Thanksgiving Dinner in London


Thanksgiving Dinner in London Experienced by Me!

Thanksgiving dinner in London has always fascinated me. You may think it’s a bit early to start thinking about it, but it’s fast approaching and with demand for a wholesome American meal increasing every year, reserving your table is a real necessity.

The whole aspect of Thanksgiving dinner has always fascinated me and growing up on a diet of American TV only helped to enhance this. I recall all the hilarious episodes of Friends whereby Monica was always in charge of the dinner and rushed off her feet, and Joey getting his head stuck in the Turkey – Classic!

Joey Turkey Head

Book Early to Avoid Embarrassment!

It was great to realise that whatever religious background or beliefs you had, a nation would get together on this special day and spend some quality time and a home cooked meal. I must say, I really admired it, and it was because of this great enthusiasm I had for this fourth Thursday of every November that I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner in London myself.

A former colleague of mine once told me a great place for Thanksgiving dinner in London would be Bodean’s. I discovered they had several branches but chose to book their restaurant in London’s Soho. Having called to book, I was told to email the manager and request a Thanksgiving menu and form to complete. Once I was happy with the menu, I emailed the form back with a £20 deposit (£10 per head) and soon received my confirmation booking number.

Bodeans Soho

Thanksgiving in London’s Soho


My fiancée and I arrived early but the hostess said our table was ready and waiting for us. We already knew the price (a very reasonable £20.95 per person) and were also aware of the menu as it had been emailed to us.

Bodean's in Soho

Thanksgiving at Bodean’s


The atmosphere was electric, and you could feel a real buzz around the room. I was hoping to be surrounded with all the different accents that the States has to offer, such as those from the Deep South, the quick fire New York accent and those from the Mid West. Although there were many Americans enjoying their own Thanksgiving dinner in London, there were also a lot of curious Brits such as myself.

Anyway, back to the food! It was a set menu, of which the contents you can see below.

Thanksgiving dinner in London

Bodean’s Thanksgiving Menu


I opted for the quesadilla as I’d never had it, whilst my fiancée chose the clam chowder. They were both delicious, although if I had to choose again I would probably go for the clam chowder.

Quesadilla For Thanksgiving dinner in London

Pleasantly Surprised by This Thanksgiving Dinner in London Starter


Clam Chowder

Thanksgiving Clam Chowder – Perfect!


When the main platter arrived consisting of the largest turkey drumstick I’d ever seen, along with glazed ham, mash and corn bread stuffing I nearly fainted. Now I have a healthy appetite, but this was a HUGE platter. I must confess I had never had cornbread stuffing before and had been dying to try it. Again, I’d always heard of it in movies, and in particular John Grisham books! Suffice to say it did not let me down – delicious!

Thanksgiving Turkey Platter

Truly Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner in London


For dessert I chose pumpkin pie (It had to be!) and my other half went for the apple cobbler with ice cream. They were both amazing with great textures and flavours.

Pumpkin Pie

Delicious Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie in London!


Apple Cobbler With Ice Cream

Thanksgiving Dinner Apple Cobbler Tasted as Good as it Looks


Bodean’s also offered us a surprise complimentary shot of hot Rekorderling Winter Cider, blended with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky to end the meal. To add even more U.S. authenticity, Bodean’s exclusively imported from Boston, Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale.

Rekorderlig Winter Cider

Rekorderlig Winter Cider Great Way to Warm you up on Thanksgiving


With live NFL dotted around on the big screens (Houston Texans vs. Detroit Lions), and a very full and satisfactory stomach, I can honestly say Bodean’s is the place to have Thanksgiving in London, and will be eagerly waiting to book this year’s table. – (Although my ultimate dream would to experience it in the States one day. Any takers!?)

Virgo Man

Disclaimer: I have NOT been paid in anyway by anyone associated at Bodean’s to write this post.


  1. Looks delish. I definitely want to experience Thanksgiving dinner this year!

    • Hi There,

      Glad to hear you like the look of the dishes!

      They were truly magnificent & very filling!

      Thanks for leaving a comment,

      Virgo Man

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