgos get very turned on by simply looking at their partners faces as they reach the heights of ecstasy. Another way to do this is to introduce toys into the relationship (This is for future reference, not for your first time!)

      A great article I read on how to do this can be found here It’s light-hearted, but informative and you can safely read it together and see his reaction.

      Anyway, you have to feel comfortable in what you do, and don’t do anything you don’t want to.

      I wish you all the best, and let me know how it goes!


      P.S. Telling him how great he is always helps! ;)

  17. Fantastic, thank you so very much for the extremely valuable advice! I will follow it to a T, and I will definitely be back to let you know how it goes! (Oh, and I love the ‘sexy secretary’ advice– that sounds like so much fun and is definitely up my alley.)

    You’re the best, VM! Thanks again! :) x

    • It’s my pleasure TheNewGirl,

      Looks like your Virgo Man is an extremely lucky guy! – I’m almost jealous of him!

      Have fun and be safe!


  18. Props for this article :) It’s all so true! I’m dating a Virgo man w te same bday as me and the sex is mind blowing bc we both love pleasing so much. It’s also quite adventurous and yes freaky which is a breathe of fresh air! Us virgos really do hve it all! Ugh can u imagine te birthday sex? Haha

  19. Hi there
    I love your blog! I recently met a Virgo guy about a month ago and I cant get him off my mind. We are both attached but our chemistry was off the charts and he kissed me. Since then we have met several times and invariably we end up kissing and grabbing each other. I am Gemini and he is Virgo. In the time we are apart we have had some really sexy conversations by text. I am usually VERY faithful and have been with my current partner for 6 years but this guy just turns me on mentally sooooo much – he is amazing and seems to intuit what I like and what turns me on.
    What do i do ?

  20. The first time I had sex with a Virgo, OMG, I had the biggest orgasm of my life! And the surprising thing was he was a virgin! Will never forget that night, still gives me goosebumps when I think about him.

  21. I’m a gemini, that has found myself helplessly and hopelessly in love with a make virgo, I can’t stop thinking about him and we haven’t known each other for long but i’m breathless, he has taken my breath away, he is a very sweet and kindhearted person, i’m a little concerned about whether I have frightened him away, he is a workaholic that travels out of town to work, and we don’t communicate much with exception of text but I can’t resist displaying or revealing my emotions to him of how much I care and he has also done the same on occasion but its hard for me to resist telling him how I feel and he is the opposite, I don’t want to lose him

  22. It’s probably odd for you to see another dude commenting on this haha.
    Anyway, I just happened to stumble upon this, and you hit the nail on the head my dude.
    Other things I’ve read make us out to be these shy and timid guys that are just boring and practical in bed, when it’s actually the complete opposite. You articulated exactly what I always try to explain to women when talking about sex. Good job on getting the truth out! Haha.

  23. I am 73 years old and am having the most intense sexual relationship of my life with a 71 year old Virgo Man! I’ve been married twice, widowed 20 years ago and have had several relationships since but nothing to compare to this!

    Everything you have written about a Virgo Man lover is very true about mine. He truly enjoys giving me pleasure. He also loves being touched and caressed like no man I have ever known, it seems to fulfill a deep need of his and I am so happy to do this for him as he is so giving to me & my own sexual needs & desires. We spend many happy hours in each others arms!

    Our lovemaking is creative and passionate and yes, he does like to try new things! I am a Gemini so it is not hard to think up new experiences for my Virgo lover. The chemistry between us is amazing and we marvel at the idea that we found each other at this time of our lives. Love & great sex is not just for the young.

    Hey gals, find yourself a Virgo Man and enjoy!

  24. This has to be the realest, most accurate info on virgo males ever. Where were u when I met my other half two years ago. Lol I had to learn the hard way about intimacy and I haven’t been the same since. Please post more info about Virgos cause I’m hooked. Good Job

  25. Hi VM!

    I’m a Taurus woman, dating a Virgo Man, and I must say you’ve described my partner perfectly. I am a bit confused about the sex part, however, because it doesn’t seem to fit.

    We’ve only been together two years (as a couple- much longer as colleagues), and this freaky/sexy aspect of his is nowhere to be found. When we’ve discussed the subject, he’s very rational and scientific about it (he’s a doctor, no surprise there!), but I have yet to see that other side of him.

    I’ve made (tasteful) approaches to see if things get heated, but they turn into something mechanical. It’s like he goes down a list of things to do during the act, checks them off, and retreats himself to tidy up and keep working (we both do medical research, and it is exhausting).

    I don’t know how else to approach him, I don’t even know what his fantasies are like because he’s avoided the topic. We do sleep together on occasion- given our busy schedules, and he has tended to my needs, but it’s like a task, not a passionate experience. Taurus girls are all about the passionate, playful build-up more than the act itself, so I don’t know what to do.

    I do love him dearly, and as a boyfriend he is simply amazing.

    Some light in the matter would be nice!

  26. Well, ugh. Nothing here matches up to my Virgo man. Maybe in the early years, yes. Now, no. Old man before his time. I can relate to you, Me Me.

  27. Hi there,
    Your friends think you’re a freak!!!! That made me laugh. I’m seeing a virgo, in fact ive known him for 25 years. I met him when I was 12, I’m an Aries by the way. We’ve both been in sexless non talking of sex marriages and when we met up again as friends our relationship blossomed….not blossomed more like firebombed us!! I’m rude, not shy at all with my virgo and extremely straight and to the point and he loves it. We believe in no taboo in sex and God if our exes knew what we got up too!!!!!!!!!!! What makes us laugh though, is on the outside to everyone else you would never ever suspect how hot and sexy we are and how much we get on and my virgo is not shy with me at all, in fact, he tells me hes never been like this with anyone or loved anyone as much as me, which I believe because of his actions!

  28. Hi Virgo Man

    I recently reconnect with my ex a Virgo

    He is currently in a rocky relationship and stated he needed to stop talking to me b/c he needs to see if things will work out in his currently relationship .So I backed off and did hear from him for a couple of weeks and now he contacts me everyday. He’s still with her but states how he enjoys talking to me and how bad he wants to have sex with me. I’m just confused when I read up on Virgo it says how they are loyal and will work the relationship until its done…. so my question is do you think he’s done with her and just have not faced the truth yet?

    We didn’t date long first time around only like 6 months but I will say I never forgot him and I don’t think a day went by without thinking of him….. Do you think a Aries and Virgo will last???

    Thanks for your blogs they help out a lot…..

  29. Hi Virgo Man,your blog is so amazing and everything you have said about a virgo is so true because I just recently started dating one and from evrything I’ve read abt how a virgo’s partner shud be I think I’ve got it.I have a few issues to clear up tho,1st ov all I’m an aries,I wanna knw if wer compatible he seems a bit on d let’s see how it goes track and I’m in no rush I just don’t want to waste my time dating for nothing.secondly we spent a total ov six mnths getting to knw each other in which he spelt out evrythnig abt him especially d fact that he’s a freak and was into sex and kinky stuff but only if I was in too.which made me turn his advances down continuously untill recently we became official and after our firts month of being official on one of our nights out after a lot of hassling we finally had sex,was it too soon and does dat mean he’ll get over me soon cuz he’s got it,nd what can I do to keep the flame burning.I know he like me mayb love he said so a couple times and we have very stimualting mind blowing convo’s wich he piointed out he loves cuz I’m smart.pls advice ur Huge fan in africa:- Mimie

  30. Hi Virgo man it mimie again,I fogto to mention the following stuff as well.I sincerely need help.pls analyse nd advice me,I want this r/ship to work I knw with ds guy I fell in love too quickly am emotional and read into things he does, says and how he says it. My problem is this, when we are physically together he’s sweet,  attentive and gives me attention but when he’s away from me I get the silent treatment or it just feels like am nothing to him. He’s very hot and cold. I can’t even say if he’s my boyfriend or just someone am hooking up with tho I’ve tried asking,he goes in loops and says things like”its whatever u want it to be,or what do you want ,the ball is in your court” and that’s hurtful.Having said this am very observent when he’s cold towards me I try my best to ignore him. When he’s showing me love I do the same. I haven’t opened up to him to tell him how I feel, to him he probably thinks I just like him and fine with going with the flow. I hide my emotions very well, but once in love its extra hard especially when I don’t know if my Virgo likes me the way I like him.
    At the moment am just taking a back seat, he talks to me but notices I don’t talk as much as I used to.

    I don’t want to give up because I do love him, but at the same time am not used to being in a vunerable situation like this, especially with men.being soo ignored.he’s a busy persn so that his number excuse for whn I complain of silence,tho he has made attepts at stepping up but then he goes right back.he hardly ever calls but then when he does its like soo heavnly nd we talk for long but then that’s it,just chats on bbm nd possibly a week b4 he eva calls except if I call.he always highlights that he’s weird and diffrnt and nothing like the other men I’ve dated,he’s a gr8t prsn but being a virgo makes it so hard or is it just his person?

  31. I am a scorpiogurl in love with a virgoguy and this description of virgo men is spot on!

    • Hey Scorpiogurl!

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you think my description is what you have come to learn of Virgo Men!

      Best wishes,

      Virgo Man

  32. OMG i have 2 Virgo men in my life…Their birthdays are on the same day…LOL…Dont know who is the best….The chemistry in bed with me as an Aquarius is explosive….But afterwards ofcouse I go back to distance mode (stubborn as hell) as if it wasnt all that..Gotta have my space….snoody me. :) … but they come back for more of my goodies. Love the game!

  33. Hello, I am a virgo male myself…I am quite shy with the ladies, and it takes time for me to tell her how I feel, and I also feel that sexually, I can’t specifically play out what I really want to do to’s like I need to almost confirm I can trust her, and that we.. Both are free of any type of your know…std lol any tips I am 18(:

    • Hey Tony,

      I feel your anxiety as I was there many years ago.

      You must learn to relax and let nature take its way.

      As long as you learn to please women and not be too concerned about them pleasing you, you’ll be fine

      BUT whatever you do, please stay safe.

      Good luck my fellow Virgo.

  34. OH! My goodness I need your advice or prespective in this case,

    I’m a Cappy & he’s a Virgo (obviously haha). we have been together for 4 months. But we had been somewhat friends for about 2 years before we officially called ourselves dating each other.
    He’s 5 years older than me. (I’m 25 he’s 30.) Our age doesn’t seem to be much of an issue for the most part but I know from being his friend and from our mutual guy friends that he has a history of being a playboy with various women.

    Knowing this makes me so nervous because we are getting toward that point in our relationship were sex comes in and i feel so embarrassed because he’s so experienced and has been with really good experienced girls and there’s me. I’m 25 & a VIRGIN.

    He has no idea. When we talk it’s certainly not the first thing I bring up. I actually try to avoid any sexual talk of us two because of it really. But lately things have been heating up. For example just 5days ago I asked him to come over. We had began to cuddel up in a spoon position and watching a film and within 20mins of the we were making out & he began to caress my side and stomach and his hand began to rub down south. It felt good but I got a guilty/ nervous feeling and I freaked out and jumped off the couch and he just looked at me confused and I just said I couldn’t do this right and asked him to leave. He just said “okay i dont know what i did that was wrong but whatever ” and slammed the door. I felt terrible because he I really do like him & he did nothing wrong. Its me.

    I haven’t seen him since then. He text me yesterday and said ” I’m not sure what I did wrong a few days ago but sorry . I hope I can make it up to you over coffee sometime this week? (:”

    I stil haven’t replied because I want to tell him about it. I just don’t know how to. I always hear how virgo men like experienced, older women that know what they want. I just feel like telling him I’m a virgin will be a turn off and or freak him out considering my age.

    What would you do? How would you feel about this? I just need some type of advice right now.

  35. Hi, I am interested in a Virgo man. From our first conversation of emails we clicked, our two phone calls we clicked. Secretly, I want him so bad. Not physically but mentally and emotionally. He is driving me wild. I don’t call him daily, nor do I text him with conversations daily. But I find myself sending him simple “good mornings”. I am a out going Capricorn. I wonder is he doing a lot of analytical thinking. We were hitting it off very well and he slowed down. I am patient. Answer me this? He asked me “Do I like being naked at home?” I said, I love being naked at home. LOL
    He said, I would like to see that. I stated, Let’s work to that point. He stated, Im already working on it.
    1. Is he mind fucking me??

    2. My bestfriend who is a Virgo said, Don’t play too hard to get but be close enough because we look at everything to see if you are what you present.
    3. What should be my next move?

    Ahhh…Help. lol

  36. Dear VM,
    Ur blog is a blessing,its amazing.I hope and wish you quick recovery real soon,cuz I need u desperately.I offended my virgo man and I’m soo scared I’ll loose him just 2-3mnths in d r/ship and I’ve messed up.he lost his dad recently and we lost touch for ten days since his dad passed away he had to leave for the funeral nd he ws gone 10 days in wich I sent him messages nd so on for each day he ws gone.d day he returned I expected he’d @least contact me after getting my msg’s but he didn’t (typical).I didn’t mind I called him nd we talked nd he sounded good I was glad.sumwher along d line my moda got in my head nd gave me d talk of my life for calling him nd stated that it seems I loved him more nd a man shud love a woman more,I’d alrdy been battling with dat issue cuz he rarely calls,and aries are big on communication.&in ds case wer only in touch via d end i ended up asking him via bbm “why he didn’t call me soon as he arrived,m sure he called oda ppl” he told me he didn’t hv d energy for all ds nd since den he hasn’t said a word to me or answered my calls.I’ve apologised and explained for days.d only time he replied my pings he said “I ws selfish,and insensitive hw cud I hv attacked him @ dat period,I had no value nd regard for dos dear to him,where oda girls wher polite and consoling u just started nagging as soon as I got back,I won’t pick ur calls cuz u’d only drain me with ur complaints” fact is I got angry,aries r very hasty nd I just did sumthn with out thinking.sumthing if I ws told I’d eva I’d kill d prsn 1st”I didn’t mean to.I wish he cud see my hrt.cuz long b4 dat I felt neglected my him. I guess my mums talk got to me & caved..pls advice me,what do I do to fix dis.I’ve plealded nd pleade nd explained still no change he reads my pings but won’t give him time to cool off,space or just let it go cuz its over.I’m not 1 to give up.

    NB: and pls where he said” other Girls had been polite”,could he be having oda women on d side or just frends,he told me he ws never big on r/ships just sex with specific ppl but we r in a r/ship nd he claims to have dropped all dos long b4 me.

    • Hey Mimie,

      Sorry for the late reply, but still getting over my illness.

      If my message isn’t too late then I hope all is now well with your VM.

      If you still have the energy to wait for him then all I would suggest you do is tell him you really care for him and he knows how to contact you. Give him anout 10 days, if he still acts cold and unresponsive then trust me when I say to move on. It’s not worth it.

      You need someone who will give back some affection, it seems he’s not entirely ready for this.

      Also, I very much doubt he has any other women. His comment was more than likely about other female friends and he knew this would hurt you.

      Take care & good luck


  37. This is sort of silly, me responding to this. i had to say though I’ve been seeing my virgo “friend” or whatever you’d like. to call it, on and off for three years. Best. SEX. EVER.enough said .

    P.s nice blog

    • “…BEST. SEX. EVER.” – Did my girlfriend post this!!!?

      Seriously though, thanks for leaving such a positive reply.

      It actually gives me a real BUZZ and gets me quite HOT when I know women around the world are reading and liking my stuff! (But not in a creepy way!)

      Enough about me! I’m glad to see my fellow Virgo doing his thing!
      I truly believe, we really do aim to please. Always.


  38. I must agree with you. The best lover I’ve ever had quivering, spasms of orgasms were with a Virgo man.

    • Hi Cher,

      Thanks for sharing that with me. It makes me VERY & proud & happy to hear this!
      We love achieving orgasm for our partners

      Stay happy & horny,

      Best Wishes,


  39. im a virgo guy too and it seems like only women comment here,anyway i like your blog cuz it explained my personalities………all i noticed about the girls ive been with is that even if they dump you and move on they will try to come back becuase no guy out there is like a virgo….it seems hard for girls to forget about thier virgo ex bf or lovers….so recently i was dumped by sagitirius gal about two months ago reason being shes been hurt so much she thinks i will do the same thing so now im still single and im not hoping that she come back but i know she will

    • Hey TMAN,

      I really feel for you because the same has happened to me many times.

      For whatever reason, whenever it ends they always come back, but apart from the casual sex I had to learn to say “No” because I’m wasting my time with them when the “one” is out there waiting for you.

      Don’t lose hope, be strong and remember that you are a Virgo, which means you are a good person.


  40. Well… I just found out about your blog a few days ago, and I gotta say you’re one amazing person to provide such stuff, So when I read this one, You have no idea how much it boosted my confidence, BTW I am a fellow Virgo male, And a 22 years old Virgin, YES I am virgin for real and proud of it, I know it’s shocking but I have my reasons.
    So anyway I was with a girl for a while and we’ve been having phone-sex and she said that she’s really into marrying me, Because lots of stuff, but mostly the sex, Once she told me that I’ve made her cum three times in a row through one call!! I mean…is that even POSSIBLE!!!???
    I don’t mean to underestimate myself or anything, But I really thought that she was exaggerating until I read this blog and the other women’s comments.
    I gotta give it to you your blog is ASTONISHINGLY AMAZING, Please don’t stop and keep making more!! For you have earned me as a fan and a constant reader of your stuff.

    Your fellow Virgo brother…God Bless

    • Hey SilentObserver,

      It is my pleasure and an honour to have you as a follower.
      Thank you for your kind words, it was a real boost for me to read your post as due to health issues it has been quite a difficult time for me of late.

      As for being a Virgin, it’s no ones business but yourself. I wouldn’t worry though because if you can make girls orgasm over the phone I’m sure you’ll be fine.

      Keep up the good work, and it’s a pleasure to have you as a fellow Virgo.

      keep me up to date on any developments.

      Virgo Man

  41. Do you think a Libra female and Virgo can last in a relationship? Met a Virgo online today and all he wants are pics and videos. So forward and demanding. Each time I do he says good girl. He sends me pictures of himself. Is this normal? Is this a prelude to a strictly sexual situation or can this start something awesome. We are both 30 and are parents. Young professionals. Im so mentally aroused by him.


    • Hey LuckyLibra,

      To me it sounds as if you’re just 2 very horny people! (nothing wrong with that!)

      If you’re looking for something more serious it’ll take a lot more getting to know one another.

      If it’s just casual sex with no strings, then hey why not if you’re both sensible and safe about it, but don’t pin your hopes on some great big romance until you actually meet each other.

      It’s funny you have written to me about this, because I’m thinking about writing a blog on CyberSex very soon!

      Take care and be safe.

      Virgo Man


  42. Hello Mr. Virgoman, I am curious to know how one truly knows if a virgo likes them. Is there any indication or subtle hints? Anything? I’ve been seeing this virgo man for a few months and we are not in a relationship with each other but we are rather friends with benefits. I’m starting to really like him a lot more than fwb and wanted to know if there is some way to tell if the feeling is mutual? Any pointers?

  43. Am a fellow virgo and everythn u’ve said is true. The world misunderstands us but if they can get below our cover they will be suprised. Am 22 but i enjoy sex with the older women cos they understand the meaning of sex. They dont hide their feelings like most young ladies do pretending. I came across ur site jxt today n its d best. Can u create a facebook page or whatsapp group for virgos worldwid?

  44. Yes! Yes! YEASTS! my Virgo man is the first man to EVER give me the big O! I’ve always had to do that myself. I mean I’ve orgasimed …. but nowhere even close to the way he makes me come. I squirt every time. He’s so adventurous, just like me, so our romping never gets boring. Ugh … I love that man. And so loyal! Everything I’ve always needed and wanted. Finally. Now to get off work, to “get off” with my Virgo MAN! Raawwwrrr ;)

  45. No no no …. not YEASTS … stupid auto correct haha. YESSSS was what I meant to say. Oooops ;)

  46. Hey, VM I found your blog today I spent like good 3 hours of reading. Well done on the idea I’m sure ladies here appreciate it a lot! So, I am meeting a Virgo man for 2 months and had amazing bed time experience with him and also he’s a great gentleman, very caring and kind, thoughtful and polite. Just one thing bothers me – he seems to me a but cheap. Hey, I’m not a material girl but it really does not make a good impression when he does not even offer to pay the bill. So are Virgo man cheap? Sorry if you find this somewhat offensive :(

  47. This blog is really very interesting, I can so relate with almost everything, I met my virgo guy 4 months back and we are doing great ! Sexually we are perfect for each other, He does everything without asking me or making me feel uncomfortable. But one thing bothers me is that sometimes he goes kinda quiet on me when i say something against him ( not to hurt him but generally pickin on as in fun ) he seems to get really serious. He says that he is undoubtedly faithful and can never think of any girl ever, I m the last one he met and if God forbids we couldnt make it he will never go for another girl, Sometimes i think maybe its just a phase or he’s head over heels.

    Over all its perfect, Also i have read that leos dont do well with virgos but in my experience its totally amazing, Specially after experiencing an aquarius which totally sucked, I feel like i m in heavens. I wish it stays like this forever.

  48. I had sex last night with a Virgo. he is the second Virgo I’ve ever slept with and this article could not be anymore true. and get this, he actually had a much smaller one than I’m used too.and it was earth shaking mind blowing head spinning sex of my life my orgasm was so intense I cried. and walked in the clouds after. he was so different than anyone. what I am going to say is I wonder why the males have this quality while women Virgos are so modest shy and predictable.

  49. Damn.
    My massage therapist is a Virgo..
    Been hot for 3 years.
    Would jump his bones in a heartbeat.

    P.S. You must be going crazy, VM, with the grammar people got going on here!! Haha
    Much Love,

  50. I recently started sleeping with a virgo and all I can say is “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” – because there really is just no word to describe how amazing the sex is. Last time it went on for hours with no more than a few water breaks rest in between. I got off several times, and as we made it to the wee hours of morn’ I had to leave, he didn’t seem to care that he didn’t get off himself – selfless those virgo’s are!

    All that said, I would love to give a little back but my virgo and I aren’t in an ‘intimate’ relationship- well, I mean we don’t wish to pursue eachother for more than what we are now. I know that Virgo’s don’t generally open up about what goes through their minds unless they are close, and have secure ties to that person. So how can I have this wonderful fellow open up about what HE would enjoy specifically in the bedroom without feeling threatened?

  51. This blog described the Virgo I was flinging with. All other sites, somewhat. He was honest, straightforward & totally hot. But the silence was deafening. Especially after I met his needs. Recently sucking him to satisfaction. Ya, I’m not shy. Pissed me off he ignored me 3 days after so far. Just a hello text on each them days- nothing. So… I dropped him today. I think it’s game playing. What’s his real deal? I see him flirting all over social media- I think part of it is he been hurt (recent divorce) & he is just a typical man with lots of honey’s. Just your opinion.

  52. My Virgo must be totally different. She seems to not have any interest in sex whatsoever.

    It’s like living with a 70 year old woman.

    Prepping her to be interested in sex is like a chessmatch… Sorry but she makes it WAY too complicated. I never know when she’ll be in the mood, and she’s always got some excuse.
    AC isn’t working, she’s tired, it’s too late, it’s too early, we already had sex a week ago… JESUS!

    I come from relationships where sex several times a day was normal… to barely once or twice a week, is literally KILLING ME.

  53. Are Virgos immoral???

    I am a married lady and my V friend is younger than me and has his own family. I’ve known him for a couple of years. We hit off instantly when we met and have maintained a very friendly long distance relationship. In the last few months we have both motivated ourselves to get healthy and fit and are happily reaching our goals. We comment on each others changing looks as I guess to be supportive and to motivate our fitness regime. All this long distance ! He is a globetrotter and I havent seen him in over a year. So communication is over chat etc.,
    Recently he has been opening up a lot and in “typical” Virgo subtle manner been dropping hints that he finds me very attractive to the point of irresistible….. and a little while ago has stated that he wants to have a night out with me. And then gone on to describe how it would be(!) The thing is I am equally very attracted to him but have always tried to maintain the chats friendly-flirty, in typical cancerian fashion. He has ofcourse gone cold and disappeared from radar since this last communication. I dont plan to broach the subject until he does. Cancerian in me wants to contact him ASAP and deal with this right now!!! But I am trying to be patient and be cool :) but I miss not being in contact.

    Are Virgos immoral and will they go for something they really want? even breaking rules? I’d like to get an understanding so I can deal with this better. I really value the friendship and do not wish to lose him. As there are plans for him to visit us later in the year I really need some help.

  54. hey Virgo Man, I have recently started dating a Virgo man and I am extremely curious as to how he will be in bed… I myself am very passionate as I am a Scorpio. how do you think things will go in bed? and in the relationship period?

  55. What a fabulous find! Love this blog and all its postings! Question for you I’m involved with a virgo man for four plus years and always keep it interesting in the bedroom, however I want to take it to the next level. Any suggestions?

  56. Loving this blog! And how you answer questions and comments so honestly. So here it goes dating a virgo man and were pretty serious, we don’t talk about our pasts and from what I heard his ex wasn’t a nice person manipulating and full of drama even got off the wrong foot with his mom. Needless to say I wanted to know from your perspective what are your thoughts about ex’s ps I heard to she isn’t over him even dating someone else .. Thanks!

  57. Hellloooo Virgo man,

    Wish I found this blog way back when! This is a very helpful blog and I wish you much success!! Dating a virgo man who you describe to a T. The best sex I’ve had hands down .. Now my question to you is Do all virgo men have the same fantasies? If so, what are they. I’m ready, willing. and able to get it on! Thanks xxo

  58. Hi sorry for the late reply but I’m a leo and I’ve been with my Virgo man for 6 months . The relationship is grate but I feel at times that we only together for the sex (witch is amazing ) but other than that we aren’t so close I sometimes feel as if where friends with benefits . He doesn’t like to go out his a bit boring most times . It’s like sex is what’s keeping us together

  59. I found a Virgo man, my first ever and oh my.
    This website described him to a tee!

    Especially in bed!!

    He leaves me on a “Virgo Cloud”

  60. I am a scorpio girl in a relationship with a virgo male for almost 3 n a half yrs.
    I am madly in love with him. things that i love abt you virgo males are you ppl are so honest, sincere, protective n d list of good adjectives wont stop and last but not d least u ppl are uniquely handsome. I just melt only looking by looking at his eyes. But but but there r bad things too…why do u ppl get so cold at times? N one more complaint is that i have seen whenever I feel offended by any of his behaviours, he seems to have least interest in that. He thinks he cannot be wrong in any way. Nothing I can do in such a situation except controlling my emotions and have patience.
    Now as far as sex is concerned, we both decided not to have it before our marriage. But we have oral sex n OMG! That’s like a TRIP TO HEAVEN…he hardly gives me any part to play. He’s amazing n its very true that virgos keep on surprising u with such moves which a girl can hardly imagine in her wild dreams.But hey we scorpions are no less ha…moreover we are known for sex only.Gave him a few bites but stings are yet to come…lol.
    Really looking forward for typical sex n my happily forever after with him.
    What do u think about a virgo n scorpio compatibilty Virgo man? Have you ever had it with a scorpion?

  61. Oops! that sounds cheap….isn’t it? I mean d line that i wrote in previous comment ” we scorpions r known for our sex only”. I actually meant that scorpions r well-known for sex. this sounds better na?? Uuhh! silly me…! N yes d most important thing I forgot to mention…uumm..nice blog n will b nicer if you could possibly share a word or two on my comment. N one more suggestion I would like to ask for that is, what do you think is d most sensual body part of a virgo male apart from…(u know) ?

  62. I’ve had good sex with most of my partners, but man!! With a Virgo?!! I’m a Pisces, I also aim to please. Having sex with my current boyfriend who happens to be a Virgo. Probably the best sex decisions I’ve made in my life. At the beginning, I’m not going to lie I thought it was weird because I’m not use to someone being gentle and aggressive at the same time(and he also came in like literally 2 minutes, but I gave him another chance to prove himself. And he definitely DID!!!). First person to EVER make me squirt and gush. Ugh!! I couldn’t comprehend why I was unusually leaking and shooting everywhere. I don’t look at sex the same anymore. Even though we keep it very simple, but it’s very thought out. I’m thinking about doing something a little kinky for his birthday, but I’m not sure if he’s into being submissive or not. How can I find out?!!!

  63. I have a long distance relationship with my Virgo guy since about 2 months yes!!! Its true he does everything I like in a short period we got so close that now we know each others parents… I’m very happy to have him I’m a Capricorn girl… We have long calls on Skype and play online together but these days I get really stressed out when I don’t get his mail… I’m highly possessive and I get worried and jealous… What do I do? I told him everything and he says he tries to find time but he’s a lot busy and often gives excuses bit once we r in the phone… We don’t stop all night long… But when he’s not there I feel broken and I often cry idk why but I do I miss him so much I never told him I cry… This LDR is killing me but on the bright side we definitely have a future together… So plz give me some advice :)

  64. WOW….have my first date with a Virgo in a few days and so far via emails…..he fits these descriptions.

  65. Hey..

    Ok here it goes. I am a typical aquarius girl dating a Virgo guy. He’s very handsome, always good looking and is so caring. In fact he’s the loveliest and warmest person I have ever met. And ladies..what they say about virgos is all true. He ticks all the boxes..
    He wants to know everything about me before we start something more a relationship e.g. I really appreciate that because this means that he does not want me for sex only.
    I am very spontaneous, energetic, have dreams..and love good food but do take care of my body and Virgos do appreciate that very much as it makes them want to please you very kind of turns them on when they are with an intelligent woman who’s also a bit naughty as well if you get me. They’re both mental and physical so..the combo is the best you can get. I’m more mental than physical but when I’m with world just changes becomes so …flowery.
    I really hope what we have will finally turn into something beautiful as long as it lasts.. :)

  66. I Loved Reading This I’m A Scorpio Female 23 Been In 4 Year Relationship With My Virgo Man 25 Things Are Pretty Perfect Between Us And Based On What Was Read Above I Totally Agree But I Disagree About The Jealous Part He’s Ridiculously Jealous I’m Annoyed With It At Times Another Thing Is He’s Never Had A Threesome I’m Very Jealous Myself But Pretty Freaky Also Kinda Would Like To Be In His 1st Experience With One But Not While In A Relationship With Him What Do You Think ?

  67. Haha the reason I found this site was searching up Virgo men and sex because my brand new Virgo lover is blowing my mind!!! Just yesterday I told him I can’t get over his dedication to my pleasure, he just keeps on going! He’s super dirty too just like you said, but so clean and polite! Guess it is all true.

  68. Had a one night stand with a Virgo and he left me sooo satisfied, mmm. I really appreciate that they aren’t sappy and full of cheesy romantic lines. But he’s definitely a gentleman, almost TOO gentle… I would have enjoyed a bit more roughness in our sexual endeavors. We hooked up again and it was amazing, again. I tested the waters and took the lead for a bit, involving different positions, which he responded well to. I’m very much a relationship person, but I wouldn’t dare complicate what’s going on between us, little talk, lots of collaborative creation (we’re both artists) and amazing sex… I can’t stop thinking about it! I know it’s said that not much else can come from a relationship that started from sex but he’s been awful nice to me… made me one of MY favorite meals for breakfast the next morning! Are they just that type? Would he be thinking about a relationship with me? Or is he just taking whatever he can get? honestly, whatever this is right now is working great: casual sex, I definitely would not mind more, I can’t get enoughhh… I am just concerned that he might expect this to become a relationship, because that’s how it is in my experience with other signs (Aries, Aquarius, Scorpio….) I’ve never pursued or been involved with a Virgo. Do we really have to talk about this or will it scare him off? Is it best to just flow or is he waiting for me to bring our relationship up?

  69. I can’t get my Virgo to tell me his kink. Been in on & off for a LONG time… get wet just thinking of him. I have tried lots of different things, some of which he liked, but I want more …. any ideas?

  70. I so agree with Mihevoli…..My Virgo man satisfy me til I’m squirting all over him….and he stares so deeply,just studying every inch of me as I have multiple orgasms…..we don’t stop til we’ve hit all our favorite positions……..AND YEESS!!! THINKING ABOUT HIM MAKES ME WANT HIM NOW!!!….I❤MY VIRGO KING!!

  71. Hi there,
    I clicked this link to see what it had to say about me and my fellow virgo males, and im humbled to say that this blog hits the nail on the head, I try to be the best man I can imagine when I’m out and about daily more so when I’m with a woman I’m interested in, I live to please the woman I’m with whether it be to listen, help with something, pleasing her sextually or intellectually there is nothing more gratifying then to see my efforts please the one I’m with
    I am quite picky too I don’t mean to be really just can’t help it I’m a complete gentleman to most I meet so if I let them down I try to do so in a manner that may hurt them a little but not crush them.
    I loved reading this blog and the many responses from the women, its truly satisfying to see so many interested in getting to know a Virgo male better! :)

  72. Some Virgos ARE actually too critical & selfish in bed. And some ARE actually the opposite lol but still want SOMETHING in return in bed.
    Alls I really want to say is that-(and I hope he’s not catching feelings, cause I’m not)- I’m smashing a Virgo right now and uumm……….TALK ABOUT LIMITLESS. He goes for HOURS & leaves my legs shaking, like, damn Lol. And… I Thought he was more “innocent” sort to speak!!!
    Haha, I still pick on him & make jokes about him like I did when we first became friends. It’s all love though! Haha!!

  73. Hi VM I have a question for you. Do you find more specific kinky sexual acts a turn on more than others ? The reason I ask is because I too am a virgo and interested in another male virgo. Let me say that the female virgos are just as freaky as the men.I’m pretty shy at first. But once you get to know me sexually there isn’t anything I won’t try. So fess up VM cause my imgination is getting the best of me.

  74. Hmmm, I am a female Virgo, obviously the more kinky one in the relationship too…… I am with a Virgo man……he is extremely uptight talking about sex and won’t, gets very embarrassed………I love making out, oral, everything and he likes me giving to him and that’s about it………says kissing is for high schoolers??? Really??

  75. hi..i am 21 years pisces i fall in love with 33 years old virgo …i love him alooooooooooot ..he z the best man i ever seen .he respect to his mom ..i dont know that he loves me too ..i told him many time that i love you but he is saying that i love ya too but never show me too much attraction..i dont know how to know…shall i precede my love or not …mr virgo reply me

  76. I’m A gemini and spent a night with a Virgo man. I love his fun flirting and his sex. Can you tell me more about these signs sex? Can you tell me some tips to turn on Virgo men? I like him, he makes me feel wowed, and I’m a gemini. I’m hoping we’re a hot duo.

  77. I seeing a Virgo man I grew up with and once had a thing with. After 20 plus years we met again, and 2 years after we took our relationship to another level. The sex between us is soooooo good. I was married for 15 years, dated a few guys before that, and never experience having an “O” or squirt as some call it the way this Virgo man gives me. Just being around him makes me want him. When we are together I feel safe in making love to him the way I want to be made love to. With my ex-husband I felt I couldn’t be my self when we made love, but with the Virgo man I’m free to be me, to give my self freely to him knowing he will accept and return those feelings. We have so much in common, I believe growing up together and being old friend added to the sparks we have for each other. Not to mention, he has carried a torch for me for 30 something years. He gets me and I get him. He also remembers things about me I had forgotten. Not sure how long this will last but I will enjoy every minutes of it while it last with no regrets.

  78. Hey wassup Virgo Man,

    Good write up about us Virgo guys. This is very true to our core. We love to please. I’m a 35 year old virgin (I’ve done sexual stuff but not the actual penetration part yet) and its very hard for me to get out of my shell because I have slight PTSD from childhood and a little bit of adulthood abuse. I would like to one day to get out of my shell and share what most women are missing, a true celebration of ongoing relationship with love and sex! But anyways good article, keep up the good work.

  79. I am married to a virgo and he is almost totally opposite except for the part about making me cuz as many times as he can. He just like to duck though there is no foreplay not much kissing and hardly no experimenting. I have gotten him to leave his comfort zone and try anal only a few times. He hates talking about sex but like to read stories I write about sex and he watches a lot of porn. How do I get him to not be so insecure when it comes to sex. He is very bland in bed sometimes he not much into tieing Me up or anything out of the norm And he has never eaten pussy so trying to get him to eat pussy it is almost like he is scared of eating pussy. I don’t know but he loves to have me suck his Dick and I like doing so. He seems to not be like a normal virgo in your article. He is very reserved when it comes to sex and talking about it with him it makes him uncomfortable. I like to talk about it With my husband husband. So if you can offer advice on my very quiet virgo.

  80. My boyfriend of 3 years is a virgo. I have always been into horoscope reading they are 98% always right for me. (I’m a Cancer) My boyfriend has never been into them or really ever believed in it until tonight!!! I read everything to him about his horoscope the Virgo and he was actually really surprised that everything was basically to a T about him. Everything from his body to his moods and like and dislikes and sexual prefences was dead on. I’ve always told him he is the best lover I’ve ever had hands down, but I was always a little worried he didn’t believe me % 100 when I would tell him he was. And tonight definitely changed his mind. Everything you talked about and what i read to him was right on the money that is exactly how he is in every way and I love it. I also believe he really enjoying me reading it all to him because he had never really read about his sign the Virgo. Times can be a little hard or frustrating when it comes to a virgo man when it comes to getting him in the mood or to really enjoy it as fast as I do. But I know exactly what my man wants and likes and it drives him crazy. Virgo men (my boyfriend) definitely are the most sexual and the best when in comes to the bedroom. As long as you the women knows what your doing when being with a virgo man, you won’t have many problems and will NOT be disappointed in any way. So with that being said, I agree completely with everything you said and what the horoscope (Romance, traits, positives and negatives.. etc) say about a virgo man. Men, women a little advice that i think could possibly help you if your having any relationship or sexual problems or would like to just simply learn more about your partner on a more personal level. Do a little homework on finding out more about your partners sign as in their nature, traits, facts, practical side or even compatibility between you both. It’ll be worth your while and time. I’m a veeeerrrry HAPPY VIRGO LOVER!!! (:

  81. Hi Vman! I have been seeing a Virgo man for a year now. We started out both looking for a relationship then he changed it just friends with benefits. He drives 2 hours one way to see me every 2 weeks at least. I have fallen in love, he is considerate,sexy,sexual,attentive,we text and cam to cam a lot. Why won’t he commit? Am I missing something? We talk,go out to eat but no real asking me for a date, it’s sex then out to eat. Please tell me I should be patient but a year is passing soon.,I did tell you he’s sexy and oh so sexual, yes, freaky even and we role play a lot.iI love making him happy and it makes me happy.He seems to love pleasing me too. What should I do, wait for him to catch up to my emotions or is he quietly there?

  82. Hi, I’m a 40 year old Capricorn and I’ve known this 34 year old Virgo since January. I posted an ad online, not in the casual section, mind you, but in platonics, hoping for just someone to connect to. He answered my ad and so began our correspondence. We started with email, then we texted. By February/March, he started talking about how he was having sexual fantasies about me. My first reaction was, ‘say what now? we haven’t even met in person yet!’ We didn’t know how the other looked like either. The most he’d seen of me was a teasing shot of my eyes. He never sent me a photo, of his face that is.

    As I am always the practical kind of gal, I warned him against idealizing and objectifying me. After a while however, I gave in and indulged a bit with the sexy talk. He was mysterious and funny and sweet and quite inquisitive of me. I sometimes thought he was a bit possessive but he claimed he was just being protective. The first time we met was in April, when I asked him to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy for my bronchitis. I told him there was to be no flirting or hanky panky and he complied (I was ill and there was a stale stench of sick in my apartment). Our first meeting, though short and limited to the gate of my building, had this playful innocence to it. He physically was not my type, but I could feel myself getting drawn in.

    In May, we met again for coffee and made plans to have a naughty movie outing the next week. I was suddenly overcome with insecurity and self-conciousness and I cancelled. He asked if he could just come over but I told him it wasn’t a good time. To be honest, I don’t let strangers into my apartment and he still was a stranger to me. I would much rather come over to his place and verify that he is who he says he is, before I let him cross my threshold. He was obviously upset by this rejection and said my policy was baloney. But I didn’t change my mind. We were silent for a few hours before he texted me again and we spent the whole night sending messages back and forth. I asked about coming over the next day, and he sort of said ‘sure.’ But I never heard from him except for a ‘hello’ 2 days later. He then disappeared for a week and when he resurfaced, his excuse was that he got nervous. (really?)

    In early June, we planned another naughty get together and I was supposed to come over to his place for the first time. He’d always been hesitant to let me come over as well, as he claims he as roommates. I thought ‘this is it’ … but all of a sudden, his ‘landlord was working on his bathroom’ and I couldn’t come over. He did come out to meet me for coffee, we made out in my car and we made plans again for the next day, to finish what we started in my car. Well, I didn’t hear from him until late in the afternoon, by which time it was too late. I was disappointed, yet relieved. But something told me I had to tell him how I felt. I texted him a couple of days later and told him I was quite fond of him. Then, I half waited, half continued on with my life.

    This time, he was gone for 2 weeks and the first message he sent was not an apology or explanation for his absence, but a response to my last message, like he was just continuing our conversation. I asked him what happened and he said he was sorry, but he got scared. He ‘started to like me a lot and things got complicated,’ that ‘it was going to be hard for him to tell me to suck his dick.’ (Huh?) I asked him what he wanted, he said he didn’t know. Well, I told him I didn’t know what I wanted either but I liked his company. He told me he ‘loved’ my company so I said we should just enjoy each other’s company for now and not try anything that would make us nervous.

    So, all seemed well and good until he started talking about how he fantasized about me giving him blowjobs and this time I lashed out. I told him he made me feel like an object he could forget and pick up at his convenience. That any sentiment he had for me rested on his cock and that I refuse to be taken for granted. He asked me why being sexually stimulated by me was a bad thing. I don’t think he totally understood what I was getting at. Anyway, our conversation ended on a sour note and I haven’t heard from him since.

    Why do you Virgos have to be exasperating! Should I hang on or run for the hills?

  83. I am romantc bt in nice way …. afraid of th word sex ….bt I thnk virgo r qyite shy bt are blunt whn thy r praised…… private smwht bt expreessive tooo …..I hate th wrd sex …. never saw bad moveiz thank God …. bt love nature

  84. Ok im confused i put an ad online for some hot birthday sex but was honest about being in a relationship that wasnt working my Virgo guy answered the ad we had amazing sex and talked about my situation well come to find out he had placed an ad for a traveling companion for work i broke up with my guy and left with my Virgo guy its been two weeks and we’ve had sex once he told me before we left he didn’t want a FWB Im comfused as to what he wants help

  85. I have this huge crush on a Virgo male at my job (I’m a Gemini, and this guy is older than me… like, 5 years older!) We flirt with each other non stop and we both want to persue futures in the music industry. I can’t stop thinking about him, but I always have in the back of my mind that he might wanna lead me on because I’m kinda young, even though when I asked him about that, he told me that we would never do that, because he’s been a victim of that…. My best male friend is a Virgo/Libra cusp (His birthday’s Sept. 23, is that a cusp???) and he acts more like a Virgo than Libra, so I have a pretty good idea of what these Virgo men are like ;) but just to know….. How do I make sure for certain if my Virgo crush likes me back…. just FYI my crush’s birthday is August 29th and my birthday is May 31st

  86. Both my husband and I are VIRGO and sex is absolutely AMAZING every time ;)

  87. Libra Gal here…with a Virgo man for nearly 9 years! Awesome awesome awesome relationship in almost every aspect… but weirdly enough in the bedroom. It as always felt like there is something more there I need to break through but he hasn’t been very open about it. When we do have sex its unbelievable.

    How do I get the “role playing” “fantasy” man out of him? After 9 years I can say all the above is true except my virgo man is still shy for a lack of a better word in the bedroom. After a few drinks I have had the virgo man you describe above…as a libra gal, there is nothing more I want then to get the virgo man I get after a few drinks without needing a few drinks to get him to come out of his shell. We will have sex twice a week and other times we’ll go weeks w/o even the slightest touch. I don’t push b/c I know it makes him uncomfortable and pushing for more sex has only pushed him away. so I’ve learned sex is on his time… which makes for an explosive moment when it does happen again…. I want to know if there is a fantasy side of him, and how to get it. I’ve asked and got an answer of “not really”. I wonder, did I asked the wrong way? Is it the chase that gets him going; holding off until he can’t wait anymore? and BAM WE HAVE AWESOME SEX!

  88. My boyfriend is a virgo i know virgo are known not to have one night stands but first time me and my bf went out we ended up having sex all night its was incredible im a Pisces girl the attraction was so intense… He cam inside me and asked me to be his girl. I KNOW ITS CRAZY….. ive never had that happen to me before… We went out for a month but we never got along broke up for a month and he still wanted to atleast have sex with me then we ended up getting back together and we been together ever since …. Now we are closer then ever he shows all the signs that he loves me but he tells me he doesnt love me tht he doesnt know if he is or not he cant get his emotions together. We fight and we make up all the time…. If he sees me crying his eyes get watery …. He tries to make me happy he speaks about the future together we play fight like kids we are close like bestfriends and yet he tells me he doesnt love me …….

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