Lost Luggage? It’ll never happen to me!


Lost luggage: The nightmare start to any holiday

Lost Luggage: Can this be deemed a major disaster? Which are the major natural disasters you’ve read or watched on the evening news recently and thought, ‘…I hope that doesn’t happen to me’. Bush fires? Earthquakes? Flooding? Hurricanes?  The list is endless. Thankfully the world generally unites and announces a number where you can make donations. Sometimes even a charity single is released to help those in need. At this moment in time a less frivolous event happened to me – The act of lost luggage.

Lost Luggage

Mine had a scratch near the handle if that helps?

I write to you from a very hot and sticky sunny Greece, where if shorts and T-shirts were the national costume – as it should be – I’d be in big trouble.

I’d decided on a break from the happy-go-lucky, smiley culture of Londoners and booked a flight to Greece.

In doing this I managed to join an infamous ever-growing list I never wanted to be a part of.  By this I don’t mean Katie Price’s new love interest, but rather I have now become a statistic on the ‘Lost Luggage’ list from Heathrow. To give you an idea of how common lost luggage is, in the summer of 2008, nearly half a million bags belonging to British Airways passengers were lost or delayed. I never in my wildest dreams thought this would be me.

At the airport I remember checking-in my 3 identical blue suitcases at the same time. I’m pretty sure I didn’t specify I wanted one of them to go somewhere else. However, when I arrived in Athens only 2 of the 3 cases arrived.

A gut-wrenching feeling immersed me at the realisation that somewhere out there in the big bad world my underwear and toothbrush are circulating on a conveyor belt feeling lonely & waiting for me to take them home.

Will we ever meet? Who knows.

A part of me wants to believe that if we never get reunited my boxers and toiletries went to a good home. Somewhere exotic perhaps such, as Fiji or the Maldives. They deserve it for being abandoned by my airline and treated like a piece of luggage.

I’m off to buy my ‘First Day Essential Items’ that my airline has agreed to reimburse me with such as underwear, toothbrush and shorts. Imagine this, not only have they lost my suitcase but they’re dictating what I am ‘allowed’ to buy whilst on holiday. If I wanted this kind of break, I would have gone to Kabul.

Next time you go away, if you see a blue, 4 wheel, medium sized suitcase with red-piping, say hi from me and to enjoy its trip. I’ll try and hook up with it on the internet – most probably eBay.

As for whether my experience is as traumatic as an earthquake or a bush fire, of course it’s not. But if they don’t find my suitcase soon I’m going to have to start my own charity single soon, and THAT the world does not need to hear.

Virgo Man


  1. great read really enjoyed this post! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep an eye out for your case :)

  2. The main rule is that you don’t want to fold the jacket if you can avoid it, which usulaly means either those special suit-bags you see people carry or else to put it in the largest suitcase you are taking with you.If you want to be absolutely sure that your posessions will not be treated roughly, then carry-on is the onyl way to go, because the people who stock the holds on commercial aircraft are focused primarily on doing things quickly. +3Was this answer helpful?

  3. Did you ever find it?

    I suppose if you had, you might have updated this, but maybe you were just waiting for someone to ask.

    If you didn’t find it, were you able to replace it to keep your matching set, or did you throw the whole lot out and go for a more faithful green set instead?

    • Well thank you for asking!

      I DID find it actually. It was a bit late because my holiday was almost over, but better late than never.


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