I Love Coffee


I Love Coffee More Than…..

I love coffee! There, I said it. I didn’t used to, in fact I hated its bitter taste and much preferred English breakfast tea with milk – naturally, I was born and bred in England!

Today was different, I knew I had a lot of work to get through and craved a large cappuccino with an extra shot. Stepping out of the London Underground and onto the cold streets of North London I had 2 choices. I could have chosen the new franchised coffee shop which was only a 5 second walk from the station or the long established independent coffee house 2 streets away.

I Love Coffee

I Love Coffee

Other Virgos will agree with me when I say we always try to help the underdog and in particular, the local community wherever possible. Therefore, with this in mind I chose the independent coffee house because I’d already noticed they were losing customers once the large corporate owned coffee house began trading.

Feeling self righteous and in desperate need of my coffee fix I proudly walked 2 streets away to the local coffee shop and upon my entrance was greeted warmly by the barista, “Good morning” she said, “Good morning to you too”, I replied.   “…One large cappuccino with an extra shot to take out please”, I broadcast proudly. Her reaction was not one I was expecting.

An alarming look of concern and distress had occupied her face. What had I said that was so insulting? I don’t remember insulting her mother or her orange complexion due to too many sun bed sessions.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. She was speechless. I began to panic myself. What was going on? It shouldn’t be this complicated. I love coffee. I’ve come to a coffee shop and ordered a cappuccino. What could be the problem? The distraught barista looks to her colleague for help. Up steps the colleague who with an apologetic expression explains that they have run out of large paper cups. I’m baffled. “Seriously?” I ask. She confirms this is correct, but asks whether I’d like the coffee in a small paper cup.

Store For Rent Poster

I Love Coffee, But No Cups – No Store

Nooo…! I want a large cappuccino with an extra shot, which means I’d end up with 4 shots in a small cup that won’t hold much hot water. Naturally I’d drink it really quickly and end up bouncing off the walls if I had this.

I nod my head in disbelief and walk out thinking I’ve tried to do the good Virgo thing by helping out the small guy but, ‘…You can’t help someone if they can’t help themselves..’.

Virgo Man


  1. Hi Vman,
    I think I am replying here almost for the same reason you went to the In Need coffeeshop. Since I’m here I guess I continue to make my comment worthwile. Lol.

    This story was funny to me. ButvI do believe since you were already so thoughtful in your pickings, you might as well as completed the journey with the unselfishness act of making due with what was available. It would have completed the Give effect your heart desired plus made someone feel good in the process. And then, never go back.

    Very well written, because I could picture them being so scrampled and you beginning to get unnerved and see your wheels turning. So FUNNY!

    Take it as a sign, maybe you should ponder on not loving coffee so much, it is bad for you, ya know.


  2. Thanks for the comment Sunshine!

    Perhaps I should have stayed and had whatever they had to offer, but I really needed my fix of coffee (I know it’s not great for my health, but as a Virgo I can’t ALWAYS be sensible!)

    So pleased you liked my blog.


  3. What a kick in the head!

    That would ruin my day, unless I was in an adventurous mood. Then, I might have asked the barista to surprise me and make something good with what she had. I have discovered some pretty neat things *and* turned disappointment into opportunity by doing this a few times.

    It doesn’t always compensate for the initial let-down, but sometimes, it really does.

  4. PS- I love coffee, too. ;)

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