Dating a Virgo Man? Great, But be Prepared


Congratulations! You’re dating a Virgo man!

So, you’re dating a Virgo man. The simple fact he’s chosen you of all the girls available should give you a boost already. Why? Because Virgos are meticulous about everything that is important to them, and romance is definitely one of those things.

Happy woman is dating a Virgo Man

Happy she’s dating a Virgo!

However, are you reading this because your best/annoying friend told you her one date with a Virgo man ended in tears? If so, then the following is my gift to you on how to make the best of your date with a Virgo.

Do you remember the quiz, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?  You do! Great! The reason I ask is because Virgos are extremely cultured and intelligent people, so much so that they should have been your ‘phone a friend’. So if you hadn’t done already, I suggest you take a quick look at the day’s news in case he asks you what you thought of the crisis in the Middle East – Seriously! I once ended a relationship with a girl because she’d never heard of the hospital superbug bacteria, MRSA.

You can be sure that your Virgo man has chosen somewhere elegant but yet comfortable to take you on your date. Mirror this when choosing something to wear, as he won’t be impressed if you turn up showing so much flesh, you’re almost offering yourself on a plate. Likewise, if you hide yourself under too many layers and unflattering shapes, he’ll be equally put off.

Once you’re on the date, relax….. But not too much. If you really want to make a Virgo man fall in love with you, watch your manners and etiquette whilst at the table. You won’t notice it, but within 45 seconds of sitting he’ll have checked the state of your dress, hair, make-up and yes…even your chipped nails. If these things aren’t in tip-top condition then forget about a whirlwind romance, as Virgo men cannot comprehend untidiness in a person. This may seem a little extreme, but our ethos is, …if I can make the effort, then so can you…

Messy looking woman

This will not do for a date with a Virgo

Virgo men will initiate the majority of the conversation if there are awkward silences, but we’ll gladly ask your opinion on things and give you the opportunity to have your say. But please, use this opportunity wisely. Do not overtake the entire evening with vacuous conversations such as who is now dating Kim Kardashian, or if we knew Cameron Diaz had really bad skin. We all know she covers it with tons of make-up – Enough already! Entertain us with wonderful and intriguing things you’ve done, or places you’ve been. Keep your unrealistic fantasies to yourself, because Virgos are not ruled by emotion, but rather by being rational and practical.

No one said love would be easy, but if you can manage at least two-thirds of the above, you will have yourself a caring, unselfish and understanding man in your life. There’s nothing better than dating a  Virgo man and making him fall in love with you.

Happy Couple

This could be you

One last thing. At the end of the date with your Virgo man, if he says you should split the bill, ditch him. Seriously, he’s an imposter. Probably a Capricorn. This pretend Virgo/fraudster is probably the one your friend dated and made her cry.

Get out of there!

Virgo Man


  1. Absolutely brilliant Virgo man ! I truely enjoyed reading every word. Now I, as a Virgo woman, in less then a few minutes learned more about a Virgo man then I’ve read in quite some time. Love the way you use our typical sarcasim …Oh Virgo Man ! You excite me !! ;)

    • Hey Mercia. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thank you soooo much for your lovely comments & the fact you ‘get me’ as a Virgo. Oh, and I’m very pleased to hear I excite you! xxx

      • I fell in love with a Virgo man….Nothing can happen between us…But I will never forget him.

        • Hey Natalie, thanks for leaving a comment. Sorry to hear you believe nothing can happen between you and your Virgo. However, I’m not surprised you can’t forget him, we’re kind of unique!

          Good luck in life & be happy.

  2. This is a particular good entry about how critical Virgo men can be at times. There is something important about starting the narrative about life early and getting past the shallowness. The “dance” of small talk is not in the book of a Virgo Man at all. Most dive in and are there to stay.

    • Hey, I sincerely apologise for the delay in getting back to you. I love your comment and appreciate the fact you relate to what I am saying as a fellow Virgo.

  3. What a great read!! Really enjoyed this blog post. You rock VirgoMan!

  4. Yep, that’s me

  5. Ladies, that last paragraph says it all and it’s absolutely true.

    As far as the critical eye is concerned, yes we’re observing everything, but we’re more forgiving than this would make us seem.

    -a proud virgo man.

    • Hey Jim, many thanks for your comments. As for the unforgiving statement, you’re probably right. I think I was merely trying to inject some of our famous Virgo sarcasm into the blog! Nevertheless, I always appreciate all types of comments.

      • But why you, guys, change your mind about something million times a day?:-)

        • Because we’re always seeking for perfection and doing the right thing. Second best is not good enough for Virgos.

          • Hi there!! I hope, you’re still in it Virgo Man..:-) Well, as I wrote before, nothing could happen between us and I will never forget him…Well, the things are still the same, as I just said…LOL.LOL.LOL. Nothing happened and I’m still in love with him…It was my initiative to stop contacting each other (the relationship has never happened….). Is there a way to reconnect after not communicating for a half a year? I miss his sense of humor, his voice, his rare smile, his look at me…………………..I believe he still loves me too, I’m almost sure as we had very intense passion for each other. We both are very mature people (I mean age wise…:-))) I’m a Capricorn woman. I’m everything and more of what you mention in the article. So, what do you think, Is there a way to get him back?

          • I am a Capricorn woman and seeing a virgo man. I really do love him we been dating almost a year. I would do anything to make him happy. Things isint easy to get this relationship going. He is still married and his wife doesn’t want to let go. She is a scorpion. I know he does love me but why I feel so insecure sometimes.

  6. This was a wonderful read as a Virgo woman I can relate. 100% accurate

    • Thank you so much ‘TenderLove’. It’s always nice to hear I have connected with my fellow Virgos.

      • best relationship i ever had was virgo to virgo. we did argue quite a bit, but it was never haeetd arguments, and we enjoyed them. we supported each-other well and were brutally honest we are both still in love, but i pushed her away.. post traumatic stress changed me, and i had issues that made me feel she was safer without me, so i moved on. broke both our harts., but its all i could see to do to pout her in a position that someone who was more capable of being the person she deserved. i gave up my true love even though it meant hurting her so she could find a more proper guy for herself and be happy. so now i’m happy she found happiness even though she was the one

        • Hey LGOGO

          Sound like you are an amazing person.

          I know exactly how you feel, because the same happened to me. I let someone go because I knew they could be happier with someone else, and that’s all that mattered.

          Thank you for your post.


        • That’s what exactly my lovely Virgo man said to me…But I think It’s all about your own insecurities….. You might lost the love of your and her life…Never do that again.

    • Are you a Virgo male? Please, give me advise, how I can reconnect with my Virgo? I don’t know why but I feel we still have some mental connection en spite we do not communicate for a long time.

  7. Hey Virgo Man I really enjoyed reading your blog, and I’m a Virgo woman so I understand you, even though I never dated a virgo man. I love the end where you say “if he says you should split the bill, ditch him. Seriously, he’s an imposer. Probably a Capricorn.” (Lol) I was dying inside when I was reading that only because all my ex-boyfriends where Capricorn, so I been there and I don’t know, but Capricorns just get me all crazy. Anyways keep doing you Virgo Man :)

    • What a great reply DIo!

      It’s people like yourself that make me happy to Blog. So happy you can relate to my experiences as a Virgo. As for splitting the bill, I couldn’t think of a more disrespectful act than suggesting that to a female companion on a date!


  8. My experience:
    After breaking up with two Taurus men I started to attract LOTS of Virgo men. I mean for real..
    I am attracted to them too. My mother and my brother are virgos too. Gosh, really? Can’t get rid of you guys!! LOL

    I am a Cancer/Leo/Libra and my ruling planets are the sun and the moon.. Yeah you get the picture ;D This lady is a goddess.
    Mr. Virgo, I know you that you know that you are smart, picky, handsome, attractive, smell good , a manly man.. ect ect
    But you’ll never admit that you are also a bit manipulative (loves mind games), not as shy as everyone thinks (ho ho!), dominant, very sensetive (to your own emotions) and restless (you struggle with heart/mind balance).

    Virgo men tend also to fall in love with the wrong (read: WRONG) partners before the age of 30 +/-. They choose their opposites which is very exiting, specially the intimate part of the relationship. Then when the fun is over they get uncomfortable. They think they can change their partners which is not possible no matter how hard those adorable men try to analyze, control and manipulate ;P After some years of struggle and heart ache they go back to their center and start to chose more wisely. That’s when those men get really intereseting..
    Fear gets in the way. they slow down a bit too much. I know, annoying.. But for the right Virgo, it is woth it. You finally get what I would call a MAN. Specially if you are like me love to be feminine/ lay back and relax and deep down just want to be the diva/princess in the relationship.

    Why I love them? I understand them deeply. They really are good people at core and like everybody else, they need (unconditional) love and support.


    • Sarah!

      Where have you been all my life! You really have spent A LOT of time with Virgo men. You’re right in so many ways. People assume we’re shy, but we’re not. We’re merely taking our time to evaluate whether or not we want to make the effort and let you in to our lives. If we do, then you must be special!

      I hope you find you’re ideal man soon, and should that be a Virgo (above the age of 30!) then I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful and organised (!) life together.

      All the best & be happy!


      • Virgo men are so confusing. One minute everything so great next minute. It’s not. It’s like pulling teeth to get these men to communicate and if you try to hard or show honest real sweet emotion with them they shut you down and won’t even speak to you. Its disgusting what they do to woman..and they say cancer sign is the worst lol. Never again

        • Hey ‘Pissed off Cancer’

          Sorry you felt this way but sometimes that’s just the way it is!

          I’ve had several whirlwind relationships with Cancer women and for about 3 months it is a real roller coaster ride, but inevitably we’re just not suited and it always turned sour between us

          Thanks for leaving a comment though.


          • Okay, I’m a little discouraged reading these posts. I went online to learn more about virgo men to get to know a virgo guy that has peeked my interest quite a bit. I am very excited about the possibility, but now wonder if I’ll measure up and it will work. We’ve spent the last year getting to know each other (co-workers) and last week he took me out for dinner (laid back pizza). Not sure if that was a “date” or just a friendly gesture and not sure what to expect now. I’m a cancer. Is there seriously no hope for a cancer and virgo? He is Mr. Wonderful and I’d really like to see where this goes! He is a total gentleman, well mannered, caring, would do anything for anyone, very logical and I enjoy our conversations and the respectable way he treats me. Tell me there is hope! What can I do to make it work?

        • you need to look past each others faluts. I also read that living a simple and sensible life is the virgo motto. Which brings me to another point maybe you’ve let yourself go. I’m not trying to put you down, but if he’s not attracted to you to the point he has been pleasuring himself. Then you need to do significant things to show him you are still interested. The stars don’t lie! If it’s possible then you need to remember why you wanted to be with one another in the first place. Lastly you need not to take the vows you promised each other and god lightly. Read Corintheians and what Love truly means. Good luck with everything.

        • This is so true. I’m a Leo woman married to a Virgo man and as you can guess its been one wild ride. I find him fussy, hypocritical, highly critical, cold and non-communicative. One day I feel like our love is Unbreakable, the next day I feel like we will never last. I’m truly devoted and love him with all my heart and want our relationship to be filled with love and happiness but I don’t think he loves me, wants me and I know he doesn’t need me he has let me know that many times. It’s an emotional nightmare for a big hearted Leo that wants to love and needs love from her man :(

          • Hey,

            Love between Leo and Virgo will always take a lot of effort.

            If you’re happy to put the work in, then that’s great!

            If not, do everyone a favour and end it. Everyone deserves the truth.

            Good luck.


      • I’v been waiting for you! lol
        Actually, my boyfriend is a Virgo too. <3 :D

    • Sarah, I am involved with a Virgo man and experiencing exactly what you wrote about. He was married 3 times, to all the wrong women. Now he’s very hesitant and careful; he is taking it EXTREMELY slow. He’s very fearful of getting hurt, of getting involved with the wrong woman, etc…. We were getting very close and then all of a sudden, he backed away. I’m trying to be patient, let him have the time he needs to get to know me and feel comfortable. I did, however, let him know that he shouldn’t make me suffer for the bad relationships he’s had in the past. Thank you for your perspective….

    • Sarah I do agree. I am a Capricorn and most of my lovers were Capricorn. I enjoy every moment with this amazing lover Virgo. I know he loves me but sometimes I feel so insecure and as if I must be a bit hard to get. But I feel it will also puch him away and I hate games show what you feel why keep it inside and pretend . He knows exactly when I would kiss the smoke out of him and when I feel down. Do you think to be hard to get is a good idea. I need advice. Do I always sms him or should I give it a miss

  9. I loved reading you blog, and I’m a virgo as well, but never really dated a virgo.

    • Hey Danielle,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. As for dating a Virgo, you should give it a try! We’re very compatible. I have a feeling you’d really enjoy it.

      Best wishes & be happy!


  10. I am so desparate, I am in love with a virgo and I think he has another woman. He appears to lie, lie and lie. what should I do?

    • Sorry for the late reply Roe.

      If you still think he’s lying the best thing to do is confront him, because one thing Virgo men don’t like doing is hurting other people even when they know they are doing wrong.

      Be open and upfront with him about how you’re feeling.

      Good luck

      • Although I agree with most of what you said about Virgo men. Virgos are different by the decans as well. I have seen down-to-earth, loyal, and caring Virgos. I am the one. I belong to the first decan. I have also seen the cheating, partying and careless Virgos as the one Roe mentioned as well. Well, to be correct, she didn’t mention partying or careless. I added them. I see that kind mostly belong to the last decan (i.e. around September 13th to 23rd). Roe, is your bf/ex from those dates?

        Only generalization I see in Virgo mostly is that they are mutable sign. To be correct and meticulous, we should divide Virgos by decans instead

  11. I could only give the credit to another Virgo for such an uncanny insight, language and that glowing cynicism we all love so much! (or perhaps I should extend my credit to a fellow Mercury child, Gemini, here or there ;) . I enjoyed reading it as much as going through my mental checklist, making sure you’d hit all the main points. One thing, though (you’re not really surprised by this, are you?): We turn stone cold when we realize (early on, mind you) that someone is using us or taking an advantage of our natural goodness. The same emotion is employed when we break up. Don’t bother with apologies, tears and begging. When we’re done, we are really done! Good job, Virgo Man

  12. Thank for the awesome response!

    Me and you are really on the same wavelength!

    You’re right, once someone has overstepped the mark with us Virgos they may as well not exist as far as I’m concerned. This may sound harsh, but if I can be a good person and respectful of others then there’s no excuse why everyone else can’t be the same.

    Be safe and happy.

    • My best friend (male) & I are both Virgo’s. We do have very srtnog feelings for each other & want to be together, but there have been some other issues preventing it from being official. We look, act & treat each other as we are a couple & it works well. We understand each other so well & know what to do for the other at anytime. I’m not gonna lie & say it’s the easiest relationship, because we are both so similar, but we use that to our advantage. Virgo/Virgo relationships are wonderful, but they do take WORK!

      • Hey Adam,

        Thanks for your post.

        It’s good to hear Virgo/Virgo can work.

        However I agree 100% with you that it takes some effort to make it work. In fact, whatever Sign gets with a Virgo need to up their game and make it work, otherwise we’ll lose interest REAL quick! – It’ll be worth the effort though.


        • When u say up ur game and make it work. What do u mean. What do u have to do for the most part, to keep a virgo? Especailly when they’ve been married before age 30. Have been hurt by their wife and now is scorn. What do u do when u think u doing ur best, dont wanna give up but he pushes u away. When everything comes out his mouth, he dont care. How do u maintain a relationship that u so into and he says things that u dont feel he means. But hes saying it, so how can he not mean it. (Im a scorpio). He not my man but I would love him to b. We been dealing since october. Ooooooo and burns me up when he says he dont care if im wit another man. I deffinitly care if hes wit another women. Thats my baby and I want this to work wit us but he got to want it to. Can u help me wit some words of wisdom. I will really appreciate it. And honest as u can b. Some actions say he wants me but some say he dont. He just switches up so much and im just confused. Can u help me please?

          • Hey Me ME,

            Your Virgo Man has a lot of issues. Do you REALLY believe he wants you? If so, then be calm and direct with him.

            Tell him you want him but really stress the importance of it and tell him how much he hurts you with the things he says.

            Make him aware you won’t put up with his bulls*** any longer and leave him for a few days. If he gets back to you and apologises, he’s yours. If not, move on. He’s not The One.

            Good luck.


  13. I really enjoyed this read and got alot of insight.have been with a virgo man for 2 years and he is so intriguing and mysterious…. however it takes so longggg to open him up,,,,, why ??? why ???? He is sooo attentive but can be cold and critical too…. so weird…. I have a hard time figuring him out and if he has any love emotions for me….little things he does may give a clue but he hardly says it!!!!! if at all….. what are the sure fire clues virgo man ?????

    • Hi Elena,

      The sure fire clues you’re looking for are are already there in the post you messaged me!

      If a Virgo male shows you attention and makes effort with small meaningful expressions it means he really likes you. Virgos WILL NOT bother wasting their time doing these sorts of things if they didn’t care for you.

      You are right when you say we are difficult to open up. This is because we like to be in control and not let our emotions rule us in case we get hurt.

      Enjoy the ride! – Thanks for posting!


      • I am a virgo(female) as is my spouse (male). I woludn’t recommend a relationship because you are bound to pinpoint every fault from as far back as time began and it severly affects the relationship after time. The expectations are high especially if you have children. I want less monatany as my spouse rather have more even though to keep the peace I have become very passive agressive. There is extreme jealousy and possesiveness in the relationship despite what the zodiac here may state.As far as the bedroom the opposite is true in my case. It has become a sexless marriage as my spouse rather not fail in the bedroom as he focuses on material things to fill his days. He has become the pleasure of himself , leaving me totally lacking any emotional or/sexual connection in the relationship.As running the home, eventually no matter how well you run it together if these other areas are left ,the arguing will lead to a very unhappy marriage that neither will take the final step to leave because both are very loyal.Instead it’s living seperate lives, either openly or in secret.

        • I totally agree! I am a Virgo woman and currently dating a Virgo man. My son’s Father is a Virgo, my sister, best friends Virgos. Two Virgo men in my life two totally different characters. One very sexual but no emotion/mental stimation. The other emotional/mental stimulation but sexless. Expresses he wants to but doesn’t. He knows I’m sexually frustrated but does nothing to satisfy me. And if we have sexhe is a selfish lover and if he climaxes first then it’s over even if I tell him to come back and finish. He doesn’t. I love him but I am turning stone cold now. And now moving very separately through the house/relationship. I have not cheated but I am comtiplating… But I think I’ll just end it instead. I thought maybe but now i just dont think so…o_O

  14. You should do a detailed analysis ,,i know virgos are good at details…
    entitled “what are Virgo men like when they are in LOVE??? “”" I will pay to read that ;-)
    BTW im a Libra…. is that a good match Virgo man ??

    Cheers :”)

    • Hmmm…

      Virgo and Libra. This combination needs effort on both sides but can be quite successful. You both find each other irresistible which helps!


    • Libra can be patient with Virgo. Libra and Virgo are instant match. Having said that each sign differs by the decan. Especially Virgos differ a lot by the decan. It is easy and worth matching it that way instead

  15. Hi Virgoman, love your blog, thanks! I met a Virgo last year and we had 4 dates. All great, got on well and then he ended it as he had been deeply scared by his last relationship (very very messy break up) and said he didn’t feel he could give me what I wanted – a relationship. We stayed in touch and a few weeks ago caught up for drinks. It ended in us sleeping together and agreeing that we both do really like each other and that we should continue seeing each other but on a casual/light basis. So….it’s going well but I guess I am a little concerned that he is just having fun whereas I’m developing strong feelings for him. Should I walk away or be patient? Any advice is very welcome :)

    • Hi Cath,

      Thanks for posting and sorry for the delay.

      I would be more on the slightly cautious side. I’m not saying he’s not being genuine, but I’m a man and I know how devious we can be – sadly!

      The worst thing you can do to a Virgo is freak him out by saying you want something more serious early on if you’ve both already agreed it on the casual/light basis. He will run.

      I’d say be patient for now, but if you’re still confused in about 4-6 weeks then casually ask him how things are going. However, stress to him you want him to be honest with whatever he says and that you won’t be hurt. Virgo men hate hurting people which is why we come over as being closed a lot.

      If he feels comfortable about telling you the truth, he will, whatever it is.

      I hope this helps. keep me posted!


    • Run as fast as you can and don’t look back in the end they only worry about themselves and don’t care how you feel…or start to treat him like crap and somehow he might respond better.

      • I’m sensing some real underlying issues here “Pissed off Cancer”. As I’ve said before, sometimes some people just aren’t meant to be with each other. I think it’s a bit harsh to generalise that ALL Virgo Men are the same. I hope some day you’ll find peace within your heart….


        • Great post Virgo Man, thank you. I am an Aquarius woman dating a Virgo man for 10 months now and despite all the Astrological warnings I’ve read about Aquarius/Virgo relationships ours is great…it did take some time for my Virgo to open up but I was guilty of the same. He is honest to a fault, very attentive…not shy (that’s an act) which I find rather amusing…lol. He is EXTREMELY organized and for as critical as he is of everyone and everything, he is twice as critical of himself. We can both be rather sarcastic so we get each others sense of humor very well. I find my Virgo man wants perfection. in every aspect of his life. He’s extremely intelligent and very good at everything he does. As far as this Aquarius woman is concerned it doesn’t get any better than being with a Virgo man.

  16. Hello V-man and everyone else,
    I am a scorpio and a daughter to a Virgo man. I think Vman gave an absolute valid and accurate outline to Virgo men. I also read the comments, and being a scorpio I think manipulative is a bit strong to use. And simply because I think impure hearts are manipulative. I do however see where certain types could perceive that, but from my assessment, I would replace that word with persuassive. *So had to add this for the readers*

    And by the way Virgos make the best daddies in the world!

    May Peace Be With You,

    • Wow! Thank you!

      Beautiful comment ‘Sunshine’…. and you’re a Scorpio! (Just kidding!)

      I’m not a daddy yet but I’m glad to hear they make great fathers!

      Best wishes

      Virgo Man


  17. I totally loved what you wrote im a virgo too and i can totally relate to it! :) now i have a question for you, almost 4 years ago i met this virgo (who is 6 years older than me) and well i liked him but he had a girlfriend at that time so we never really looked at each other even when i liked him a bit, one year later we saw each other again and even when he had his girlfriend beside i v him he had another feel, like i knew something had changed, now we are talking again, he hasnt a girlfriend anymore and ill see him soon, would i really have a chance? Xx

    • Hey Lea,

      The only advice I can give is that if you don’t try you won’t find out!

      You may have to make it a bit obvious, as sometimes Virgo men are slightly too cautious when making their feelings known.

      Virgo on Virgo Can work really great as a combination because as we are quite different from other Star signs, who better to understand you than another Virgo!

      I say go for it, and if doesn’t work you haven’t lost anything.

      Good luck


  18. Im a Libra woman. Ive been on-again, off-again with a Virgo man for 6 years! He wont commit. Ive dated other men on our off times but this Virgo man is often the initiator to our texts & convos, etc. I want to be with him because I do love him. And come on… after 6 years & we keep going back to one another, that says something. How do I get him to commit? Not to toot my horn but Im a Libra & my profession is Social Work. I feel I play all my cards fair & I am a really great person. I deserve love.

    • Hi Sara,

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

      You certainly DO deserve love. We all do. Not too sure why after 6 years THIS Virgo is being so difficult to pin down. Generally Virgo men don’t feel comfortable knowing they are hurting someone that loves them by not being able to commit 100%. As brutal as this may sound, I say you have a real heart to heart with him, tell him you want 100% commitment and if he can’t do it then you’ll have no option but to walk away……FOREVER.

      Give him a maximum of 2 weeks to figure out what he wants, however in those 2 weeks please cut off all communication. If after 2 weeks he still is indecisive….walk away. You deserve better. Sorry to say it, but you’re better off without him if he can’t decide after all this time.

      Be strong and good luck.

      Best wishes.


  19. Virgo Man….
    Thanks for a very informative website!! I have been seeing a virgo man steady since last July. I met him in March and we started texting with me mostly sending the first text.. He seemed very shy, but also seemed very interested when I would text him. Neither of us date other people and we established that a long time ago. We get along amazingly!!!!! I absolutely love him with all of my heart and I can feel his love and passion for me. The only problem is that he has told me one night that he loves me probably in September after I told him. Then there was another night that he was drinking pretty heavily and he must have told me 30 times or more that he loves me. Then on valentines day flowers and a card that said he falls in love with me more every day. I sometimes tell him I love him and he just brushes it off like I didn’t say it whether it be to his face or a text. I just don’t understand that when I can feel how much he loves me. What is your advice for me because sometimes a girl just needs to hear those words!!!! This is driving me crazy as I wear my heart on my sleeve. I try not to tell him. I try hard to wait on him to see if he will say it. But he never does. He is just so sweet and caring and the one I have always dreamed about.
    He has been divorced for about 1 and 1/2 years and I am in the process of getting one myself. I have been separated for over 1 year now. I have two grown daughters and he has a 2 year old daughter. I know he has had a rough time since his divorce in caring for his daughter which by the way he is GREAT at!!! We live about 1 hour from each other so we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like. It has just seemed like a slow relationship which has been nice. I just wonder if he will ever just tell me he loves me like I feel he does?!?!?!?

    • Rest assured Mihevoli!

      Your Virgo man DOES love you. We don’t say it unless we mean it. Seriously!

      The things he says and does, especially his comment on Valentines Day is a typical Virgo in love.

      The reason he isn’t as forthright as you when saying he loves you is because Virgo Men find it difficult to exposing their emotions unless there’s a real sense of occasion.

      At parties and family functions Virgos don’t talk for the sake of talking. We only speak when it’s something worthwhile and meaningful, and the same goes to saying ‘I Love you’. We’ll only say it when we know it’ll have a real meaning/impact. I personally believe the more I say it, the quicker it loses its meaning.

      I think you’ve got yourself a great Virgo there. Don’t worry about the amount of times he says he loves you. Enjoy the little romantic things he does, as I’m sure he does because he’s a Virgo Man, like me!


  20. Hello! I recently met a Virgo man on a dating site. We have met on person. And I have to say I had a blast.. Although I don’t know much about Virgo men… He is great ! I would like to go forward with getting to know him and heck a relationship maybe in our future. I’m an Aquarius women, I’m water… Do we match I hope so.

    • Hey Tivey!

      Aquarius and Virgo CAN work. In fact Virgos love what you have to offer, with your insightful knowledge and witty humour you can easily lead Virgos into the bedroom and possibly up the wedding aisle! But as tempting as this sounds, Take Your Time! Don’t rush anything!

      If you both feel strongly fro each other after a reasonable amount of time then give it a go!

      Good luck.


  21. Hello v man…Thanks for your informative site!!!! I only have one question for you….DOES THIS VIRGO MAN THAT I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART LOVE ME???
    Facts: Met last march..then would text periodically..with me mostly sending first text….his work schedule and our distance keeps us apart…he comes to my house a couple of nights…then in July we go out and have the most awesome night together!!! From then on we have seen each other whenever we can.. I feel like he loves me…he is so sweet to me…he told me one of our nights in October that he loves me..I was so excited!! I told him first…when we were making love one night I told him…then he got a little intoxicated one night and told me he loves me about 30 times!!! On valentines day flowers…and a sweet card that said I fall in love with you more and more each day…but he didn’t write I love you on it…and then another card that said if loving you is a crime.. Lock me up and throw away the key… I text him I love u quotes and he never responds to he brushes it under the rug!!! I am in process of getting divorced..should be final soon after what seemed to be a lifetime of abuse..he was divorced last april…he is a breathe of fresh air to me and kind gentle caring and sweet!!!! I just get frustrated wondering if he feels the same about me…I feel he does…but I NEED to hear it!!!!

    • Hey again.

      I can only emphasise that sending him love quotes all the time is NOT the way to keep him interested. The odd quote once every 6 weeks is enough for Virgo Man If he’s said he loves you, then trust me…he does!

      We’re not the kind of people that will constantly say it. That’s all, there’s nothing else to it!

      I hope this reassures you a bit?

      Let me know how it goes.

      Best wishes.


      • Thank you sooooo much!!!! This makes me feel better!!!!! I know he loves me…I can feel it!!!! And also he talks about our future in little things he says….Do you think I should just not tell him?? Just wait for him to tell me?? It’s just that I feel like shouting it to the world ( I am a Gemini btw) He really is the best everything to me and we get along GREAT. Believe it or not, I have a hard time telling people things that upset me and I believe he does too. I hope this will never be a problem in our relationship. A lot of the websites say that a relationship between a virgo and gemini is hard. Do you believe this?? So far this has been the best relationship in my entire life and I finally actually know for 100% that I am in love whereas before I just thought I was for a period of time and then it would go away. He has not been OFF of my mind since we started seeing each other!!!! I think of him constantly and he does the same with me!!! Just tell me your thoughts please:)

        • Virgo & Gemini is one of the hardest relationships to work, HOWEVER, It CAN work!

          They are complete opposites but I think that is why it can work. Opposites attract they say, and your relationship seems to be one example of this.

          Don’t keep stressing about it and ENJOY yourself! :)

          Good luck!


  22. Ok, need a little insight here. Met a Virgo man almost 4 months ago, like him very much. Am a Capricorn.
    We both have young kids, and I have told him I am very careful about introducing my son to boyfriends, have only ever done this once before. However, we have now all met and are going on holiday together soon, mainly his idea.
    He is pretty sweet and thoughtful, even bought me a small gift for Mother’s Day as I couldn’t be with my son that day due to work.
    Only he has never said how he feels and I have no idea how he sees me in his life.
    I know it’s early days, but more than anything want to protect my son, so any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hey Jen,

      Sounds like you’re another lucky girl who’s found a Virgo Man!

      What he did on Mother’s Day doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s the kind of thoughtful thing I’d have done and makes me happy that other Virgo Men are behaving as real gentlemen.

      Capricorn and Virgo is an exceptionally great fit, so no worries there.

      As I’ve said before on this blog, Virgo men find it very difficult to open up and show their true emotions. We’re much better at displaying our affections for the other half, whether this be through thoughtful gifts, spontaneous dinner reservations or vacations than constantly saying we love you.

      If you really want to know how he feels, just ask him. BUT NOT IN A PESTERING WAY!

      Tell him about any concerns for your son, and ask him to be truthful because you don’t want to be hurt in the future. Tell him you can take whatever he has to say and it won’t hurt you and I guarantee he’ll be honest with you. He has to feel that if he tells you the truth you won’t be hurt because that’s the last thing we want to do to people we love and respect.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!


  23. I am a virgo and i am surprised to see this post which says 100% true about me. Though i am not committed to any relationship till now, my character resembles the same as your blog.

    • Hey Anish!

      So glad you can relate to my blog. I try to be as honest and truthful as possible.


    • i am a Sagittarius woman and getting to know a very interesting Virgo man, we not dating as yet, but the sparks are definately there! and this blog describes him the best, so very true.

  24. Hi there~~ great post!!
    if i may get some advice here abt this Virgo man i’m kinda seeing plz?
    We met in the beginning of March – We live in different cities and he was on business trip. the attraction was instant… our mutual fd told me i left a very positive impression for him. He was in my town only for one week and he txted me n arranged a date. It went GREAT!! We kissed n talked so much~
    During that week, he arranged other dates – Romantic n Active ones… then by the end of the week… he told me his trip got extended to the end of the month!
    WOW!! i was really happy and we had a Wonderful time together for the rest of the time he spent here… he always makes plans n wanted to see me – told me he likes me (i said it first…)
    Towards the end of his trip, i asked him if this is sth just for fun, or it could be sth serious for us?
    He replied… “Let’s just enjoy it…”
    I said “So just say good-bye when u leave?”.. he replied “YES”…
    Sigh… thou i respect his decision, it still hurts quite a lot… :(
    He wants to stay in touch n see each other when we go travel to each other’s city….

    Any advice you could plz share? thxx! :)

    • Hey March Love!

      Thanks for leaving a message. It all depends on what YOU want really. Sadly it looks as if he’s decided that for now he just wants some fun, (which is fine) however if you want something more, then you need to be honest with him like he was with you. Lots of guys would have said they want something more just to keep you happy and see you whenever it suited them, but your Virgo Man was honest.

      If you want something more, be honest and tell him and then take it from there. If you’re happy to see him every few weeks then that’s great, you’ll have a great time and no one gets hurt.
      Hope that helps.

      Good luck & let me know how it goes!


      • Hellooo Virgo man!! :)
        Thxx for replying~ just an update:
        he visited me beginning of this mth…. unexpectedly… said he wanted to have a vacation… if he could visit n stay with me….my city is a stop over to his travel destination (my hometown), and he would like to get some tourism tips from me in person…. hmmmm…. I agreed n we again had a great time together….. I even made an impulsive decision to travel to his city to visit him in the coming week…. !! he’s happy abt my visit… he made plans for us already~~ so… let’s see how it goes… but he’s NOT very communicative n responding my msgs…. usually takes him days to reply me!! :(
        I told him clearly that i liked him more than fds….. he just said his “whereabouts” is a concern n doesn’t really show me his feeling too much… thou he likes to cuddle n kisses me a lot… CONFUSING virgo!!
        His very virgo – Sun, Mercury, Venus… and Moon + Mars in Cancer!!!
        Ur thoughts plz~~? :)

  25. Hi, very nice page.. I am more and more into zodiacs haha.. I am a cancer (24) mixed with leo, quite crazy, sensitive, detailed, not with my feet on the ground, emotional, very free, traveling, hippie, loving animals, very openminded soul, artistic, painter, bla bla.. and I MET same age virgo man, totally opposite then me, I don’t have to describe how is he, because your describtion of virgo is quite good. :) evan we are so opposite I fell in love with him, I don’t get it so much, because usually I had some crazy bohemian freaks, musicians, artists mostly… He loves me too I think, all goes slow from his side, but I totally get it. its your style :) I am just quite lost, because I am quite fast at all, at all my emotions,. He doesn’t rush. I leave my coutry now for 5 months, he said he will wait for me,he is so calm..I have never had a man who would be so calm to not seeing me so long. Before we met he didnt have a girl one year. I dont know. This drives me crazy, how he is sure about me, but he doesnt need to stay with me. We know eachtoher from christmas, spent all NY, and spending beautiful moment until now. I feel ehe is more in to me every time. but come on!! :) I want passion, love, run with him in the rain. do you think its real to make a relationship me and him ? haha I really do love him. he is sooo sweat to me and I feel so save with him. but I dont dont i can wait for him.

    • Hey Terisa,

      You answered your question yourself. You are complete opposites and you’ll NEVER find him running in the rain! (Virgos will be more concerned about catching a cold or flu!) If he says he’s happy to wait, then believe me…. HI IS!

      Don’t be so cynical. Not all men are going to cheat as soon as you’re not nearby. However, don’t expect him to change if you want a loving romantic guy, then he’s your man, if you want a hippy, free spirit take every day as it comes kind of guy then walk away. Virgo men just aren’t like that, unless they’re on drugs!

      I’d say give it a go and see what happens.


  26. Hi Virgo Man,

    Have you ever dated a Gemini woman, and if so do we (Gemini women) have a chance? I just started dating the most amazing Virgo man (maybe a first). He is smart, handsome, sensitive, open, sensuous, funny, and smells so good – a dream come true. He (we) seem to be moving pretty fast though – you know – with that loving feeling. I would really like for this relationship to work. If you have insight as to this Gemini – Virgo relationship, I’d appreciate your sharing.
    Gemini Woman

    • HI Gemini woman.

      A Virgo Man and Gemini woman is a VERY challenging relationship to work out. I should know, I’ve been in one!

      Complete opposites but I think this is definitely a case where opposites attract. The Virgo envies the fact Gemini woman can pack her bags and leave and go wherever she wants without a care in the world, and would love to be brave enough to do it. Gemini woman is curious about the way Virgo man is so controlled and assured of himself in certain situations.

      This relationship takes A LOT of effort but if it works it’s really worth it.


  27. Virgo Man you are awesome for replying to everyone’s comments, so I’m hoping you read my comment and can give me advise since you are an older/wise Virgo !
    I’m a 21 year old cancer and I met a 23 year old virgo fella back in late November 2012.
    I really do like him but I’m hoping I don’t have to wait until he’s 30. He’s a little nerdy but I dig it :) we’ve only hung out a handful of times and we’ve had great conversations. He tells me how gorgeous he thinks I am but that I make him really nervous and anxious. Last month he canceled on me and as a cancer I’m an emotional person(but strong) and he has become closed off and sometimes opens up and shows interest in me but he seems like he can’t face his hang ups to hang out with me. He does work a lot and seems to put a lot of his energy into his work and has mentioned to me that presently he can’t handle a relationship but at the same time hasn’t told me to take a hike. He replies to my texts and I feel like the chemistry is there and the feelings are there but he isn’t allowing himself to pursue anything more. I’m trying to give him space/time and not contacting him, allowing him to make the decision if he doesn’t really want to pursue anything. I’m just curious if you think he’ll just stop contacting me all together and will not want to pursue anything with me? I really do like him and as you say virgos don’t show their emotions, I’m wondering what a virgo man like yourself think about this? because I don’t want to be pushy and be one of those women who over does it by texting too much and then scaring him off. I definitely want to stand my ground by not contacting him.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      I feel for you, really. Virgo Men absolutely love Cancerian women, however from my experience there seems to be time-limit on how long it can last. I agree that you shouldn’t be pushy, however as I’ve said in previous replies you need to ask him the truth about how he feels about you. You need to tell him that what ever he says, it’s OK and that it won’t hurt your feeling (even if it does)

      If he feels confident that he won’t emotionally hurt you, then you’ll find out the truth.

      If it seems to you he’s not interested, he probably isn’t. Sorry but that’s what I’ve found in my experiences.

      Good luck with everything.


      • Hi virgo man, I’d just wanted to let you know since I last commented here I confronted the virgo man in my life and we’ve been doing great together. I basically have been making all the first moves with him but he seems to enjoy me taking charge. I’m still getting to know my virgo man after many months which seems to be paying off because he has become more open! I am now his gal and i have put in a lot of energy as well as boundaries to not be taken advantage of. It takes work but if you really care and have strong feelings for the virgo man then you have to take the time to really get to him as he will also get to know you. Together these signs can form a strong loyal bond with each other. What I’ve noticed with this virgo man at least, is that the virgo man loves the caring and very loving cancer woman! But make him work for your very giving love and he will come searching for it!

  28. I was with a Virgo for 9 months. The whole time we were together he was always hot and cold! I left him after he cheated on me, I gave him an opportunity to talk about everything but nothing! I wished him well and we haven’t been in contact since then(I changed my number). One thing I can agree on is that you all are hard to forget #sheesh

    P.S. That part about spliting the bill. Probably a Capricorn was funny!

    • Hey Lady Cap,

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

      Sorry that your Virgo Man turned out to be a bit of a pig.

      However, you are right, once you’ve been with a Virgo we’re definitely hard to forget! (There’s nothing like us!)


  29. What can you say about Scorpio woman and Virgo man as a couple ? :) I’m scorpio and I fell inlove with one of you ! :D .. You are really awesome …

    • Hi The Freaking Virgo Lover!

      Scorpio woman and Virgo Man. Now that’s a hot combination!

      This relationship has a great chance of succeeding because Virgos love the sexiness you bring to the table, even if you are a little hard to control for our liking!

      I think you’re on to a good thing there. Stick with him!


  30. Dear Virgo Man

    I was in a year-long relationship with a Virgo man until about 2 weeks ago. Owing to a serious misunderstanding, I sent him a terribly offensive email. But by the time I realized my mistake, it was a bit too late.
    I have sent him several texts apologizing and seeking his forgiveness, explaining that it was because of the reflexes developed from unpleasant past experiences, but I am greeted with silence each time.
    Is there any scope for me?


    • Hi Stellar 2013

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      So sorry to here about your predicament. If there’s one thing I know, is that Virgos can be easily offended and hurt. We may bot always show it but inside we’re burning with rage.

      If what you did was a genuine mistake then you really need to go out of your way to make him realise this. The texts obviously aren’t working, so find another way to apologise. Think of something he loves to do or see or read and emulate that as part of your apology. Your apology could reflect a favourite song or a film of his. He’ll appreciate the effort, and if anything will give you the time to explain yourself. If after all this he still gives you the silent treatment, then walk away and do your best to forget him.

      Virgos forgive, but if they feel you’ve over-stepped the mark then there’s nothing you can do to win them back.

      Good luck with everything


  31. Hi Virgo Man, I love your post and could use your insight please if I could?
    I really like a Virgo man who lives close by and actualy asked him out for drinks (cant quite believe i asked him, it was like I just had to, my first ever ask and prob last as i’d never ask anyone ever again) He was going away that day (timing eh) so he thought about it for over a week then eventualy said he wasn’t ready. I said would understand if he said no at the time but I was heartbroken (i hid away for a few days and cried) but also hoped if he wasnt ready at the time there would be a chance sometime in the future. This was a good couple of years ago, on the rare occasions we see each other i just get really lovely smiles and if we chat we seem to talk about lots of things in the short times. How do I tell if his “not ready” was his soft way of saying he wasn’t interested?

    • Hey Precious Fish,

      Sorry to hear that your Virgo had upset you. At least you can’t accuse him of leading you on. I believe that if he said “he’s not ready” then he either really wasn’t, or he simply wasn’t interested! (no crime in that)

      If you’d like to give it another go then drop a very unsubtle hint about going out for drinks again. If he turns you down again, then you’ll know it’s not worth wasting your time on him again. If he says yes, play it cool and re-read my Blog again on how to behave on a date with a Virgo Man!

      Good luck!


  32. Is there hope for a SAG & Virgo?

    • Hi Ledges,

      There is some very good hope for a Sagittarius and Virgo relationship.

      the great thing about Sagittarius is that they intrigue Virgos, but in the same breath they are capable of annoying us by saying the wrong things at the wrong time. (Virgos can be quite sensitive!)


  33. Cheers for the advice Virgo Man, He had just moved in, said he had been divorced for just a couple of years, but not sure if he had come from another more recent relationship and he didn’t mention one. I’m not sure i could find the courage to seriously ask him again, but I might have a gentle light joke with him about it if the opportunity ever arises, I seem to feel more comfy if I can laugh about things. Have you any romantic experience with us Pisces ladies? I’ve never had any astrology reading but I think I have a cancer moon and Scorpio rising with a little Aries & Virgo thrown in for good measure, do you recon we may be a good match?

    • Pisces and Virgo can be an awesome match.

      They both enjoy each others company and the sexual appetite between the 2 is usually very strong.

      Go with your instincts and do what feels best to you.

      Good luck


  34. HI, thanks for your answer.
    Of course I will give it try and continue and see how things goes.. evan in the beginning all my friends told me he is not for me, he is too normal boy and all, I really liked him. He always enjoy time with me, nice talking, doing things, we have very good inteligent conwersations, lately we found ourself evan in bed. because he wasnt to interested in sex so much, so now he loves it and wants to make a love all the time. like different person with the time.
    BUT I want to ask, do you think he would be able to understand my personality? I mean, I dont want to change aswell. I want to go traveling, do all the same things, loving animals, touching them (he thinks he can get some disiase to touch dogs on the streets), I simply want to be the same but not loose him as well. do you think this will work, he will take me as I am and will love me evan for all these things I am gonna do..

    I am just always worry to show him all myself, because I am crazy and he likes it but still, he doesnt have to like it for relation ship..

    thank you so much… kiss

    • If you say and believe he will take you as you are and love you whatever you do or say, then you have to believe your instincts.

      If deep down you think it won’t work, then you may be right.

      Only can tell if it will last. My job is to help give you advice about Virgo men and the way they behave (we are very strange sometimes!)

      Good luck again


  35. Virgo Man,

    You sound just like the Virgo man I’m smitten with. =)

    I enjoyed your post, but I loved your comments. You must be very content with who you are– your confidence and kindness saturates everything you say. No wonder women love Virgos! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It was a pleasure to read them.

    PS- What *is* the point of Piers Morgan? I mean, seriously. The man’s an idiot.

    • Thanks ever so much ‘Girl with the Silver Eyes!’

      It’s people such as yourself that make me feel good about what I do – You’re awesome!

      Glad your loving the Virgo star sign! What Star Sign are you?



  36. Ive been with my Virgo guy for 6 months now and head over heels for him! I am a very feminine and emotional Pisces and sometimes find it hard to get my Virgo to open up to me but it has been coming along slowly with a lot of patience on my behalf! At first it was really hard as I did not understand him and got quite upset with his critical comments and his blowing hot and cold drove me absolutely crazy in the beginning sometimes to tears on my part as I did not know where I stood with him! But our attraction is just so intense I think that is how we got past the first couple of months together! But I know he was just analyzing if he wanted a relationship with me during those first couple of months as he took a 3 week no contact break from me and when I messaged him to say goodbye that I could not do this anymore he came back and was really sorry and said he felt like he was losing control of his emotions with me and needed to take a step back and he decided he could not live without me in his life and wanted to be with me. I forgave him of course this guy makes me melt inside and It has been 4 months since and he is talking about buying a home together this summer and has been nothing but attentive calling and texting everyday when we are not together and for him to do that being he has a very demanding job also a Police detective this really tells me he is serious.

    I have never felt more loved by anyone in my life he makes me feel like I am the only one in the room when we are out together, the way he looks at me he does not have to even tell me! he’s not a very emotional and expressive person and I have come to understand this about him but I feel so loved with all his subtle touches and his stares, the little things he is always doing if he thinks it will help improve my life and will drop anything if I ever need him. I know we are complete opposite signs and we are highly attracted to each other but I can see a long term with my Virgo we just have a great connection and understanding its just so easy with us!

    Girls looking to land a Virgo guy my advice would patience and understanding when they are being critical it is because they do care about you and take it as a huge compliment! They want a neat well dressed Women My Virgo calls me his Barbie but if you look like a Barbie he defiantly does not appreciate you acting like a Blonde Bimbo, they like a very nice looking intelligent girl on their arms who can hold a good conversation is friendly and polite with their friends/family and has a good head on her shoulder, they want an Independent women yet someone who needs him, yes I guess Virgo men are a bit of a walking talking contradiction lol but they are defiantly one of the most amazing men of the Zodiac and worth the effort as once a Virgo falls in love with you, you will never feel unloved :)

    • Hey Cutelilfish

      I should hang up my blogging tools and let you write for me! You have described exactly what a Virgo wants from the girl in his life.
      You sound like the ideal woman because, yes, Virgo Men are very demanding and contradictory!

      We want a smart intelligent woman but who can also act sexy and girly at the same time. Is that too much to ask for!?

      Thanks once again for your comment.

      Best wishes for your life with your Virgo.



    • Hi Cutelittlefish,

      Wow that’s an amazing and right description of the virgo man.

      All the little things which we virgo do to show our love and affection is spot on as you mentioned.

      I’ve been with a pisces girl for nearly a year now. She knows I love her but she keeps telling me am just a friend. However, I pick her up at work and drop her home, support her in her dream, and we meet like regularly. She says she like being with me but does not want to be in a relationship now. She says she wants to fulfill her dream and grow in her career first even though i told her I would support her in her dream and career.

      Is it normal thing for Pisces?

  37. Thanks Virgo man, I’m dating one now and think I’m going to be very, very happy!!!!

  38. Triple x, eh? ;)

    I’m a Sagittarius.

  39. Hey VM,

    I’m a Cap woman (33) and I met a Virgo guy (35) at a networking event in Feb. I was instantly attracted and surprised when he approached me. We hit it off and I walked away strangely interested in more than his looks. We went on a couple of dates but he’s always busy with work (of course). He also was very adamant about taking things slow. One day he shows up at my church and takes me to eat afterwards. During lunch he tells me he’s ready to love again and kissed me twice in the restaurant while we were eating. I was stunned because he’s so hard to read. After that, I was sure things were about to move a bit faster…but nothing. He turned me down for dinner the following week and didn’t respond to my texts for days. Then I saw him at the same event we met at the month before. Attraction was still there but he was hurt because after no response by day 3, I wished him the best. He seemed especially bothered that I unfriended him from FB. He then shared he was bummed about not doing dinner but he promised one of his buddies he’d go with him instead. He said that we were starting from “ground zero” and wouldn’t kiss me. Now, I’ve hired him as my personal trainer. He was visibly nervous our first session and re-stated the ground zero thing.

    Should I forget his statement about him being ready to love again and if not, am I naive to assume that the statement was for me only?

    • Firstly sorry for the late reply.

      I’m doing this blog in my spare time, and with work being busy I haven’t had the time to read & respond to all the latest posts. It seems as if your Virgo Man is slightly unsure what he wants but he doesn’t want to hurt you. By the time you read this you may have forgotten about him, or be madly in love with each other. Either way, give him space but ask him to be honest with you, ALWAYS!

      Good luck


  40. I’m an aquarius woman dating a virgo man. We have only known each other for about 6 months… and you’re right, he won’t let me crack open my wallet. We have the most wonderful conversations and dates. I love his stability and high standards for everything (and many other things) He seems to enjoy my creativity for planning fun things to do together and my playful nature. I’ve had several relationships but never with a Virgo. Do you have any advice for an Aquarius woman who has captured a Virgo man’s attention?

    • Aquarius Woman

      Honestly!? – It REALLY sounds like you are doing a perfect job in keeping your Virgo happy. We love everything you’ve described (especially planning fun things to do. We LOVE that!) Just carry on doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine.

      Best wishes.



  41. I’m a Virgo woman dating a very attractive Virgo man. We have been seeing each other for about four weeks. I feel as though I know him very well, his habits match my own. However, he talks about his past relationships alot. I get the notion that he was hurt pretty badly. I think I might have to be extremely patient with him. We get along great and have amazing chemistry, its very natural. My question to you is..what happens when two virgos are detached emotionally and afraid to get hurt? How can we move forward together to create a relationship?

    • Hey PrettyLetty

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      Virgo on Virgo should work extremely well. I believe he talks about his past relationships as a way to remind him to avoid making the same mistakes. Also be aware that he’s not dropping subtle hints as to what he likes and doesn’t like in women. He may refer to his ex’s as a way to addressing you.

      To move things forward, as a Virgo you should know that the best thing is to face things head on and be honest with each other. Ask the difficult questions. ONLY then will you know where you stand. Hope this helps.

      Good luck.



  42. Oh Virgo man, I am so thankful for finding your blog giving the fact that for the last four months I’ve been having this Virgo on my mind and that’s a rather long period for a pair of scales, especially one like me!

    It all started in January, on the very first day of my new job. I was waiting in the lobby for one of my future colleagues to pick me up and waited, and waited, and waited until this tall, handsome guy with a perfect body showed up with a big, slightly sly smile on his face. There was instant chemistry between us and the worst/best part is that we have to work in the same office, our desks in front of each other. As I said, he is tall so he can see me quite easily and I could feel his look analyzing me all day long, thing which made me feel great and nervous at the same time, so the only thing I could do was to be rather silent around him, just until I could control myself and not say some dumb stuff which could have put him off. At that time didn’t know his sign and couldn’t really understand whether he’s also feeling this crazy chemistry. His words and actions weren’t suggesting anything like that, yet he was really staring and smiling at me. I forgot to mention that my clothes are always tidy and very well matched up, manners and etiquette are in my nature (libra) and I’ve heard a lot that I am an extremely smart girl, no bragging, so he was probably also intrigued but still analyzing (caught him once literally staring at my bum). In the meanwhile, I found out that he’s a virgo, so I let him to take his time to decide.
    After about two months, he started to try to get closer to me by being friendly and asking questions, talking more, trying to find a subject to discuss on. So I tried to stop being so nervous and continue the discussions, but always in a colleague-to-colleague-like way. One day he offered to give me a ride home in case I miss the buss and exactly when I was about to say yes, he also added that he has to pick his girlfriend up! So I was puzzled, didn’t we just heavily flirt for the past three months? I immediately shut me off, thinking that he said that just to let me know he’s not available and not many days later he got sick and returned to work after two weeks, more relaxed and extremely helpful, mentioned several times about taking me home, bought me some small snacks (oh lovely virgos!) and always helped me when needed. Kept staring at me, being more open and discuss about more personal things. Still, this last week I felt he has changed somehow, although he offered to pay for my daily lunches at the cafetaria (!) due to a new rule firm which would have caused me to pay more for it. Nevertheless, he wasn’t as cooperative as before and culminated when he left for a holiday and didn’t send me something extremely important for work. He used to be very punctual on this type of stuff and I’m wondering what’s going on in this boy’s mind?

    I am sorry about this long, probably confusing, comment, but I just wanted to ask another virgo’s opinion about this fellow: it’s obviously that he’s into me, but how could one know when a virgo man wants just sex or something more? And how do they feel about innocent-like, calm and harmonious – yet spontaneous and funny women? Oh, and one last weird question: how do you guys feel about answering to questions in general? As you can see, I cannot stop when it comes to them :)

    • Dear Libra Lady

      As you’ve said already, this guy is definitely into you, but is unable to do anything about it as he is already attached.

      He’s portraying classic Virgo Man traits when he really fancies someone but eventually realises that the situation warrants he can’t have you.

      His slow approach is typical, followed by heavy flirting then confusing detached behaviour. I know, as I’ve done it!

      It’s stupid and annoying, but we can’t help ourselves.

      Sorry to have to say this to you, but I believe he’s at a stage where he realises he isn’t going to leave his girlfriend for you and is starting to feel guilty about flirting with you, hence the strange behaviour.

      On the other hand he may come in one day, tell you he’s now single and ask you out on a date.

      You need to be strong and decide if you can wait around for this day – If you can’t, move on, trust me.

      As for innocent-like, calm and harmonious – yet spontaneous and funny women, I love them.

      How do we feel about answering questions!? We don’t mind as long as they’re relevant and intelligent ones.

      If you ask me what I think the sex of Kim Kardashians baby will be, I will refuse to answer and erase your number from my phone…..

      Hope this helps!



  43. I love my Virgo man of 4 years. Hotter than a young Sean Connery and looks 100x better than Timothy Dalton. He’s hot. Seems I’ve hurt him. I’ve never had lunch with any guy in 4 years but I’ve spoken to one or two on the phone or texted or email, that’s when we argue. I’m an Aries. When someone shuts down on me, which the Virgo did, then I can talk to anyone I damn well please. We are still together. He’s not as cuddly and loving. I don’t know if he’s scared. He got me a beautiful diamond engagement ring and I gave it back because I felt we’re not ready because we were arguing too much. I still think he’s playing games with me. I’m an Aries, I don’t hold back, and I tell you what it is. So I have and here I am. He doesn’t call or text the good mornings or good nights or “baby” or “honey” at all. I know he’s attracted to me, but he’s definitely made himself emotionally unavailable. He’s pulled back. In my cockiness (4 years later), I will ask him if he’s seeing someone else. At this point, if he is, he is. I don’t know. I want the guy I met, not this empty carping shell of what used to be a man. Okay, sometimes he takes me to lunch. He’s taking me out for my bday on 4-20 We hike. I love him. He knows I adore him, and I do. I play with his face, I’m responsive, I play with his body. And I tell him he’s gorgeous. He needs to step up his game with me unless he really isn’t attracted to me any longer.

    • Happy Birthday!

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I hope you have a wonderful day with your Virgo, and he changes his ways.

      He certainly does not sound like the Virgo Men I know. Only you can tell if you are prepared to put up with the man he has changed into.

      As with everyone who asks me questions, I will say to you, ask him to be honest with you about how he feels.

      Good luck


  44. Hi Virgo Man,

    Its really nice post and i appreciate you for helping and guiding other people, its mean alot when you stuck in situation and dont know where to move hope your advise and suggestions are giving light in a dark well am not buttering……. but me too need your view as i met one virgo man online two months back but he hardly talk on phone it only 3 times, i used to send him text msgs sometimes he reverts and sometimes he wont. As we both had bitter past but havn’t shared anything what exactly we have gone thru…… bit confused whether he really likes me and want to continue or its just time pass. As once he said he likes me or am the best match for him than why he wont reply me or call me as every time I have to take 1st move but also like to mention when i feel low he called me up and when I wont msg him for continue 3 days then 4th day he msg me but never asked why i wont msgd him or like that. M Capricorn gal and bit shy so cant knock on door everytime…… suggest me, waiting for your reply :)

    • Hey,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      It’s a shame, because Capricorn and Virgo are a good match.

      Not sure if he’s been in contact with you recently, if he hasn’t, I would suggest you move on.
      When a Virgo REALLY wants someone the other person knows about it.

      If he has since improved his ways, then enjoy the ride!


  45. Thank you so much Virgo Man, I friggin love you Virgos!! ;-) you’re so much like I have to all you to elaborate on one thing you said though, what do you mean by he might be addressing me??

    • When I said “addressing you”, I meant the way he speaks to you and behaves towards you. Maybe it’s a British thing on my behalf!?

      Thanks for the positive feedback.


  46. I dated a Virgo man for four years, best 4 years of my love life and the hardest break up. It’s been 3 years since our break up and I still miss him everyday. I have never been so loved and adored before… The good news.. I have another Virgo man who has been pursuing me for over a year… I’m intrigued but nervous.. I’m a Scorpio woman!

    • Hey Claudine,

      If you dated a Virgo for 4 years previously, you will know what you’re in for.
      It’s always nice to hear positive things about my fellow Virgo brothers.

      As a Scorpio woman I can imagine the sexual tension between you and your Virgo Man being very intense!

      Good luck with everything!


  47. Virgoman I must say that your blog is like a breath of fresh air. In all the dating experiences I have had, I must honestly say virgos seem to be the ones I attract the most. I am a Pisces woman myself but I know in my heart that my soulmate will be a Virgo. But I must ask for your perspective about virgo men and long distance relationships. Looking forward to reading morw of your posts. :)

    • Hey Magikunicorns,

      Thanks for your post,

      It IS possible to maintain a long distance relationship with a Virgo, but as with everything in life, it won’t be easy and he will need a lot of reassuring that you’re happy to do it.

      My only advise to you would be not to keep calling/texting him all the time and asking him, “what are you doing?” Even if you’re simply innocently asking, it will annoy the hell out of him!

      Other than that, I don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a go. I did it for 14 months and it was fine.

      Good luck!


      • Thank you for the response. I know there is distance but i care about him. It’s just something about you virgo men that I haven’t found in other signs. I believe that my soulmate will be a virgo :)

  48. Hi. Was very interesting to read all the questions and comments. I met a Virgo guy a year ago but was still committed to someone else. We broke up and I recently met Virgo again who suggested he accompany me to a function where my ex would be to boost my confidence. Since then we have become such great friends. He is 43 and I am six years older. From the stary he said he would never commit again as his heart was broken by someone a few years ago and he then made that choice. We have fun together, ride bike together, talk endlessly and I think I might be at a ae where his critism doesn’t bother me because it seldomly happens. I just enjoy him so so much and he has recently accepted my help with shopping and making super for his kids when he works late. Told me one evening that he really loves me but doesnot want to commit and mess up a good friendship. I find so much peace with him. After reading ur comments about cancer woman I feel a little hopeless. Cause this guy makes me smile and I know he enjoys my jokes and intellect as well. I just love who this guy is as well as his honesty and quirckyness. Do u think there is hope. We really became good friends about two/tHree months ago.

    • Hi Estelle,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      You’re right, my experiences with Cancer women were not great.

      However, those relationships happened when I was much younger. It seems you’re Virgo is serious about not wanting to commit, but the fact he said he loves you is a positive sign. My advise would be, if you’re happy to keep doing what you’re doing with and for this guy for at least the next 4 months, and you still want him, then there is every chance of your relationship growing.

      I say this because all the Cancer women I dated changed personality after around 7 months!

      If you can go past this stage with him, then you have every opportunity there is.

      Good luck


  49. what is with the hot/cold behaviour Virgo man??? How do we know when you are in loveeeeeeeee ?????

    my bf of 2 yrs. appears and disappears, reappears,,, is cold , stares, will cook, say a few words .. we get close, he gets ice cold, disappears again… recycle ,wash and rinse again…. Ugh….. when we get close, he just disappears and makes my head spin as to what he FEEEEELS !!!!

    no texes etc… is too much yo yoing and inconsistent….at least he is consistent in this “bad” behaviour…. but is he FEELING FOR ME????

    Elena :)

    • Hmm…

      Not sure what to say to you Elena.

      It doesn’t read well what you’ve written. I’m not feeling the love from your Virgo Man, and I can see you’re not feeling it too. As always sometimes it’s best to be honest and find out the truth. Ask him to tell tell you how he honestly feels about you, but stress it won’t hurt your feelings whatever he says (even though it might)

      If you feel he’s fallen out of love with you then maybe it’s time to say goodbye to this Virgo, and make yourself happier with someone who deserves you.

      Sorry to be brutally honest, but I think it’s for the best.

      Good luck.


  50. Loved the posting! I’m a Virgo female seeing a Virgo male for 3months. Very early on, he told me that he fell for me and loves me. He works out of town, so ours is a long distance relationship. Asked for exclusivity on the second date. Told me two weeks ago that he saw a previous girlfriend and was confused as to whether he had feelings for her or not. Asked for time to sort through everything.

    Fast forward to this past Monday. Got a phone call after two weeks of silence to think about things. Acted as if nothing had happened. Said his feelings for me hadn’t changed and that he didn’t have feelings for previous girlfriend. Asked to meet–we did. I asked him what he meant when he told me that he loved me. He said “I love you, I’m in love with you, I want you to be a part of my life, and I want to be a part of your life.” We laughed joked, and were intimate. Now, it’s two days later and nothing from him. Does this sound like a guy who is in love?

    I’m really trying to figure out if he’s just stringing me along or if he’s really in love with me. My mind is clouded, because I fell for him very quickly. I am not initiating contact, because I don’t want to appear pushy. I get another chance to do this the right way and want to make it work. He doesn’t call or text regularly, and I initiated slowing things down–he agreed.

    Please provide some insight…I don’t want to lose him!!

    • Hey Breezy,

      Thanks for the post.

      Your Virgo Man seems a little lost or very good at playing games. Whichever it is, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve done and been both.

      The fact that he disappears for long periods and turns up unexpectedly announcing his undying love for you stinks a little! OK, so Virgo Men hate having to make phone calls and texts every day issuing their their love for you. (I detest doing it under false pretence)
      However your guy has taken it onto a new level.

      Two weeks without no word is not on. Period.

      You need to get brave and tell him this, and get him to tell you what he wants. Tell him he has one final chance and if he blows it to delete your number. I hope I’m wrong but I smell a rat.

      Please let me know how it develops. I hope I’m wrong.

      Good luck.


      • Thanks, Virgo Man. I’m very educated but sometimes feel that I need another perspective, when it comes to relationships. The latest with this guy is that it’s fine for me to see other people, because he knows how lonely it gets with him gone so much. He doesn’t want me to be intimate with anyone else…really? He said that if someone comes in and sweeps me off my feet to let him know, and he’ll hope we can be friends. Does that sound like FWB instead of a real relationship?

        My Virgo man also told me the first time we met that he is bipolar–that involves another whole ball of wax. Deep down, he has a heart of gold. He is misguided (not to mention 18 years younger than me–I attract the younger guys) and probably isn’t the best match for me even with his “Virgo-ness” aside. I really do care for him and wish things could work, but I’m going to back way off so he doesn’t start to think I’m clingy or needy needing affirmation of his feelings for me.

        I’ve been out of the “scene” for quite a while, after a 20-year marriage. Fortunately, I look younger than my years (a positive Virgo trait) and don’t have trouble attracting men. I smelled a rat, too, and I appreciate your honesty in my situation. I’m getting wiser but haven’t mastered this game yet. I will take your advisement and let you know what happens.

        • Thanks for getting back to me Breezy,

          I’m glad you have taken on board what I have said. However, as I said before, only you will know how long to wait for him.

          I wish you all the best in the world….. I really do.

          Let me know how it goes.


  51. Hi there Mr. Virgo, why havent I seen your reply to my questions? I love me some Virgo man. Im a true Pisces. Why is it so hard to get rid of u guys. When you guys break our hearts?

      • Dear VirgoMan

        I enjoyed reading your blog on virgo men. I have been intimate with a Virgo man for eight months and I must say I’m so addicted to him. He says he can’t get enough of me either lol. Is he telling the truth? I’m a Taurus are we compatible?

  52. Hi Virgo Man,

    The very reason I am asking a query is that I find Virgo men extremely intriguing and hard to forget besides, of course, the fact that no one can answer my query other than a Virgo itself!!

    I’ve had a Virgo man ask me out on a couple of dates to which I declined of course telling him that I am more comfortable going around (not exactly dating) in larger groups (and we Aquarian females put friendship over other things). He would be more responsive initiallly and gradually the interest seems to have declined.

    In the current scheme of things, what I would like to understand is whether a Virgo male (when he fancies someone), purrsues her diligently, or does he lose interest as fast as he shows it. Or would he reappear one day out of the blue to try again.

    By the way, I am married. What’s his approach towards a married woman?

    Awaiting your response earnestly…….


    • Thanks Aquagal,

      When a Virgo Man TRULY likes someone, they will act and do whatever it takes to get that person to fall in love with them. If you make things difficult for him though he will notice this and this will deter him from pursuing you.

      If you are married and want to embark on an affair with him, as naughty and erotic as it may sound, deep down he would feel terrible for interfering in someone’s marriage. I know I would.

      However if you’re married but made it clear your marriage is over then a Virgo Man would have no qualms about dating you.

      I hope this has helped.


      • Thank you so much………I hope you can keep answering my queries and keep me entertained with your insightful responses…….

        Have a wonderful day!


        • No problem Aquagal.

          It’s always a pleasure meeting new people.


          • Hi,
            My case in point is sort of a dilemma….as I mentioned that I am married, although you can say that it is somewhat of a failed marriage and I cannot break away from the shackles of it because of societal compulsions (he knows the situation). As you so rightly mentioned, what I presume is that he wanted to have an affair, and I became difficult for him to pursue me any further.

            Two questions here:

            1. How long would an affair between a Virgo man and a married woman last? Not really interested in delving into something like that, but as they say curiosity only kills the cat! lol!!:))

            2. As a dreamer of all things impossible, there are times in life when you feel an instant connection both mentally and physically with someone, as my case here. In this context, would this man ever come back to my life, atleast as a friend or would I be one of those people who would gradually go into his books of people to forget…..


          • HI Aquagal,

            How long would an affair between a Virgo man and a married woman last? How long is a piece of string!?
            It’s impossible to tell. If he’s your soul mate, then forever. If he’s not, then not very long!

            He probably would come back into your life at some point. Virgo Men like to believe they are always approachable and leave no bitterness behind.


  53. Dear Virgo man,

    Thank you very much for your response, it helped me a lot to understand you guys.

    It is true that his actions can be rather confusing, but the situation we’re in doesn’t help us a lot. Sometimes I get the feeling he sends me all the signals I need to let me know that he likes me and that I need to do the next step, but that’s impossible because of his girlfriend. Although he took some distance in the meanwhile, he still seems to be rather jealous. Some other colleague is trying to hit on me and although I don’t encourage him at all, the virgo man told me some private stuff about our colleague’s life, like the fact that he is married and that he has around 4 girlfriends at our workplace :) I couldn’t possibly know what’s inside that handsome head of his, but he’s probably even more confused than me. Yet he still is polite, helpful and very patient and you just can’t help liking these people.

    As for the questions, they sure aren’t about those type of subjects which don’t even raise my interest – they’re more work/life related. And speaking of that, what does your sign think about philosophy, psychology and other ‘matters’ of the mind? Interesting or pure waste of time? :)

    Will end this now by thanking you very much again for your help and hope to read some new posts soon.

    Libra Lady

    • Hey Libra Lady,

      Glad I was of some help previously.

      Regarding what Virgos think about philosophy, psychology and other ‘matters’ of the mind, personally I find them interesting up until a certain point. I’m more of a realist and find news and current affairs far more interesting and important than matters of the mind.

      Have you heard or read the book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. I HATE it with a passion.

      It is full of clichés and gives people false hope in life. I’ve had many arguments with people about this book. It’s full of really vague irrelevant stories with no substance. This is what Virgos hate. I’m writing a book to counteract it called, The Realist, seriously!

      Virgos believe you should only speak if what you have to say is truly worthwhile, otherwise don’t wast e my time! Sorry, but it’s true.


  54. So I really like your blog and I learned a lot from reading it. I am a scorpio and just started dating a virgo man. Your description fits him perfectly and made me understand him better. I have never dated a virgo and at first I wasn’t sure if he liked me, as he is not very expressive. We only went on two dates, and for the second one he took me back to his house and made dinner for us and rented a movie- the reason he did not take me anywhere else to eat is because we both keep a kosher diet and there are not really any kosher restaurants where we live. It was so sweet and I really liked it, but after our dates, he doesn’t contact me for several days, so by today, I was really wondering if he still was interested in me or not. Then I went out with my sister in her new car and I did something to the door that made it not be able to close and I did not know how to fix it and the guy I am dating happens to know a lot about cars, and from what I’ve read about virgo men, they love helping people out and feeling needed so I decided to call him. He was really nice and sounded like he was happy I called. I hope things go well and that he likes me as much as I like him- like I said, he doesn’t really show it! anyway, if you have any advice for me, I would love to hear it. Thanks!
    sorry for the run on sentences ;)

    • Thanks for the post Bracha,

      OK, so the fact you’ve gone out on 2 dates, one of which was at his is a great sign.

      When you see him next, you need to make it a little bit more obvious that you like him.

      Virgo Men can sadly be too conscious of overstepping the mark with women and can be too respectful, if there was such a thing. I’ve been told by previous girlfriends that they thought I wasn’t interested in them, but all I was doing was holding back and not trying to be too pushy.

      I have a feeling he may be the same.

      Now, I’m not saying you should throw your naked body at him the next time you see him! But simply be a bit more flirtatious. Let him know you want him.

      I guarantee, that if he feels the same you will see a different side to him.

      Give him a chance, but only you can decide if he’s worth waiting a round for for a long time.l


      • Thanks for the advice virgo man! Hope your tip works- you seem to know him really well :)
        Also you’re really awesome that you respond so quickly and always seem to write the right thing- so thanks from all us girls out there dating virgo men

  55. Hi Virgo Man!
    I need your advice. I’m a Taurus woman and there’s a Virgo man I’m interested in. We have known each other since teenagers and grew up practically across the street from each other. I’ve always been attracted to him and him to me but timing was never right because we were never on same page. He moved out, I moved out, but now we are back to living across the street from each other again. He’s a lot more mature now and he has recently gone through a divorce. It’s obvious he’s still interested in me and he has even told me on several occasions that he loves me (but I know that he’s not In love With me). I know because of the recent divorce he’s not ready for a relationship right now and I completely understand that and I am okay with it. I really enjoy his company and we go out from time to time as friends. I know that he cares for me but he doesn’t really show it and that just confuses me. How can he say he cares for me and not show it. Is that just the Virgo man’s way, or could it be due to his recent relationship ending?

    • Dear Maiviagrl,

      A Virgo who says he cares for you but struggles to show it, is very much a Virgo.

      Virgos by nature find it hard to show their feelings in the beginning, because we like everything under our control. But, if we open up our hearts, it makes us vulnerable to delicious ladies such as yourself!

      Now, taking that on board, you have a Virgo who has been through a divorce and whose heart is probably broken due to this, therefore it is no wonder he is very cautious about opening up to you. I believe he truly like you, but you’ll need to be patient with him because of everything I’ve said above.

      By the way, Taurus and Virgo are one of the BEST matches, so that should make you want to stick around for a while!

      Good luck with everything.


  56. Thank u sooo much! Virgo Man!..I really enjoyed reading ur blog!.its really helped me 2 understand a virgo man I am interested in no end!..u r truly a true ……beautiful Virgo man!!! X

    • Oh my Lord!

      What a pleasant post. I really hope I have been of help to you and others out there.

      Thanks for the positive feedback, it’s always appreciated.


  57. Hi Virgo Man,

    I am sincerely, honestly, truthfully in love with a married and two kids Virgo guy. He is born on September 17 and I am a Cancerian born on July 20. He had a bad phase and he found a shoulder to cry on – me. Unfortunately we are 10 years apart (he’s younger to me). However, I miss him lots and love him lots. I did admit to him I love him, he does not and I am okay with it. We have spent some nice time together. However off late (its been 15 days), he has been avoiding my phone calls and text message. He has told me that I need to move on but i just cant and I wont, no matter what. I have made it very clear to him. And now I am being tested which i fine with me. (Though I have Virgo brother and sister as well and i have won their challenges to have them keep their mouth shut irrespective they continue to challenge me).
    Please help me win my guy back. I cant do without him.

    • Hi Kancerian,

      Sounds like you really need to get over him.

      Sorry to have to be blunt, but if he’s told you he’s not in love with you then there’s nothing I can say or you can do to change that.

      You’re better than this, so stop chasing a lost dream. Read back the email you wrote me and ask yourself if it really seems he’ll ever come back. I don’t think he will.

      So sorry, but find someone who deserves you.


  58. Hi there! You and all these post are my Virgo boyfriend to the T! I’m a Cancer…it’s been 2 years with him now…what is it about us (cancers) that you keep saying doesn’t work? Are we too emotional, can’t control our emotions, too self-pitying? What is it? And why do we have to work so hard to get/understand each other, because I FEEL like we never do! AND for him to actually decide on something (for example, ME), FEELS like never! What’s the deal?!

    • Great number Ms 69!

      There’s an exception to every rule, and I’m glad you are the one when it comes to Virgos and Cancers.

      However, every Virgo and Cancer relationship I know has very difficult patches.

      Hey, if yours works don’t break!

      Very pleased for you.

      Best wishes


  59. hi. im a leo girl, ive met this virgo guy at some dinner. I wasnt even dressed nicely. just cozy: jeans, scarf and a black sweatshirt. im not good looking which surprises me, im fat and ugly lol.
    we started changing emails i told him many things about me, he seems to like my inteligence, but i can feel he doesnt like certain things i do. still out of nowhere he told me i was turning out a great friend and he wants to meet me next week.
    Im pretty nervous about having dinner around him, im barely a lady and i dont know how to act near such a gentleman haha.
    Anyway, im frightened he is gonna try to use me sexually or something, and he is just lying about the ”friend” bit.
    Any ideas on how to please him as a friend? i really want his friendship, seriously.
    How do i go about getting his friendship for good?

    • Hi Valentina,

      If a Virgo man has asked you out then take that as a BIG compliment. Seriously.
      We don’t waste our time on just anybody, so you obviously have something he likes.

      The main thing is to stay calm on your dinner date, and re-read my blog on how to be around him at the dinner table.

      As for him using you just for sex, don’t just assume that. But hey, maybe he REALLY does find you attractive. Is that such a bad thing. Obviously if you don’t want to then make that clear from the beginning.

      Have fun and make the most of the evening. You deserve it!


  60. Hi Virgo man I love your blog,,I’m crazy in love with my Virgo man and he is the most sweet, loving and caring man ever…I’m an Aquarian chick

  61. Hi amazing VM,

    I met a vguy like a decade ago,everything were casual, shortly nothing happened. Two years ago we somehow ‘reconnected’. Told me he just lost his wife to cancer and a little update on his life. I was surprised he was that ‘open’ after such a long time no contact. I tried to keep the communication goes on if it could help him healing. After that he went silent, and never returned to my messages etc until now, which is fine as I could understand he must be working really hard to cope with everything, his very demanding job, a young daughter, etc… Also, we life far away to each other in different continent, so there’s no way we easily meet up. To be honest, by time I develop interest in him (and strangely I can feel he does too), can’t stop thinking about him, always in my mind & heart in my waking life, it’s either exciting and scary as i dont have control over it, i don’t know if it’s either merely my own strong affection for him or am receiving the vibes or projecting feelings or whatever it called…I just have no idea,it gets me overwhelmed in a sense, and it’s no way to reach him. Even if I try, I do it in a very considerate manner, he’s just silent. A bit inconsiderate IMO as even it seems very hard for him just to show a nice gesture or say a simple words as brief as ‘thanks’?…. Well, I have read everywhere about the Vguy and his notorious silent treatment, so I lower my expectation, It’s hard, though…but still, I want to know if we’re having some kind of mutual interest? or what might be in his mind? as vguy mostly work best with his mind? or he just simply playing the mind games…I found vguy is indeed irresistible! ughh…:-)

    • Hi Silentphobia

      If a Virgo really cares for someone they don’t play games with that person. We HATE silly games!

      He obviously has lots of unresolved issues. My question to you is can you wait around for him to solve them. It could take a while, and you may miss the opportunity with someone else.

      Think about how realistically your relationship can work. If it isn’t a high percentage then move on.

      Good luck.


      • Most virgo friends I have say that if they don’t like/if they weren’t interested in someone anymore they would just tell them. Is that true? but what if he has stopped responding/replying to my messages/emails?

        I know I’m surprised I’ve been waiting this long myself because I would of thrown in the towel, but I think am in love & it takes a lot for me to give up. It feels so right with him, he gives me that feeling that I have never felt before.

        And since I do want him in my life for long time I’m willing to wait, though I cry thinking if he forgotten me or doesn’t even care.

        Also I read somewhere that when Virgo pulls away, it’s because they have strong feelings for somebody, he’ll push you away while he retreats and analyzing his “feelings” to death. Is it the Virgo way to pull back when they start feeling really close to somebody?

        Please give me any clue…if any. Thanks a lot!

        • Hey Silentphobia

          I don’t believe Virgos pull back THAT much when they start having feelings for some one.

          They do tend to be on the more cautious side throughout any relationship, but the only way you’ll find out is to ask him outright what is going on with him and if there is any future for the two of you.

          Ask him to be honest, because his actions are hurting you, and I assure you you’ll eventually hear the truth – Whether it’s what you want to hear I can guarantee I’m afraid…

          Good luck,


          • Thanks VM.

            But it’s no way to ask him outrightly…
            It’s faster to expect replies from you than from the vguy am interested in :-)
            Am still wondering tho…I ask you again from your virgo perspective, how do virgo’s man feels about the attempts we make at contacting him when he pulls away or went into his “hibernation”? Does it bother him or does it flatter him? To me when someone retreat it’s because they’re sad or depressed so when this happened I sent nice little ‘thinking of you’ messages. I’ve kept the amount of messages that I sent in check so am not intruding on his ‘personal space’. Do you think those are appreciated? or should I not bother?
            Besides, what person does not like to hear that they are being thought of?….

            Thanks a lot, again!

  62. A+, Virgo Man! You described my husband to a tee! I absolutely adore him. He is the BEST! :-) Virgo Woman, and Proud Mom of a Virgo Son!

  63. Interesting as a Virgo woman myself also have dated and neared children with a Virgo I believe this to be pretty head on… I am single now after 19 and keep trying to stay clear from Virgo men but come to realize we can’t paint all Burgos with the same brush lol

    Thanks for the article

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Glad you found similarities with what I wrote and with your experiences.

      Keep the faith and find a Virgo!

      Good luck.


  64. Lol I’m a Virgo Male and its kind of true & funny. Lol

  65. well this is my story..
    the virgo man and me (a leo woman) study in the same institute…recently we went on an excursion and there were too many coincidences(we both are photographers) happening on board and we caught fancy of each other (we never spoke but it was too obvious that 2 pairs of eyes were following each other)…back from the tour and we still didnt speak..and then i was organizing o trekking, which he joined….but we were constantly having ego clashes even before the trek began…
    as a leo, i generally take time opening up..happened the same on trek..he took the initiative to talk and we started having conversations ..on the trek i came to know facets of his personality which amazingly is same as mine…the view points match..the idea about life..we both paint, write, sing……too much of exactness..there were moments on the trek which, only we knew existed..fleeting moments of meeting eyes or night soirees….i think he has an interest in me( but i dont know)..back from the trip..we generally pass a smile, but we still dont talk…

    two months from now we will be in a month long expedition…and i am not sure yet what is the status quo …..

    • Thanks Anamika,

      Virgo men can be a little slow in coming forward. NOT because were shy, but we want tro make sure that the other person definitely is interested in us, because we hate to reveal our feeling only to find out we were wrong.

      Therefore if you want some thing to happen with this guy I suggest you make it a bit more obvious. Flirt with him a bit more, strike up a conversation and if he STILL doesn’t make a move on you, check if he’s single, married or gay!

      It sound as if you have to do a bit of the work here. Sorry! But if you’re successful and he opens up you’ll find a very special person underneath.

      Good luck


  66. Do virgos need space or does that make them feel neglected? I’ve been in a relationship with one for nearly a year and a half and he’s been telling me how I am definitely “the one”. We fight quite a bit..nothing serious just that we’re both extremely possessive so we drive each other insane with our jealousy(and he hates when I come late). While I am the taunting type and tend to take off till he apologizes, he is a bit more reserved and doesn’t become aggressive untill he sees a guy hitting on me. I call him throughout the day mostly while he’s at work to check up on him and during his break hours we sometimes go out have lunch..but lately he says he’l call me back and doesn’t. Instead, I get tired of waiting and end up calling him myself. It’s become routine now and I just want to know if this could mean he wants space or is he just used to me calling him all the time? Should i back off a bit because calling him incessantly is making me feel needy.

    • and oh I am a Libra :)

    • Please do yourself a favour and give him space.

      Virgos really hate being checked up on with numerous call and texts throughout the day.

      I personally find it irritating and eventually would snap and say something hurtful. Start noticing the subtle hints when he doesn’t call when he said he would!

      He’s not being horrible, he’s simply trying to let you know it’s annoying him. Virgo men hate their partners checking up on them as if you were their mother.

      Sorry, but if yo can’t trust him then end it, but then you’ll realise you’ve been foolish.

      Best wishes,


  67. Hello Virgo man.
    I am a Taurus woman in a relationship with a Virgo man. We met 25 years ago and the attraction was instant … but didn’t lead to anything serious, except that we kept in touch for many years and across different continents. We lost touch when we both became involved with people who actually lived in the same country . However 10 years on …. Just over 3 years ago, we reconnected during a very tough time for me. He was amazing and really looked after me during my trips back home to visit a terminally ill parent. I didn’t expect this to blossom into romance, but it has.
    You are so right about Virgos being cautious, he has said it himself. I am so grateful that I now have the patience and a little more self confidence to better make this trans atlantic thing work.
    Just wondered if I should take on board some of the ‘hints’ he occasionally drops …. He is rather backwards in coming forward – no great romantic declarations are to be expected, as you so rightly point out ! But he seems to be ‘Testing the water’ with little ‘throwaway’ remarks ….. and Virgo doesn’t do flippant, so I am not responding n, or at least not over the top. Just reassuring him that I care deeply and telling him what a great guy I think he is.
    We are vey good together and I am very happy with him, so I am not anxious, I am now confident he cares deeply for me, he has made the effort to travel over 4000 miles each way to see me 3 times since October, I am just curious about some of the signals !
    I was married to a Pisces, what a disaster, I know when I am we’ll off and would rather be with my wonderful Virgo man despite the distance.
    From a typical taurus girl

    • Hey K,

      Thanks for the great comment. It seems to me you know you’re Virgo man VERY well! This is extremely important when dating one!
      You’re right to notice the “throwaway” remarks. He’s basically telling you something he finds uncomfortable to say outright to you.

      I think it all seems positive to me, especially as he travels such long distances to see you. Virgos wouldn’t waste their time on someone they didn’t think was worthy enough! You must be very special.

      Stick with him, it’s worth it, but you know that, don’t you!


  68. Hi Virgo Man,

    Thank you for the response. Well, if thats the case, then despite turning down his offer of sleeping with him, he coaxed and forced me into it (mind you – being a woman i kept saying NO). He later messaged saying he is guilty and feeling empty from within. I am firm he is the one for me. I choose to remain who i am irrespective. And guess what he told me i satisfied him of all that happened. He wants us to be Friends. I shall be one. and yes he did mention some time that he wants to let it happen naturalloy. So i shall wait. Need you response on this one.

    Thanks and Regards.

    • My gut instinct says this guy needs a lot of time to make up his mind.

      If you’re happy to wait around, then that’s cool.

      Good luck, hope it works out how you want.


  69. Dear VM,

    I had written you a post but it is not there anymore :( … was it deleted? Still awaiting for your precious reply …


  70. Me and my Virgo just broke up this week! I am truly devastated but he became cold and distant from me for the last 2 weeks and when I confronted him he said he could not give me what I wanted emotionally, we had been dating 6 months. My heart is broken but he still said he doesn’t want to lose me out of his life! Is this a cruel joke really you break my heart and want to remain friends I don’t understand I am brokenhearted, I can’t sleep, eat and you want to be in my life still? I don’t understand the Virgo man one min all hot wanting to move in together looking at homes to buy and next second cold and distant, as a great gf who has given my Virgo so much I know I deserve more than one short text a day just lately, but since we broke it off I receive more attention? I am so confused.. Maybe I am lucky with my Virgo that he blew it and I dodged a Bullet but it still hurts and he still keeps contacting me now since I said we should part ways which is making getting over him that much harder! Too bad cause we could have been so good together! Brokenhearted by my Virgo man.

    • Hey S,

      I am so sorry to hear how you’ve been treated.

      Sadly it’s a very common story not just with Virgo men, but with men in general.

      It doesn’t surprise me that he’s giving you more attention now that you’ve broken up. Why is this you ask?

      Basically he’s realised what he’s lost, he’s panicking that he’s lost you and is feeling very crappy about it. I may be wrong about this but I’ve been there and done it myself. As soon as we realise what we’ve lost we will do anything to win you back. I even serenaded an ex of mine with a guitar outside her window once! She still wouldn’t take me back though. She said it was too late and that I’d hurt her too much.

      Test the waters with your Virgo, and ask him why all this special attention? If you feel he’s changed, maybe give it another go. I bet you’ll find a better, more improved Virgo.

      Good luck.


  71. Hey ive bin talking to a virgon man for a few months now, and i mett him for the first time last week and he said he was verry intrested in me. But he really whants to take things slow witch i agree but its bin one week now and whe still havent seen each other and im alwayse the one enitiating the convo V I text we dont call each other just text. Is he intrested in me or just being polight about it.

  72. Virgo Man,

    Do you guys have this ridiculous need to be right all the time, or is it just this particular Virgo I’m dealing with? He makes me so angry sometimes. I had to end a convo with him the other night because he became so focused on being right that I felt like he had stopped listening to me and was no longer hearing my point of view. I couldn’t reason with him at that point. Its very frustrating, I mean, who does that?! I’ve never dealt with anyone like this before. What should I do? I know Taurus and Virgo are a good match, but where do you draw the line?

  73. Dear Virgo Man,

    I am cancer woman and have long distance relationship with married virgo guy. I am also married. We are colleagues but live far away from each other.
    What makes him cheat on his wife I can`t manage to realise? This is not typical for virgo, as far as I can see.
    We are “puzzle pieces” he says.
    It lasts for 7 months now.
    He texts me morning, afternoon and evening. Nobody mentioned love so far. He only keeps on repeating that he misses me.
    I am just trying to realise my role in his life.
    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  74. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to offer
    one thing back and help others such as you helped me.

  75. Hi Virgo Man,

    Thank you for the response. I shall wait for him no doubts about that as long as we talk to each other. I have the patience. However talks are barely minimal. And in that too i initiate the talks. However i need suggestions to win him. I would not want him to leave his wife or kids at all. In his life as a friend, the first point of contact my name should be the first. Help me to win his confidence, trust and realization that I am the one friend he wants for his life. What do i need to do? Your valuable suggestions and inputs are really appreciated.

  76. Thank You VM for your Reply! I appreciate the insight of another VM. I think you was exactly spot on because it has been a week since he said he could not give me what I wanted emotionally and since that conversation of breaking up we have been non stop talking and communicating he is a different guy since he realized that it was going to be over and I was going to be gone and could not remain friends! He has opened up to me about his feelings and being hurt by past relationships and how he is slower to come out the gate to the “I love you’s” Although he has very strong feelings for me he said he is getting there but has a hard time to say it until he knows it is the perfect timing. We have been talking again about buying a home together in the next month and also about having children, even marriage down the road and I am in Awe how different he is now in a week. Maybe it took him realizing like what you said he is going to lose by letting me go and he panicked. I truly hope things keep going this well as I love this VM with all my heart. Thank You Again for your words of wisdom, you Virgo men know how to win a Pisces gentle heart XO

  77. Hey Virgo man I’ve been following you for quite sometime now. I quite love seeing all the new stuff you post up. Yes I am a Virgo 9/9/** I had a few questions for you sir. One do you think you could do am article on Virgos and how we relate to other signs? Two could you do an article kinda for me over Virgos and Geminis because my soon to be wife and I are always looking into this stuff quite a lot. Well thank you and I hope to hear back from you.

  78. It was interesting to read a Virgo’s perspective on himself. I once fell in love with a Virgo man 7 years my senior. I’m a Gemini and surprisingly enough we had a lot in common. I’m a naturally reserved woman that enjoys a good conversation. Unfortunately we fell in love while already commited to other people. Being the ambitious man that he is, my virgo man moved out of state for a better job. This was seven years ago and till this day he reaches out at least 2 times a year to see how I am doing. He is so special and sweet. Although I am in a commited relationship and in love with someone else, this virgo man from my past will always hold a place in my heart.

  79. I am so glad you wrote this blog. I just met a virgo guy. Here the thing i am little nervous because i am a pisces. Now in astrology i know pisces and virgos are opposite each other . So from your prespective do you think it will work?

  80. I have a silly question! I have a new virgo boyfriend, we havent had sex yet. I usually wax down there (im hairless all the way to the back) mainly because i find it very hygienic and in my book cleanliness is next to godliness. My boyfriend says he loves the way i smell and how clean i am, but he doesnt know yet that i wax down there.
    Are virgos into hairless style, if you get my drift? or do they prefer hairy fanny (virgos prefer pure and innocent right?)
    Im afraid he might criticize me or something for hollywood waxing… I dont want him to think im a weirdo.., or that im not that innocent? lol
    Whats your opinion virgo man?? cheers!

  81. I am a Virgo man and has been in love with a very woman for the past three yrs. I was divorce from a Capricorn woman just before that relationship. We has now recently broken up.I love this woman with the depth of my heart and all the will and power in me, so much I felt that my father above was jealous of that love i had for her. Before this breakup we had a temporary breakup before where i caught her with another man one night, As we Virgo men are, i forgive to her back, be again we are smart, notice things and change in others quickly, felt that same mood change prior to the temporary breakup we had. I told her that her is seeing someone else and i notice it, and she lie and said not. One night she call me from home late on my cell then my land line, i did not answer, but call back 15 mins later, she answer and told me she was in the bath and getting ready for bed, also her back was hurting, and quickly went off the phone. It rose my suspicion to her funny behavior and i got into y car and drove at her house like the first time i caught her with another man, and there she was .In a car with another man, yet she told me all the time she cared and love me. Is all Virgo women like her? and am i the real typical Virgo man? explain

  82. Hi Virgo Man,
    I found your blog very informative and have a question of my own that I’m hoping you can answer.
    I met a Virgo male, 42, about 1 year ago and we have spent A LOT of time hanging out. For the most part we get along well and sometimes it feels like we’re a couple even though we’re not, we’ve never even been intimate. I have very strong feelings for him but he tells me he’s not interested because he’s had his heart broken before and he doesn’t want his lifestyle to be completely changed by being in a relationship, he works away and goes away on holidays a lot.
    That sounds pretty straight forward however his actions tell me something different. He is having a problem at the moment with a friendship I have struck up with one of his friends. He says his friend is interested in me and I will end up getting hurt, so he is just looking out for me. He even told me that he woke up in the middle of the night once stressing about it and after us spending 3 days together at his parents holiday home having a great time, it ended with him getting really angry. He just flipped like a switch and was throwing things around, yet couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me what the problem was. I really think it looks like jealousy but he is adamant it’s not.
    He told me once that he will never find anyone as good as me and while I’m usually the one to initiate contact, if he doesn’t hear from me he will always find a ‘reason’ to contact me or bump into me.
    I went to have it out with him last week to find out where I stand and it ended with us packing up to spend some time at his parents holiday house by the beach, yet he still never told me what he wants from me. I’m so confused. He says he doesn’t want me and I should move on, yet when I try to move on he sucks me back in again. What do I do?

  83. Dear VirgoMan, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! for admitting exactly what I have been dealing with. I am Gemini and have loved my Virgo since we were in 5th grade and I would see him at the skating rink, as we went into our teenage / young adult years we would see each other at parties and around town.He was a player with a bad reputation and when he was partying he would always try to get me to take him home. ( I REALLY wanted to be with him, but I wanted to wait and be the ONE for him someday). I moved out of our small town for 18 years. Last summer I came back to our small town for the summer. I saw him on FB and emailed him. He texted me immediately. I was like that little girl gazing at him couple skate back in the day, just by getting his text. We were so opposite, I had lived on my own and left home at a very early age. He had been married once briefly and had a child (whom I adore) from another relationship but is still living with his mom. In October, I moved back to the small town. I stayed with him and his family while I (we) looked for a place. We have been through so much, he had work problems and his father was sick with a terminal illness. In October, I had a brain tumor I didn’t tell him about and I had a nervous breakdown. In that time period I took very strong tranquilzers and apparently said and did things to humiliate him (I called him out on his wishy washyness in front of people). Since that time we have gone back and forthl We are WONDERFUL for a few days then he pushes me away. We found a home together and when it came time to move in, he said he couldn’t leave his parents with his dad sick. A few weeks later that father passed and now his mom doesn’t want him to move out and said she doesn’t want me there to even visit. She likes having him to herself. (He will be 50 soon) He tells me he is never going to love me like he did before I humiliated him in front of my doctors. Yet, When I get frustrated and say I am done and that I am moving on to someone who will reciprocate my love, he changes. The last week he made me feel so loved. I tell him I love him and he says nothing but when he talks to his family on the phone he tells them he loves them everytime they hang up. (Something we USED to do)Well now this week he lost his new job and has been advised he may need surgery. He is scared. I survived brain surgery, a breakdown, and Menopause and try to reassue him he will be okay. But again Monday he closed down. He came over last night and out of my frustration I returned to him His key and retrieved mine from him (since he never moved in and has only stayed over 5 times in three months) When he left he said to call him sometime and I told him I wasnt going to call he could call me. However,today when I called like he said, he has not returned my call and he responded to two text messages very coldly. Is it too late for me to fix it now that I have educated myself in depth on what is his “Virgo” nature vs what is his feelings for me or personality. What do I do. When we are ON we are AWESOME we go to church and work in ministrys, when he is in a mood and I get frustrated it is like WWII. WHAT do I Do..I love him and know he is the one I just dont know what to do while he is going through all this stuff and only appears to need his mom and sister instead of me? I love the whole family, I am just heartbroken.

  84. Well, I am definitely feeling the woes of spinning head over heels in love with a virgo man, i tried so hard to not allow myself to be drawn to him, but i’m caught up ! I’m not sure if our friendship will survive my poor ability to hide my feelings, as i find myself constantly expressing my feelings for him, i know that this sign has a hard time expressing their feelings, but this man has expressed that he cares for me, but it’s just not as frequent as i do. He is a workaholic, and travels a lot, i’m a little concerned that what i’m experiencing is infatuation and not going to be able to last, but i can’t get through a day without thinking about him and wanting to hear from him in some way but i don’t hear from him as much, but i do understand, My question is, I don’t want to invest my feelings into someone carelessly and waste my emotions with me being the one to get hurt in the end, so i want to shield my heart from the potential of getting hurt but yet i’m having the hardest time doing that!What do I DO?

  85. Thanks for this information about Virgo men. I’ve been seeing a Virgo man for a while,we live so far apart that I don’t get to see him more than twice a month. I dunno if he really loves me though he says he does. We attended the same college when I was I’m my freshman year he was in his final year and we met at a couple of parties, we had some drinks together but that was five years ago.i wasn’t attracted to him then and he had a gf. I was just a wild party goer because I was just seventeen. Now we met five years later and we hung out and had sex on the first night,I stayed over at his place for three more days because he asked me to. He is ten years older so he sometimes acts fatherly towards me. He snaps at me sometimes when I do stuff he does not like. I’ve fallen madly in love with him because he could be so tender and caring I feel protected and safe with him,but when I go back to my state he sounds cold sometimes when we chat but when he calls on the phone, he is the caring person I used to know. Problem is that he is a perfectionist and he knows much about my wild life in the university but still he says he loves me. Sex with him is straight forward ,he is passionate but doesn’t really experiment or use his fingers or tongue and I’m too embarrassed to talk to him about it. I am a libra and I am very expressive to him about my feelings,so he knows how much I love him. I want to know,does this Virgo man take me seriously,does he really not mind about my past, and do you think I should talk to him about our sex life? I love him too much and I don’t mind that he snaps at me sometimes because he is ten years older and he can be so tender also. Do we have a future together??

  86. I’m a Scorpio female who is in a ‘sexual relationship ‘ with a Virgo. I understand that we started off on different page then what my feelings are now but what do I do!! I really like him & he shows me he likes me more than just sex but he’s also hot & cold..??!! I’m unclear of how he really feels & I don’t want to ask him & scare him away. He stopped talking to me once for 3 months because of my past drama with an ex. I finally have him back in my life & I don’t want to ruin a possible chance of us taking our relationship further. I’m trying my hardest not be too clingy but I want to be with him more & it’s killing me! I want a date! He hasn’t even taken me on a date! The most he’s doneis ordered takeout one night that I stayed at his house. What do I do to show him I want more or I need to end things..??

  87. Virgo virgo virgo lol what can i say……ive dated a virgo for 2 years, we was extremely close, istant attraction. I was over his house every day like we was married, i practically lived there…after 2 years he said ” we need space” i didnt understand it so he broke my heart to pieces..after 2 weeks he would miss me and well see each other then ill find diff females numbers and messages on his phone, he cheated on me, did me horribly. I finally put it to an end and left him. I started bettering myself and ignoring him. Now ive moved away and 5 years later he wants to marry me and every day hes apologetic….its been 5 years..did it take that long to realize im a great woman! Anway just thought id share that! Ive now met a new virgo….but im scared as hell. I really like him and have very intellectual conversations we talk on the phone for hours! But im scared.

  88. Hi,

    So a few months ago I met a Virgo man. We talk all the time and enjoy eachother. He unfortunately has a girlfriend of many years. He has told me he cares about me, he’s attached to me and couldnt see himself not talking to me. But he can’t leave his significant due to fear of change/unknown. I have fallen for him to the point that I can’t stop thinking about him…. I almost question if I love him (something I dont want to admit).

    We have amazing chemistry, like no other I have ever experienced. He agrees. I just need guidance on what to do, Do I wait for him to realize he wants to be with me? Do I walk away? Will he realize he cares about me?

  89. Hi Virgo Man, are virgo men only attracted to a specific ‘type’ of woman. Im slim have been told i’m attractive but am a 5 “8″ brunette. I feel like there is a mutual attraction with a virgo iv’e met but i know that his previous girlfriends were short blond and very petite. Im guessing that being as fussy as you are that you have a ‘type’ and don’t really steer from it. Would you agree?

  90. NICE BLOG.!!!! I am dating my first virgo and it is the most difficult, yet amazing thing ever. I have always had my stuff together as a young woman, but he just makes me think outside the box, he is great but is the very most difficult man I have ever dated. It’s a challenge and I think that’s why I want it so bad, because he has intrigued my mind… It has it’s pros and cons, but since the good outweighs the bad Im sooooooo trying, he is helping me work on patience MY LORD lol

    -Capricorn woman

  91. I have found Virgo man to be outwardly less demonstrative than most (sometimes even appearing cold, obtuse and detached), but, also radiating a warmth on the inside. Their combination of restraint and modesty can be very endearing, but sometimes it would be nice to be less confused about what they really mean and feel and to be wrapped up in a giant non-ambiguous bear hug! Instead, I find I’m doing the initiating, which is also a little uncomfortable as I do feel it’s the man’s role. I’m a Gemini and I can find it a real roller coaster ride of cosiness, then doubt.

  92. I need help! I met this Virgo guy a few months ago, he made the first move to take me out on dates ect. It was great. I fell in love with too quick (being a scorpio women) am emotional and read into things he does, says and how he says it. My problem is this, when we are physically together he’s sweet, attentive and gives me attention but when he’s away from me I get the silent treatment or it just feels like am nothing to him. He’s very hot and cold. I can’t even say if he’s my boyfriend or just someone am hooking up with because am too stubborn and too scared to find out what he thinks we are. Having said this am very observent when he’s cold towards me ignore him. When he’s showing me love I do the same. I haven’t opened up to him to tell him how I feel, to him he probably thinks I just like him and fine with going with the flow. I hide my emotions very well, but once in love its extra hard especially when I don’t know if my Virgo likes me the way I like him.

    At the moment am just taking a back seat, he talks to me but notices I don’t talk as much as I do.

    I don’t want to give up because I do love him, but at the same time am not used to being in a vunerable situation like this, especially with men.


  93. Hello! I figure I my as well ask your advice too.

    I dated a young Virgo for four months and everything was going well. We never fought and spent a lot of time together. We are both working in the same area away from our homes. We live about 4 hours from each other. He took me home to meet his family and they all made comments about how he has never really dated girls for long, let alone bring them home. After we returned to work he seemed a little distant. Texting his friends more and playing video games when he wasn’t spending hours at work. But he always slept beside me every night without fail. Then I had my 2 yr old come visit for a couple weeks (working out of home state doesn’t allow for me to keep her full time so my mom helps). I told him I never introduced her to a guy I was seeing because I didn’t want to bring different men into her life just for them to walk out. He said that him walking out isnt a guarantee thing. So I took the chance. He did really well with her and she adored him. During that time the three of us went back to his home for a week for his sisters wedding. This time more comments were made like his sister telling him he better be a good step dad and his mom buying stuff for her. I think he freaked out because he said he didn’t know if he wanted to be in a relationship. This freaked me out. I asked him why I was there for his sisters wedding, why my daughter was being exposed to his family if he didn’t want to be with me. All he could say was that he didn’t want to break up, that he wanted me there. When we returned to work I tried talking to him about it again to see if us being back changed anything. I made the mistake of telling him if he wanted to break up let me know as its guilt free right now. Well I immediately regretted saying that. He didn talk to me for half the day then told me he agreed. He shouldn’t be prolonging this as it was just causing me pain and was stupid of him. That a relationship isn’t him. I tried telling him that I still wanted to work things out and be together but he dug his heels in. Said he only thought of me as a friend, wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, didn’t want be with any other girls. I asked ifwe could jjust take a step back and date but he said he knew that’s not what I wanted. That he is content with being single and knew that with my daughter I was looking for something stable. We agreed to still be friends and ever since we have been. We text everyday sometimes me initiating sometimes him. He helps me with things like putting a bookcase together, going with me to pick things up, and other helpful tasks. He let me keep his brand new TV and said that he was still going to buy me the $500 pistol I wanted. He even said he would go with me to the movies tomorrow night as I don’t want to go alone. And randomly asked if I was still wanting to do a task still while he was at the store and bought me what I was needing without me asking. I don’t know if he is doing all this just to be a helpful friend or if he still likes me. If so, how can I convince him thatwe can be together? I’ve told him that I’m not looking for anything too serious right now that we could see where it goes. But he just said he cannot give me the affection I want, or the time I want. I told him I could handle that I just wanted him, but he wouldn’t accept that. I understand know that he is. Virgo and cannot help those traits and just have to remind myself that he can’t but he doesn’t think I could. He doesn’t want to hurt me but not being with him, just friends hurts more. I don’t want to lose him completely, what should I do to show him I can handle his ways an want him? Im trying by being a friend, but how do I prevent getting stuck in the friend zone?

  94. Virgo man,

    My question is, I’ve been in a non-committal, no strings attached sexual hook up with a Virgo man for 10yrs. We have both been in horrible relationships. I myself am in a marriage, with children and the honorable thing is to raise my children and let them have a happy childhood. Before I go out and live on my own.

    Recently my Virgo man and I seem to be arguing more. We seem to have heated passionate sex EXCEPT!! we never kiss ever!! I can seem to drive him insane and make him so mad for no reason lately. He won’t talk to me then he comes back and he is fine, what is that all about?

    He told me he never wants to be in a relationship ever. He wants to be a bachelor forever i’m cool with that. Then he gets so mad at me and distance him self from me. He always criticizing me on my weight, which I am fine with that. I love how he criticizes me, I told him I need to know the things I need to improve on. Then I get, you don’t need to change a thing. Your perfect I crave a bigger curvaceous woman? What is that about? so confusing, this Gemini is so lost!!!

    I adore the heck out of him, like I said my father was a Virgo man and he Loves bigger woman. Plus my father was a no BS man he told it how it was. You knew what he wanted when he wanted it! These two have the same birthday date only 40yrs different. If he has something to say why wont he just say it?

    I ask him these question he won’t answer them, I have know Ideal what his feelings for me are? If we are just FWB? If he has developed more feelings for me? If he thinks i’m a whore? If he is in love with me? Just what is going on? Before we talked about everything. You could think about in life it was wonderful he was my best buddy. Now I have no clue whats going on, but the sex has gotten so amzoning you just don’t know!!!!

    To all the people who think I’m cheating on my husband, It isn’t the case! When two people learn they aren’t meant to be, they can be adults about it and stay friends. Live under the same roof for the benefit of there children and raise them enough said on that!

    Your’s truly

    confused GEM

  95. I tend to attract virgo men and it boggles my mind! I’m nothing like the other women they date. Not even close lol. With every one of them, we’ve talked about what we look for in the opposite sex and I NEVER fit the bill. I have good hygeine of course lol but i’m not neat, meticulous, or in the best shape. Not to say Virgos are shallow, or that i’m a sloppy hot mess, but generally they like girls who look put together at all times….? So the latest virgo i dig and i can tell he likes me ALOT! When i was younger, i would immediately act on the mutual attraction and then feel rejected when the virgo would not be as eager to act on the obvious chemistry. Nowadays, i am just as aware of the attraction but choose to focus on the communicating part, since that was usually an issue in the past. So considering previous relationships/encounters with virgo men, i already know where this COULD go. Seeing as i don’t know why i attract them in the first place, any advice would help in ensuring this relationship stays platonic. I like his friendship more.

    -NOT a pissed off cancer (she could use a hug huh?)

    • Boy do I wish I’d found this forum a couple of weeks ago,”sigh”.

      I’m about the 89th person in this thread to say this. Forgive me, I just need to get it out, so thanks for reading :)

      A little over 2 weeks ago, this pisces girl fell head over heels for a Virgo. First Virgo ever. Hadn’t seen or thought about him since we were teenagers, 20+ years ago. Wasn’t looking for it, believe me. It was instant attraction from the moment we saw eachother, I felt like I was running a fever, for the 2 days I waited for him to contact me. We spent a day and night together, we both acknowledged an unexpected, undeniable desire to be together. I’ll admit to feeling this powerfully towards another man only once before, 17 years ago.
      The next day I flew home, 2 states away.
      I’m heartbroken. As I’ve come to understand, it’s normal for Virgos to not respond to texts or emails, and of course that makes me insane. He finally did last week, to tell me he doesn’t want to pursue this further, and only wants me to be happy.
      I’m a pretty well adjusted Pisces woman, and this is making me nuts, literally questioning my sanity. How is it possible to have made such an intense connection, and be dismissed days later? Aaaargh!!

  96. VM I need your advice…
    I’m a Virgo female with a Virgo (married*) lover. We’ve been blissfully seeing each other for a year and I consider him not only my lover but also my close friend. Our chemistry in and out of the bedroom is great and I feel at ease in his presence. His (Cancer) wife isn’t into sex as much and even after marriage counseling (before he met me) things haven’t changed. They have a child and he feels guilty leaving him.
    Even after attempts of breaking up (because I saw no future ) he made it very clear to me that he did not want to lose me and was persistent in staying in touch with me when I broke it off. He has done everything a typical Virgo man would do for the woman they care for (painted my bedroom, given me little gifts for no particular reason, calls to see how I’m doing, fixed my bike, told me that I make him happy and the list goes on) So here I am still pondering whether or not I should continue with the blissfulness.

    *Footnote- I am aware of the repercussions of dating a married man so I need not be judged by others. I’ve been living with the guilt long enough. I am just seeking realistic advice from a realistic Virgo man :)


  97. what does it mean when a virgo takes you home to meet his mother and when he takes his mother home to meet your parents? but he is still texting with a very special friend?

  98. First, I loved your post and your replies to the comments I read! I loved your sense of humor in the blog as well (So me :-P ) You were Very insightful.

    Now I have a question. As a fellow Virgo (woman) I have never dated a Virgo man seriously but for whatever reason they are drawn to me like moth to a flame lol. I am just starting to date a Virgo man and I really like him however; I feel as though I may have messed up. :-( On our first date I did the unthinkable……(dramatic pause O_O) we had sex xxx! Now he seduced me aggressively (I know right…unheard of) and I was shying away from him but my goodness he knew how to handle me (touch, kiss and talk) to whereas I caved in! ( =-O another dramatic pause)…. Now from the jump we have talked to each other as if we have known one another from high school years but I feel like I may have messed things up by having sex too soon although the day after he acted normal… I just want to know if I need to do any damage prevention/control to keep him interested in me seeing as how Virgo men get board easy (Yes I know, Finally.. THE QUESTION! Lol)

    Please bestow you almighty Virgo wisdom upon me

  99. Dear Virgo Man,
    I am cancer woman and have long distance relationship with married virgo guy. I am also married. We are colleagues but live far away from each other.
    What makes him cheat on his wife I can`t manage to realise? This is not typical for virgo, as far as I can see.
    We are “puzzle pieces” he says.
    It lasts for 7 months now.
    He texts me morning, afternoon and evening. Nobody mentioned love so far. He only keeps on repeating that he misses me.
    I am just trying to realise my role in his life.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance.

  100. I was in a 2.5 year relationship with a Virgo man. I thought he was the last man that I would ever date. He was the most caring, loyal-acting, loving man I had ever met. It ended in a huge heartbreak for me. This relationship ended in December 2012 and I’m still hurting from it. His job ended here and he moved to Texas and moved on with another relationship while we were still together. He was cold and disconcerning during our break up and decided to bring up all the things that he disliked about me. I’m a Cancer woman and I was emotionally shattered. He said that we had a good relationship and that he did love me but wasn’t in love with me. He also told me that he knew that he was going to have to hurt me but there was no good way to do it. Well, at least he was honest about it. He hooked up with a Taurus woman. I guess he’s happy now until he starts to pick her apart too. Hope this helps someone.

  101. Hello Virgo Man. I read your blog with great interest as I just recently met a Virgo who I find fascinating. I am a Cancer, and couldn’t help wonder why you mention on several occasions that a Cancer/Virgo match is challenging. Every site that I’ve gone to and checked the compatibility of C and V, gives it high marks. Anyway, this is my question: I met my friend about one month ago, we went on a date. After the date he took me back to his home (beautiful home). He was a perfect gentlemen, we had a great time; however, I am now seeing the push/pull that everybody talks about with the Virgo man. Hot one minute, cold the next. He is a very intelligent man, I love conversations that we’ve shared, but now he is just kind of stand offish. I refuse to chase him, but how do I know if he likes me? Should I ask him out or do Virgo men frown on this? HELP!

  102. hihi~ i have the same question actually… hope to get some advice / tips!
    I met this virgo online… and he started off very passionately with lots of sweet messages for 3 weeks, we met twice…
    I went on a trip and we kept txting. by the time i got back and we were supposed to go on the 3rd dates, he kept rescheduling.. due to his biz trip n got sick, etc… but the 3rd time he rescheduled again (due to work), i kinda had enough… so i told him that bothers me, and i would prefer if he could confirm a date n time. Then… NEVER heard from him again, no replying at all! I sent him another txt after couple days saying sorry for throwing a bit heavy stuff there and thanks for all his sweet msgs. wishing him a good wknd n days ahead~ STILL NO reply… guess…. it’s done?~ that’s a bit rude thou!
    it’s been more than a week…
    I’m not that upset.. also kinda curious… does bothers me a bit that ppl could be so rude n just disappear thou.
    He’s Sep virgo, with Moon in Taurus, Venus in Libra and Mars in Sag.!
    I’m Taurus~~
    Thanks! :)

  103. Hiya. i became very close to a virgo male 7 months ago now. since then we have spoke practically every day. spent at least 1-2 nights a week together. it did start out with us sleeping together but both decided that we had too much of a special friendship to continue with that. he was in a very bad place when we met but since then he has improved his life 10 fold & says its all down to me.. he has told me he loves me a few times & once told me he had fallen for me but he was drunk so we just brushed it under the carpet.. well.. recently i have developed loving feelings for him.. i told him last week.. since then he has gone very quiet & says he is just shocked at it all? i though he may of picked up on the vibes i was giving? i want to give him spave but at the same time i dont want to loose him.. whats your advise to me please? xxx

  104. Hey Virgo man,

    I wrote on here but it seems to have gone.

    My ex virgo still wants to be friends but I just don’t understand him. When we’re alone its like we’re still together. He split up with me last year and said he just couldn’t deal with things. Said he wants to build a friendship and who knows what the future holds. When its just is two He kisses me and makes me think he’s worth the wait. He has even suggested we live together next year when he’s lease is up but then says even as friends.

    I’m confused, I try and be he’s friend but then he’ll push me away and say he’s seen a lot of me lately and we’re not together anymore. So instead of feeling like a friend I’m made to feel like a bothering ex.

    He knows I’m there for him and love him and part of me thinks this gives him confidence to string me along.

    I’m at appoint now where I want to distance myself from him and make him realise what he could loose. I’ve had enough. Although I do love him dearly.

    Any advise?

    Thanks x

  105. Hi Virgo,
    Leo dating Virgo man. He says just be you. We have know it other for about three years. We became physical about a year ago. Wow, the love making is off the chain, simply great. We have many things in common. He is very intelligent as well as my self. He works all the time. very private. He said he thinks i am not that interested, but I think I am falling for him. And I let him know it. He tells me things on a need to know bases. I am trying to understand him. He says he has like me from the first time we were introduced by a friend of mine. I keep thinking I should just enjoy what ever time we have. Just do me, and stay busy. He is so private. If he cares so much, should i waite, or is he lying? I am a leo sun, moon in pisces. Very faithful, we both are looking for someone to grow old with. Should I wait for him? I really want to.

  106. “At the end of the date with your Virgo man, if he says you should split the bill, ditch him. Seriously, he’s an imposter”

    Can you elaborate on this a little more? I’m a Libra and just started dating a Virgo man. He wants to split the bill on everything and is very secretive. I normally can read people and their personalities and intentions but this man is just so…mysterious. Please help.

    Thank you.

  107. Well I Laughed when I read your blog. I had to laugh. I love the sarcasm that complimented the truth you have stated about the Virgo in their entirety . My sun sign is the vivacious Gemini with a moon in Aquarius and Ascendant (rising sun) in Taraus (quite and interesting combo). I am here to discuss, inquire and get some insight about the rather interesting Virgo man who has dared to take me on and pursue me. Let me first state the age difference; I am 26 and he is 41 (but definitely looks lie he is in his either early 30s the only thing that gives it away is his little gray in his beard) Well here is the background. I work in a pharmacy see customers all day but little did I know I would pursued by a virgo. He had try to ask my co-worker about tooth paste, she brushed him off because she was going out the door. So he proceeded to ask me (up to that point i had not been paying any mind time to him because i was workng on some task and then I looked up to see the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life {I have a thing about teeth}and we ended up having a great conversation until i had to get back to work. I thought that was last I would see of him but the I saw him 3-4 times after that until the last time I had saw him he suggested we continue our conversations over some drinks or coffee. I obliged by giving my number but he never called until 2 weeks after. by this time I had written him of. With some convincing from my friend I gave him chance but it has not been a easy two months with miss-communication. I would say we are definitely not texting compatible. I can now see we are on track with communication once we have established what we need in terms of connecting. Although we have tried to connect for 2 months but have been dating for 2 weeks going on 3 weeks and one of our dates he was talking to his friend on the phone, he first addressed me as his lady friend but then he addressed in his words “My Lady”. So I asked him did I hear you correctly did you just call me your lady and he was like yes and how do you feel about that and I said I have no complaints and I was puzzled that I said that. He has taking me out clothes shopping (I never knew how sensual that could be) and he will call me when i get off work to make sure I make it home safely because I work night shift. He is thoughtful. The only thing that scares me is my inexperience compared to his experience (married twice :-\ ). I am attractive full figured gal but it is not as easy to date between trying to weed out the a-holes who try to use you. I have been pursued by many but not too many that was fruitful. He kissed me the other day and I was so tense well because I feel like I am not experienced and the fact it was like 3 days after I got my wisdom teeth pulled lol. He says my inexperience perplexes him and is a challenge. That comment makes me not too sure it will work out but he reassured me that he was OK with that it does not deter him. All of this is so new to me. I was use to doing me and fluttering around and not depending on anyone and now he has caught me and having me experience things, I have never felt, dealt with or able to comprehend… I am strong, independent, and at times I can be mean/stern that is to the opposite sex when it comes to them pursuing but he is pulling out the ultra fem in me. It is absolutely crazy. What is a Gemini gal to do??? -_-

    P.S. Sorry for the book but I am sure it was entertaining to read. Please Mr. Virgo Man, your insight. I am sure we can have a good discussion about the Gemini-Virgo connection

    Thanks in Advance Virgo Man
    Vivacious Gemini aka Nubian Violet

  108. Hi v-man

    I’m a Taurus, met this v-guy few weeks ago and kinda feel there’s a connection.I can’t really tell you much except he:

    Had a big big warm smile when he first met me & smtn with his eyes that feels that it’s scanning my whole face & piercing my head LOL
    Was being very kind and polite when he talked to me,
    Asking questions about myself (i kno.. everyone does when they first meet anyone rite LOL)
    Ask my friend if we need a lift home (I just overheard it LOL)

    BUT he:
    Invites everyone for a hangout except me, in fact he said it out loud to the person I was talking to. **how rude !!**
    Greet others more warmly than he greets me.

    It’s probably too early to say anything for now cuz I only seen him twice, but just wondering what are the common hints/ signs if v-guys are into a gal ?

    Also, if you can comment on those fact above (tho they’re not very much) that wud be great !

    And if theres anything you want to tell me (advice etc etc) pls do so, will be much appreciated :)

    Thanks Virgo Man !

  109. Hi, I enjoyed reading all the comments and responses you’ve given. Shows how much thought u put into helping other ppl.
    I’ve recently gotten into a sticky situation where I’m developing casual feelings for a Virgo but I had previously had a casual relationship with his bestfriend. I made out wirh the virgo once after a drunken night. He has always initiated texts, calls, and meet ups (which I assume he’s not aware of his bestfriend and I). He’s made it clear that he finds me hot n would like to hook up but willing to go at my pace. N he’s told almost all his friends about my existence (assuming he finds me attractive). His bestfriend has kept our thing secret but I’m quite skeptical as to if the Virgo guy is at least aware of it or senses some things. He tells me he doesn’t want awkward situations where it causes tension between him and his best bud. I had already told him I’m not down for hook ups, we could chill, but no guarantee (more than 4 times). Yet he’s quite pushy when it comes to meeting up. So I don’t really know what he wants from me. If he’s got the slightest clue about his bestfriend and I, why is he trying still?

  110. I am a 23 yrs old Taurus gal,I met my Virgo man a couple of years ago,it was love at 1st sight.We where in a long distance relationship which I ended coz we hardly saw each other and I felt I was in it by myslf.He kept contact and we never lost the connection,but I was not interesting in getting hurt again..Only to find out that our paths will cross again and he was more than excited and promises marriage..but being a taurus I am afraid I’m wasting my time as he gets so cold..He tells me he loves me often but I have doubts..
    Thanx 4 the blog as I now understand my man more..
    I Love virgo man

  111. I am a virgo too and met my Virgo man and was so intrigued the first time we met.We both said our first date was amazing and soooo romantic.It was perfect..we talked for a week then he let me down with the I’m off the market..why? because his lifelong friend said she has been in love with him and confessed.We bid our goodbyes and I told him I hope she knows how lucky she is.That was 6 months ago and three weeks ago I recieved a text from him asking me out for a drink.We picked up exactly where we left off and for the last three weeks and 5 dates later we have not had one bad moment and so much magic! yet .. I felt he was holding back on opening up to me and spending more time with me.. so I asked why.Silly me never asked more details as to why the break up only that she left out of state to care for her Mom.
    He told me he was holding back because he did not know if she was coming back or not, but that they agreed to see other people.
    Help ! We have such a beautiful connection only I think he is still emotionally attatched to her and now I am waiting on him and he is waiting on her…ugh..I pulled away and did not talk to him for a week while he was out of town for work.As soon as he got home he texted me and we are supposed to meet up this week.
    Should I wait for him? I believe he is well worth the wait..or should I just cut my losses now and mend my heart.I have never met anyone,and trust me I am picky..who has been so compatible on many levels.Sorry for the long explaination..I feel like crying because I feel he is my soul partner.
    thanks any insight will help

  112. im 27 gemini and have been friends with a virguy ffor 3 years we have dated a couple times and have also had relationships with other people but we alwasy tend to find our way back to each other.We religiously everyday without fail even though there has been times when we wouild ignore each others messages and reply later. He is so hot and cold with me very critical yet can be oh so charming and attentive. I have noticed he can become a little jealous and possesive and withdraws from me when i am either giving or receiving attention from other people yet WE ARE JUST FRIENDS. Does he want something more? and why cant Virgos be honest and admit their feelings if they are habouring any? We argue constantly because our views of opinions are total opposites but we also understand each other and know not to push the boundaries. This blog has given me some insight into the male virgo brain>>>>one big contradiction and so confusing very complex species i find intriguing.

    • Hi Gemgirl,

      Thanks for your comment. If your Virgo guy wanted a serious relationship he would have made it extremely clear by now.

      It seems he’s happy to remain friends, however because of the nature of Virgos, we care so much for friends that others misinterpret this for something more.

      Another thing is that once we settle on a group of friends we are very protective about letting others into our circle, therefore when you say he acts jealous, he’s not, he just doesn’t think they are worthy of his or your time!

      Brutal but true!

      Best wishes.

      Virgo Man

  113. Aries asian girl here with Virgo british bf ” be a pain in the ass” he he you’ll keep them interested and make ur virgo never stop figuring you out. Because i remember him telling me before that ” there is something about you that i cant stop thinking and i cant figure out. And also dont put up with their shit. Like i read above messages even after you gave your virgo guy your best shot and have showed your interests to him and want commitment. He then turn it down just by saying he is not ready blah blah and just still want continue communication with u. Just run they are not serious and just want to get an attention from you when he is curently/past having trouble with his wife or gf. Simply just tell your guy ” Ok fine goodbye. No more words Then cut contacts be cold to him treat him like he never exist. If he came back to you then thats it you have his attention. Play it very well. i suggest put a little distant not giving him all. Just dont be desperate. But i advise never be involved with a married virgo bcz u will be the one used and left out in the end. They will keep you around for their own benefit. Like this virgo guy said they are very intelligent and know what is happening every detail. Remember be subtle be a little distant but dont ever let him know about that. Dont give all your attention but give all when your having sex. Because they get easily bored just like Aries.

    But the most important is LOVE yourself first and have PRIDE in yourself. Don’t be desperate for their attention. Use your pride and ego.

    • Hi Sash, thanks for the comment.

      Some valid points, especially about Virgos knowing every detail about you.

      I agree, if you want to have some control try and maintain some distance, although this is hard as we are so great!

      Thanks Sash.


      • Actually it’s not hard for me to be distant. Its also natural for an Aries to be like that i dont know i myself is like that. And am independent with strong mind. What i like him the most is he snobs all the other girls hahaha. He respects me and he listens to what I say he is so down to earth. i know some people find me an arrogant but am not and he sees that. He told me that i have a Big heart and i have a Spirit. Btw he is 10 years older than me, am 28. And i love how he’s taking care of himself physically. Although i know his insecurities he told me. Anyway thanks for reading.

  114. Hi Virgo Man,

    I am a virgo woman who has a virgo man for a neighbor. He seems to be very nervous around me, he acts shy but when we are talking, he’s very talkative. He does small things like carrying groceries for me. He even told me always prays for me and that he dreams about me ( I didn’t know whether to take this as a compliment or be freaked out by it). He purposely comes outside of his door so he can talk to me when he hears me leaving to take out garbage. I think he likes me but does a good job of hiding it. I feel that I can see right through him without him expressing any feelings for me per se. He’s constantly asking me to call him sometime so we can talk and I’m starting to think he’s really interested in me. He’s a neighbor so I don’t know how to handle this.


  115. Hi Virgo Man,
    I have enjoyed reading your posts, I’m a fan ;-) Anyways, I’m a married aquarius in an on and off relationship with a virgo for seven months. Marriage is done, together for the kids but not together if you know what I mean.When I first met my virgo (first virgo ever) he pursued me with all he had, and I stood no chance agains’t his seduction. Sex is amazing with him as he is very skilled and knows how to give pleasure to a woman and his personality is great. Our sticking point in our relationship is his jealousy. As an attractive female bodybuilder who gets attention from a lot of males at the gym, he cannot stand guys talking to me. There is a person who feeds him crap about who talks to me when he’s not there and has causes a lot of distrust on his part towards me. I’m a friendly person by nature but I’m also very picky and the fact that I , for the first time got involved with some one while being married , says that I would not be looking to be with anyone else. I have fallen in love with this virgo man, and I could not even conceive the idea of even looking at someone else. I don’t know what to do to convince him of that and I don’t want to lose him.He has a stop and go thing going on. When we’re together everything is great and the following week he gets distant, and after proving for answers he confesses someone told him something about me. It’s mentally exhausting but I’m strong in spirit and emotionally as well and I’m willing to fight for him as he’s worth it. Please help! I’m also a very patient person, loving , mature and understanding.I don’t play silly little games.Should I give him space when he doesn’t replay to me texts? how long is too long, we used to talk everyday…Thanks for any advise VM

  116. Hello there Virgo Man. Need you advice. I started dating this guy, birthday August 23. We met, and talked a couple of times over the phone, and never seemed to get up with each other. Well a week ago ,he texted me early on Friday, while at work, and asked me on a date. Letting me know he was going to have me out all night, jokingly. He invited to his home, already met the cousin, had a couple of drinks, laughed. He greeted me, said I was gorgeous (all night), and hugged me. That night, I stayed the night, but we did not sleep together, but did kiss. That morning, we woke up, talked, laughed, and kiss more. He made a comment “I see I’m going to keep you, I’m going to marry you in 3 months”. I said, OH really…, he said , yes. We will go ring shopping and everything. So I laughed. Then I asked him, when will he come over to my house, he replied, “whenever you want to”. I said, how about this week? He replied, how about tomorrow? I replied, So soon, you may get tired of me. He said, ” I want to see you every day, if possible. And with that, all that week, he came over, except Tues, and Thurs. He also invited me to go out with his brother that was coming into town to visit. He says, he doesn’t want to rush things, he goes with the flow. He doesn’t want to put titles on things, just see where it goes. And things are good within 3, months… he said he is definitely going to marry me. He mentions over and over that he is ready to be married and have kids. He has honestly said, he likes me, he misses me, I keep total excitement with him, and I am no other female he has ever met in his life. I cook, and has cooked a light meal for us, the other night, and some left overs on night. He said “who is this chic, let me find out, I am really going to have to marry you in 3 months…if everything flows like its doing”. he also keeps count on how long we been dating! I don’t even do that. And he will text me and sometime calls… but mostly text. And he has also mentioned , he isn’t bored , which is a good thing! And I am making him wait!!! that is a bonus!
    So my question is, is this guy really feeling me, and he is taking his time to make sure.. I could be the one!? Do I really have his full attention…and there could be something here . I am 33, year old Aquarius , born Feb 10 . Him and I are 1 year and a couple months apart. I have no children, and neither does he. We make a beautiful couple. I am 100% keeping it real, and always myself! Never the rep. I told him I have to study , and so therefore him and can see each other Tuesday. He said okay, Tuesday it is. I want him to miss me a lot, and have me on his mind while at work, wondering what am I doing. Am I on the right track…? Am I keeping his attention, making him to want me more and not let me go?

    help!!! I really like him, like really, . p.s. I love football, cars, and Dos Equis. Im a guys girl. My Brother in law, call me “the girl next door”.

    So, is this guy really thinking, she could really be a keeper…just want to make sure?

  117. Hi ive been on a couple of dates with a virgo male the problem is he is a family friend and is best friends with my brother. He has confessed he has feelings for me but that he cant see how we can work without upsetting anyone so we should stop. He tells me how everything is so easy with me no awkward silences and he really enjoys being with me I am a leo woman and this virgo has really gotten to me. Will he ever come back to me or is it just how it is and there will be no changing his mind?

  118. You have given me some very good insight to Vigo men. I find this artical particularly charming especially your last statement about the Capricorn imposter. This put a huge smile on my face!

    I was lucky enough to recently capture one of these delightful creatures and he has expressed his innermost depth and feelings for me as well. He usually showers me with the utmost attention and romantic words and gestures and shows an adorable insecurity if I cannot reciprocate right away. One evening after a wonderful conversation, he announced the deepening of his love and affection for me that left me breathless. However, the following day and that has lasted a few days now; he has been almost completely unavailable and hasn’t said very much at all. He only has been responding minimally and I dont know if this is common of a virgo or if I should begin to worry. I am a leo woman and without consistency I tend to get a little insecure. I would appreciate some insight . Thank you

  119. Haha hello Mr Virgo, I feel like im talking to a celebrity lol. I’m actually curious if this blog is still getting answered and posted to before i write my comment? Plz and thank you. :)

  120. I could really use a virgo mans opinion.

    I got myself in an odd predicament with a virgo. (I am a Taurus)

    Me: recently single. Very recent. Him: recently divorced, has a lot on his plate…..ex wife stuff, kids, ect.

    We met New Years Eve through a mutual friend of my ex but I was still with him so while we talked, I didn’t think much of him. When I became single, we started chatting via Facebook. (Was he watching my Facebook status? Lol) He asked me for drinks, I said yes. Well, I am partially ashamed to admit we ended up in bed that evening…..into the next afternoon. It was amazing. We continued to chat and hooked up 2 more times. The third time we went out for drinks again.

    He’s been very kind and thoughtful. Sometimes I initiate chatting, other times he does. I know he is very stressed now and I am in a confused state with just ending a 2 year relationship. So I am hardly going to pressure him. In your opinion, how is the best way to proceed here. I’d like to continue getting together with him but I’d like to also leave it open for something else eventually.

    FYI, even if this ends now, I have to regrets. Being with him sexually at this time in my life was something that has helped my healing in ways he will never know.

    And the comment about picking up the bill? He paid the first time and I told him the second time we went for drinks that I would pay. He wouldn’t let me, I even tried to be sneaky about it.

  121. Hey Mr. Virgo,
    Let me firstly say I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You Virgos know how to make everything sound better and yeah you`re cool people (the men at least lol)
    I was just wondering if a relationship between an Aquarius woman (with a Leo ascendant) and a typical Virgo could actually work. I mean you know us Aquas analysing everything I kinda get to understand this sweet affection wanting guy but was wondering if you had any specific tips for my rebellious star sign :P Thank you in advance
    P.S. Keep rocking xx

  122. I am a Virgo woman in a FWB deal with a Virgo man, but neither of us is treat I g it as such. Do you think we could make it as a couple? Mirror looking in a Mirror.

  123. Greetings VM,
    Are Virgo men spontaneous but down to earth?

    How much patience does a lady need to give a VM before he makes up his mind to ask her out on a date? Also, is it best to offer him friendship (to get to know each other) yet let him know that you want to date him? Curious. ..

    Thank you

  124. Thanks Virgo man , just an update, my virgo man and i are now best friends, we both have been through hurtful relationships in the past and have bonded as friends. From the start we clicked instantly, and i wouldnt have dreamt we would be friends and here we are now, best friends. its been a year and it feels like we know each other for years, the connection we have is something i cannot describe, its unique, and deep, and yes everyone says sagittarius women are not a match for a virgo man,, i disagree.our friendship is not a bed of roses, we have our arguments and disagreements, but are we always drawn back together, we have a love hate relationship, we sick together, but ill when we apart.We see each other everyday and every weekend. we do everything together, shopping, cooking even washing his car. i never this bond with any other male friend or even a boyfriend and my best friend is best thing that ever could have happended to me. i thank God everyday i have him in my life, even if we never become anything more, i am content in the fact that he my best friend. i think you have picked up by now, i have fallen in love with him, i dont know if he feels the same, i am too scared to confess, i dont wanna loose him as a friend and we both value our friendship more than anything. the past year we been friends, he hasnt dated anyone and doesnt talk about other girls and even stated once, hes not interested in dating. Everyone says we look amazing together and make an awesome couple, but i do know if he feels the same, no doubt i sense he loves me, i feel it whenever we together and he would anything for me and vice versa. we treat each and do things for each that you normally would do for a wife or husband and not a friend. i sometimes wonder if this is what it feels like to be with a someone who is your soulmate. i love him dearly and my worst fear is the day i discover he loves someone else and our friendship ends. i pray for a miracle, maybe i will get my happy ending , maybe i wont……

  125. Hi, Virgo Man! What you have said is absolutely true! My dad’s a Virgo. He seems so serious to people, but he’s actually silly with a great sense of humor. Funny as hell!
    I’m writing to you for advice, if you please. I met a Virgo man online, and we’ve been on three dates. We haven’t kissed yet! I was excited to meet him because I’ve read that Caps are extremely compatible with Virgos, and I’ve never dated one before. We used to text a lot; I would initiate it the most. But the last time I texted him was on Saturday. I complained about my PS3. All I said is it sucks, haha. He has yet to respond, and it’s now Monday. He used to kinda flirt with me through texting. I didn’t really want to flirt back because I didn’t want to give him any ideas. I finally told him that and that I knew he was only joking but that I just wanted to clear the air. He replied and apologized and said he likes me. I told him that I like him, too. That was about 5 days ago, I think. So, my question is: is this typical Virgo behavior or is not interested in me other than as a friend? I get the feeling he may just want me for sexual purposes. Thank you!

  126. One more question: how do Virgo men typically act when interested in a girl? I feel my Virgo guy was interested in me at first but isn’t anymore. :( It may have to do with the fact that my car hadn’t been washed. haha!

  127. Ok Mr. VirgoMan, I need some advice. I recently received a message from a Virgo man off a dating website that I thought I had deleted. For some odd reason I replied, which I’m calling pure luck because we met and hit it off instantly. I was not looking for a relationship so I was very stand offish at first, but he grew on me quickly. He makes me laugh and we have so many things in common it is scary. At first he was very flirty, and we could talk for hours. Things seemed to be getting pretty serious and then I happened to find out he was still talking to his ex daily and failed to mention that he was going to her college graduation with his kids one weekend. I know how hurt he was when they split and that he loved her very much. He would open up to me on most things. Anyways, I found out and was pretty hurt because I thought we had something special and I had already felt comfortable enough to introduce him to my girls. Which is something I don’t take lightly and this was after we had only been talking for about 3 weeks. I confronted him and he was very apologetic and swore it was nothing. I told him we were still very early into the relationship and didn’t want to compete for him as I wasn’t looking for a relationship to begin with. I also told him that if he wasn’t into me to end it now before my girls and i got hurt really bad. I hated to say that as I am afraid I am falling in love with him and so are my girls. This was the morning after i gave myself to him, mind you.He couldn’t have been more reassuring that I was what he wanted. I believed him and he was very affectionate for a few days. He started telling me he loved me even and that he would have never had sex with me if he didn’t feel that way. That was about 3 weeks into our relationship. Since then which was about a week ago, he has been more distant. Mind you, we have only been talking for a little over a month. The compliments don’t come anymore but he assures me that he wants to hang out and does put the effort in. He told his mom about me and this last weekend he introduced me to his girls and his mom. More of on a slow- friend basis but I am ok with that as I understand him wanting to protect his girls. We hung out all weekend but when we are in public he doesn’t necessarily act as though he did before. He still tried to touch me nonchalantly but doesn’t put his arms around me like before or kiss me near as often. I am so confused. His friends love me and I seem to mesh well with his life. And he to mine. But I feel as though he treats me more like one of the guys lately. He does still kiss me but I initiate it more I think. He did follow through with coming to the parade today and meeting me there. And we even hung out and let our kids mingle which they did great! He has been stressed lately and been very busy and has a lack of sleep but I don’t want to make excuses either. So I’m just confused and don’t know what to do. Please! I need some help! Anything would be appreciated!

  128. Hi there! So im a sagittarius woman i’ve been dating a virgo man for 7 months now i do love him so much i feel like my life time would stop without him i miss him before he even goes we had a serious hard time together we broke up about more then 5 times but at every time i cry a river when he just talks coldly like he never knew me before but then when we are back together he shows just bit of care . I belive in him but scared of him cause he makes me feel secure like i never been im always honest with him i dont even dare thinking to lie to him .. but sometimes i feel as if he does not love me cause it may be silly things but he never calls me its like he calls me once a month thats all he rarely does something for me its like he never make efforts the onely thing in his life is hanging out with his friends like he is not ready to give up some of his time to be with me not ready sometimes i khnik of him as a boy who needs to grow up and he blames me for his mistakes and its just hurts me badly i lose my taste of life also it took 4months for him to belive i am in love with him and serious about him and it just shocked me the day he told me so it made me feel i was living a lie in that period he hurts and he knows so and i always forgive him i just think of others morecthen my self but i am tired of always getting hurt and im scared of making another step to his heart but im not gonna give up … my onely questions are: does he love me ? Who am i to him? Will he ever try not to hurt me? …. ps: he hurts me in mind and feelings he never hurts me phisecly (just making sure you get the idea)

  129. Omgggg absolutely true. I’m a Pisces. I’m dating a Virgo man. And he is exactly as u said. It remind me my first date. Yes he noticed everything! I’m glad I was very presentable, as he asked me out after dinner

  130. please help me manage this relation with my vergo darling iv been a few months with but he is my life and soul and cant make him happy

  131. think i must explain well we have been for 3 months involved and lots of problems including my financial and business issues and his separation and kids possession facing him then but we remained together all day each day like inseparable till the night called our duty returning to our homes, all of a sudden his father got unwell and i reached his home met his mom and somewhere his mom dint find me good for him or to stay at his home and i declared that she is disliking me rather his mom did all the possible things to make me feel unwanted and extra in the only first week of my stay at his home and i was forced to leave and that is the day and today two months gone by he never spoke to me met me called me attended my calls beyond his extreme need. i have waited after his father was better and home from hospital his sister dropped in with her kids and then his financial issues now my patience is breaking and i am becoming suicidal depressed with his ignoring and snubbing and insulting me like nonexistent . he just MESSAGES ME STOP TEX TING GET LOST Dont DISTURB GET OFF MY BACK ETC WHEN EVER I WANT TO TALK.he never came to me to justify or clarify in person on one to one talk rather we never spoke in past two months or sat together last two months he and me beyond the family formalities. when ever i go to his home his mom says something to him thats annoying enough to distance us further and me left untrusted. I really have no clue what his mom tells him but im dieing in depression and helplessness as he is not willing to discuss or clarify anything coz im blaming his moms dislike. really need to know if he has anything left. for days he can live without seeing me who wanted me all day by his side. he dosent initiate any call or sms rather nothing its always me who has been trying hard to talk through sms

  132. 6 months in total and i think i need some urgent help

  133. Thank you so much for the incredible insight! I’m dating a Virgo man now and some of the things he did didn’t make sense until I read the part about how he’s not ruled by emotions but by practical thinking. That was awesome for me to learn because I’m a Scorpio woman so I’m hugely ruled by emotions! Now in my 30′s I’m not as dramatic as I was in my 20′s so it doesn’t negatively impact my relationships anymore. But, I started to back off my Virgo guy because it’s only been a few months and I started feeling like I’m falling for him but he’s not falling for me. I mean, he’s respectful, honest, and sweet but I can’t read him! I don’t know if I’m just convenient, he’s just passing time, or if he really likes me. He says he does. But I’m a Scorpion woman with Libra rising (and Libra all over other houses in my birth chart) so I’m thinking and thinking and it’s driving me crazy. This is an unusual situation for me so… Please help if u can!

  134. I have been in a relationship with a Virgo guy for almost 5 years…he told me a few days ago that he thinks we should end the relationship but he doesn’t want to loose me completely, he says he wants to still spend time together and remain intimate with me but feels like he has destroyed my life. I was completely shocked! What we have together could of been written in a fairy tale. The passion, the conversations, the intimacy is absolutely perfect. Its almost as if we are addicted to one another. We are inseparable. We have given each other a love that neither of us knew ever existed. But…because of the strong desire to be next to each other has cost us both a lot..i lost my job due to tardiness because he wanted me to stay overnight, every night which led to staying up late and over sleeping. No job means no income which means no home, no car..pretty much lost everything over the past 4 years. Slowly I am building everything back up but despite all of that my love for him is still very very strong. I don’t want to loose him. He says I will be better off without him and someone else will love me the way I deserve but I just don’t see it. I can’t imagine a love greater than his. I’m still trying my hardest to convince him not to give up and that’s why I visited this there anything I can say or do to change his mind? I’m a cancer btw. I have read a lot on Virgo men when I first starting dating him to make sure I didn’t make too many mistakes. I just don’t get it.

  135. Hey Virgo Man …I am a scorpion woman and met a virgo man (really handsome) ..anyway we met twice and he texting me everyday . Lately he told me that we should have sex… I really like him so I told him that I would like to get to know each other better before we get there. He said he understands ..I don’t know what to do ? should i wait? thank you :)

  136. Hello Virgo Man
    I need your help. I have been dating a Virgo man for 4 months. We were friends for a year before we started dating. After what seemed like forever to me we became committed to each other. I am 8 1/2 years older than he is. All of the things you said were so true. My issue with him is he is only affectionate durning sex. He dosent like kissing if we are not about to get busy he pretty much don’t want to be bothered. He is not highly active either which I am ok with. However when he is all of the fire works in the world go off. And it holds me over until the next time. I don’t have to have it all the time. He is always around me and I believe he cares a great deal for he. But he says things like nothing is promised things can change in the blink of an eye. He also mentions that if he had to be he could be single it’s not a issue for him. I don’t feel appreciated or wanted most times. He has told me that he appreciates me but I’m just not sure. Should I be worried that he his going to just up and leave me? I have never dated a virgo man. This is so difficult. I can say beyond all that this has been the best relationship I have ever been in. I’m just afraid I’ll lose him. I’m a Sag as well. All the things I read says we are not compatible but this manIs truly my best friend and I love him dearly. we have so much fun together.

  137. Dearest Virgo man…
    I’ve been involved with a Virgo guy almost 2 years. He’s 47 & I’m 56- I don’t “get him”, but these posts help a lot!
    I’ve read them all!! It has made a lot more things clearer. Thanks for being there!

    I’m wondering why sex is so seldom, & commitment is null. I’m a hot Cap woman and I’ve never had to do with out for so long. It seems it has to be his idea, never mine. For Virgo’s being the way you’ve described in intimacy, it seems my guy may be different. I’ve never been turned down so much, to the point I just don’t expect it. On top of that we now live together (his idea) for the past 1 1/2 years and I never expected he’d take the extra bedroom and NOT sleep with me. It’s his back aching, it’s his stress levels, he’s tired..what should I do here? I know better than to cheat or be rude/crude, I’m 125 lbs, blonde, financially stable, 33 yr Gov career, intellegent (although he treats me as if I’m not). I know he loves me, he’s said so once! Thats enough for me and I’ve said the same many times. I don’t put up with his moods, I try to be patient with them, but I usually take off to the river propety to be away from him till those moods change. I’m looking for more intamacy, more open minded decussions and some sort of commitment. My life is an open book, his is private. I’ve never met any one but his 19 yr daughter, no other family & he knows all of mine. He works all the time & I’m confident there is no other woman.
    We’ve known each other over 20 years, as he’s a builder/contractor and my EX & I hired him to build a shop many years ago. There was always an attraction even back then. I know he was terribly hurt by his ex, who never worked, always spent and then cheated and screwed him really bad in the divorce 8 years ago. A month ago, after I had a shock of a lady friend leaving the country w/o notice & I being terribly hurt. I told my Virgo man, after I had a weekend away…that he really should marry me. I loved him, he loves me and on the financial side he’d have social security & we’d save a fortune on his and his daughters medical.(appealing to his bussiness sense) I actually thought he’d blow up, as he has said he’d never marry again (as have I for 17 years) but we had a good discussion and I have no intention of bringing it up again. Now I’m wondering if this is something I can deal with for the rest of my life. Why is he with me and how would you suggest I proceed?

  138. I met a Virgo online initially just flirting and texting with intentions of a surface deep physical thing. After texting about a month and 2 failed attempts to meet up he said he was apprehensive about meeting up becAuse he “actually likes me” and felt sex would solidify those feelings. We’re alike with the avoid emotions thing. I’m a Taurus and I’m fine with emotions. I just don’t feel them often. He’s afraid of them. So i backed off said let’s hang in the friend zone. He got really jealous when I went to a guys house one night and said he wants more and wants to be my only option. Still have t met up. I think the idea of labeling a relationship that hasn’t gone real is stupid and said if he wants that it needs to go real. He agreed but hAsnt followed through. He made the leap from texting to calling me and we talk for 2 hours every day. He does things to try and piss me off talks about other girls he’s “talking” to but I know it’s a defense mechanism to protect himself. I just do t have the patience to stand still. I want real but don’t believe in ultimatums.

  139. Im currently seeing a virgo man. What you said above is so true. We have been in ups and downs soo many times on and off relationship because of a major adjustment as i am a sagg. I find myself submitting to him because of how strong i have fallen for him. And i also feel that he loves me the same as he is my bestfriend. He knows everything about me, my break ups when we werent together my virgo man always there for me when i need him or i need someone to talk to. And in return, when he is also broken i am always there for him. He is my best friend and my lover. He is really really really a jealous person and its because im so free spirited person that i just love being around with everybody laugh and giggles. He likes to criticize peoples stupidity even questioning mine but because of our love for each other we know how to adjust and be okay with it. Tho sometimes it gets out of hand. He will be pouting for days but he will always be the first one to always make a move. Smiles. Sometimes when its real love, nothing matters but you and that person in your heart. Everything is POSSIBLE. Happy ending or not it is worth a try a million times. <3

  140. Hi, I love how honest a Virgo is. One of my best friends is a Virgo and hand on heart, they are one of the most beautiful people I know. And it’s very true, if your Virgo (friend or lover) pays you ANY compliment, soak it up, because it is not done lightly.
    Yes, virgos are analytical, precise, sometimes demanding, but, if one can see this for what it is, a kind person trying to help you be the best you can be, then you’ll be fine.
    I’m reading lots of “how do I?” . For me, it’s very simple. Just be honest, don’t pretend to be someone your not, and please remember non virgos, hair, make-up, fashion etc, are tools to enhance your already beautiful selves, so if you REALLY truly deeply want to please your Virgo, you will also be doing yourself a great service too. It’s win win. Sometimes it’s good to come from the honesty of a Virgo. “Do I look good in this” well, there’s only two answers to this isn’t there. And your Virgo won’t let you go out if you have something better. Simple. Life is simple with a Virgo. Beautiful and simple. I’m Pisces by the way. Xxx

  141. Hi vigo man..I just love this…u r the person I was looking for to impose my story in hopes I getting some answers from a virgo himself..i am a fishy with a virgo!!..we been texting for about 2 weeks it all started with good conversation and we clicked from the begining..but inbetween these 2 weeks he told me that he was intruiged with me and I had gottin his attention and wanted to get to know more about we have been texting..and told me he felt so comfortable with me and I told him that I felt the same…so he kinda started opening up more and more and I did he told me one day that he wanted to meet and that that we had such a good energy between that there was something there to me felt and that why not take a leap of faith and that he wanted to take me out in a date to get to know me more..but he knew I was terrified cause I had told him I had had a shattered heart from my divorce and He kinda did I told him that I was fattered that I also wanted the same but to please give me time and not to rush things..but he then told me..what do I do with my I told him hold on to them close to your heart and don’t let go..that I was not going anywhere but here with him as in the texting..I told Him I was so scared so he told me I am scared too..but that he would b there to hold me and make it feel I then said please have patient that I knew it would happen..he knows he melts my heart with his words he said ok I will not rush I said thank u for your patients and understanding everything kepted normal texting as usual..but inbetween he has tried again to ask me I feel bad when he does cause I told him I not rejecting him never wanting to hurt him cause I do care and that I love the way he showed me he wanted me and to please not stop doing that was on this Monday..that night as usual I texted to say goodnight and hope he had a good day and if he had a chance to call me to hit me the way is is a hard worker and dedicates to his businesses he has…Tuesday morning I texted again since I did not here from him that night ..saying have a good day..and that I was wondering if if was ok..hoping he was..and hope to hear from him’s now Friday and haven’t heard from..and we did every moring and at night….could u please tell me if I u think I will hear from him again or should i wait for him to contact me….I am going crazy here cause I don’t know if I might had hurt him in some way..I want him but I am so scared to meet and he had told me he was going to give me a little more time..but when he said that I didn’t know he would go silence on me..I wanted it with him in it ..not with silence..thank u and hope u can help..don’t want lose him..

  142. Hi virgo man

    I really love your insights into ….Im a Libra lady involved with a 40s divorced ,single dad Virgo. He has made me become unglued…to say the least. so hard to figure out. I understand that he has been hurt by his ex wife and he said he never wanted to love or get involved in a relationship again . . Now I got pregnant and had his kid a boy who is like a print of him. he wants to get serious and “give us a try” . he says he loves me now more than ever. we have been through so much in the 4 years that I know him that I am emotionally drained. THis virgo has my Libran scales out of whack. but I cant forget him…!!!!!

    what do you think???

  143. Hello I’m dating a Virgo September 15 I’m a Libra October 20 we’ve been dating for almost 3years We had a lot of drama but we got passed it . But recently he took me there. For his birthday I hired chef to cook for us and tried to make his bday special But as the chef was cooking for us he was texting a women asking if she was gonna give him birthday sex, I didn’t trip I continue making sure he had a great bday. The next day he was drinking and wanted to use my car to go to the casino So he went in my purse and found a condom and went nuts I still didn’t fight back I just cried after being annoyed with his name calling and crazy ways When he calmed down I told him where it came from He expressed how it made him feel and how he understand where I come from now. The next day I called the women he texted to see if they were using protection because I was having surgery the following day. He called me mad that I did that and said I was acting insecure and I’m not his girl yet, he also said that I make him feel if he does commitment I’m gonna always call his friends to see if they are really friends . I said whatever and left it alone. The. Next day I had surgery and he didn’t call or. CHeck to see if I was fine so I called him, we were arguing about me calling the girl and me wanting him to feel sorry for being in pain, he was pissing me off and hurting my feelings to the point I wanted to hurt his I got so upset i said that’s why I slept with some men in your bed while you were out doing you! But he had said to me one the exact same thing but he said he did it in my car. I was pissed he was making me mad I wanted him to be pissed! He told me to stop calling him I didn’t I called none stop all the way til the next morning. He Ignored my calls / texts and everything The next day he changed his number on me. When I went to get my stuff from him he called the police on me Assuming I was gonna be acting crazy because he wasn’t trying to talk but I didn’t I just left He didn’t or won’t say why he stop talking to me and I don’t know what to do I contacted all friends and things to see rather I should pursue him or leave it alone. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t know if he cares or he’s just playing me and this other women he really wants and he’s mad I contacted her or he just doesn’t know about me because of everything we’ve been threw. I have his back I’m always there for him He always has me up under him all the time I’m just lost and I want him back. Even tho it’s only been 4days. I think he’s gone for real this time. What should I do. Do you think he’s gone forever

  144. Question for a virgo male. I met a virgo guy who first show me lots of attention when we first met. He talked a lot about his family and him. I didn’t show to much interest that night. I didn’t even told him good night. I felt so bad I made sure next day I pass along my cell trough a friend of his I met the night before. I also add him to my Facebook a couple of days after. He accepted the request but never message me or called me. I even send him a hi how are you? offline message thought Facebook. He never responded. I was wondering what do you think as a virgo male. If I send him an offline message letting him know how much I enjoy meeting him and listening to him. I invited him to Facebook hoping to get to know him as a friend. I realized I didn’t say much that night about me and would love to get to know him better and for him to know me. No pressure. I’m just a pretty straight forward kinda person and though he might be interest on getting to know me as well. What do you think? any ideas the best way to approach him? should I even approached him or wait to see if he does? it has being like 5 months now. I’m really not used to approach guys. Thank you so much.

  145. Thank you for this website. Has given me some insight into Virgo man I would love to be with. I met him back in February of this year. I am a Gemini woman. There was an instant connection. We got intimate really fast, I was a little reluctant at first and he told me that frustrated him. He told me he was open to a relationship but wanted to take things slow after that. We continued see each other and my feelings continued to grow. After a few months I finally told him that I had feelings for him and wanted to be in a relationship with him. He still wanted to take things slow. He slowly started to back off, he continues to run hot and cold with me, he tells me he is too busy to see me or says he will make plans once he’s not so busy and doesn’t follow through. I am usually the one initiating contact. He responds but then when I want to talk about something personal he blows me off, says I am being negative or a nag. When we do spend time together he is warm and attentive and we have fun. It’s been a week now since I have heard from him. He has done this before, disappear for weeks without saying anything and only after I initiate contact do I hear from him. It really breaks my heart and hurts my feelings when he treats me like this. I have told him this. I am not sure if this Virgo is a lost cause and I should just move on. I am really keeping up hope that maybe he will come around. Any suggestions?

    • By the way, he has said he cares for me and that he enjoys my friendship and company. So, I am really confused.

  146. Well, I know what you mean…My lovely Virgo was extremely offended when I offered to split the bill. Love him with all his weirdness. :-)

  147. I am a Leo and I am dating a Virgo man long distance. I’m afraid I might have bombed it with my Virgo since I did not know he was a Virgo and I told him all about my past crazy sex life. Now I am just affraid he doesn’t trust me and will begin to judge me. What do I do? He is however planning to come see me again in a few days and I don’t know how to fix the damage I have done.

  148. Thanks so much for the insight. I was engaged & totally in love with my virgo mate. Unfortunately discovered he has a drug problem. I offered to support him & love him through treatment, however, it appears his problem is too big for “us.” I am 8 months pregnant with the child & daughter he wanted so desperately. I feel I’ve offered everything- he declined so we left it off yesterday with a goodbye. Any advice on what to do? I don’t know if I should call or text as he was mad and told me not to.

  149. Dating a Virgo man for 2 months now. I am Aries. Tough relationship because I am strong minded and won’t stand for crap. He is very stubborn a and pulls away when I stand firm or say how I feel. I do not contact him when he start acting like that. I believe he cares about me because he makes time to see me and interact with my kids. He told me once he loves me through a text and once in my face. But he confuses me with the lack of communication when he is not with me. I have decided not to contact him let him contact me. Just worried that he might be seeing someone else when he is not responding to text or calls. Help! Does he really love me? I am 41 he is 44.

  150. Btw we have not had sex.

  151. 20 Capricorn girl, 19 Virgo boy.
    Okay so, I was friends with him for a year and we always had a good connection and we got along very well..though I was never attracted to him in the beginning, no romantic feelings whatsoever and people used to tease us both together and i always wondered why. The attraction started with the flirting etc only after a year, ..and recently in the past 2 months I decided to give it a just happened..with the flow..nothing like should we date or will you be my bf/gf? I always made it clear that we wouldn’t tell anyone that we liked each other until after our college ends because we hang out in a big group and I didn’t want people to know yet. So everything goes fine for a month, talking on the phone, hanging out in group, holding hands, hugging, kissing (he’s into pda) and then we kinda hit a sour patch where I thought that this wouldn’t work because he was getting too physical with one of his friends. He told me that he didn’t FEEL anything, he was holding her hand and hugging her in a playful manner but he didn’t feel anything, the way he feels happy with me. I told him I don’t like it and if this has to happen again I will not continue to be with him. Next thing I know he is crying, taking out his phone, and showing me a note (he’s written 2-3 more but i haven’t seen them)( In that its written that how he thinks of me constantly, how he wants to tell me everything, wants to be close to me and how he has started falling in love with me and wanted to propose officially on my birthday which is next month.) So then it became fine and he went away for a one week vacay( during which i kept getting ‘i miss you texts’ from him). He comes back and I meet him and we just go for a drive..later i text him saying that you don’t take me anywhere but drives ..that i wanted to spend more alone time with him since we are always in groups. After that I meet him directly after 5 days and he starts acting all distant, like when I tried to hug him he gives me a light hug, doesn’t sit close to me..we go for a party that night, and when i tried to initiate all that he just seemed distant so i stopped. Then in the middle of the party I’m standing and he secretly holds my hand (we were with our friends) and then I’m wondering whats wrong with him again. He drops me home and I give him a tight hug and kiss and ask him when hes gonna meet me next, and he says I’ll let you know. ( he met his other friends though)
    The next time that we meet is my birthday and he didn’t propose like he said he would. He wore the tee that I got him for his birthday though. We went for a short drive with friends (the few friends that know about us) and he barely spoke throughout..didn’t even hug me while going home, just wished me an awkward happy birthday. So now I don’t know what where this is going..should i give him time and space? or am i wasting my time? I feel he is not a man of action, just words. Sp should i just behave like a buddy with him, how we were when we were friends, which would be tough. P.S- he keeps talking about the future, what it would be like when we would get married, have kids, how he wants us to last forever etc.

  152. Hey virgo man :)

    i am in love with virgo man but i am so confused if he love me back or not , he did not say that he loves me but manytime he flirt me and so close to me ,and some times he is so far and too busy .

    i dont know how to deal with him and make him love me back by the way virgo is the best man ever please help me to catch his heart ;)

    thank you :)

    • Also i feel that h is moody i dont know what he want or what is his plan but all i know that if anyone want to do somthing he will but i feel that he has diffrent mind :D

      how can i contact you to help me more ?

      thank you

  153. I’m a virgo man and oh man so many ups an downs I’m a capricorn we have our good times but he changes his mind all the time. what hurts me the most about this virgo male he’s the father of my child and in my eyes he’s heartless he still talks to his ex’s I give him my all ….but his words are …I’m with you but u will always help them ? I need help

  154. lol at the bill splitting part, but why would cappies pretend to be virgos? we are pretty cool people ourselves pshhht xD

  155. Hi i need an advice. I been with my virguy for almost 5 yrs. From the very start of our relationship we’ve always been arguing until now and it become worst. It started ourrelationship when i left my 1st husband for him. But unfortunately instead of being more happy with my virguy i regret to chose him he become dominant, disrespect, most of the time caught him lying and hidden a secret. Since i want our family to be complete i let pass and i let him someday he will changed. Anyway he’s a seafarer i havent problem with him in regards of money he so good provider but never a good partner to me… And here comes the prob. Last january were having a big fight and also he’s parent come over to our house to give an advice. But what i cant accept everything we had a quarrel and saying to him lets separate our ways. He never said yes but in out last fight i dint know if his father advised him to separate with me. Now he has a courage to tell it to my face. And we decide to try again for the last. What bother me most is he ask what if i cheat on u and if ever i gone dont find me. I cant answer. I just look at his face what i noticed is he didnt want it to say but maybe because of his family adviced he said that. After that nothings change he still cold a little bit still fault pointing me… My question is does he loves me or he cant quit because we have a child. If yes why he need to treat me like that? And do i still need patiently understand him. Or i need to move on? Pls help me :( thank u and more power.

  156. Very happy to have seen this article. I have attracted a Virgo man in my life and am slightly confused about his behaviour at times. I am a cancer woman, though emotional can hold my ground. I find him to be tender and kind, but is often uncommunicative and tends to be critical. His past hurts are coming up for clearing and had once created a few misunderstanding.

    I wish i was wiser to be able to deal with the “so stable” looking V Man.


  157. I’ve known a Virgo man since we were 8 years old and we have been friends for 31 years. Recently, we have gotten closer and I have developed feelings for him. I am not pushy because that is just not my nature; however, I did come out and tell him straight up how I felt about him. He tells me I am beautiful all the time and we can talk for hours. We laugh, act silly, and are constantly picking on each other. Even after I told him that I liked him and wanted to see if we could take it to the dating level, there was no awkwardness. He responded with “Relationships are hard enough when you live in the same city. We now live 2 hours apart. Long distance relationships are even harder. If it didn’t work out, I would lose you as a friend. I don’t want this.” After this conversation, we continued to get closer. I waited for him to text me to talk most of the time so that I wouldn’t seem overbearing. And he would text me ever so often and we would talk for a long time by text and by phone. Sometimes he can seem aloof and on those days I bow out gracefully as to not appear clingy. We recently took our “friendship” to a more intimate level. The very time we crossed the line, he immediately began saying he was sorry and it was wrong but then he kept coming back for more and more. I am so confused. He wants to be friends but shows me that he is wanting more than that. He remembers every detail of our childhood which amazes me because I don’t remember every detail. I remember some things but he remembers things we did like it was yesterday. I know he would be a great life partner and I care so much. HELP!

  158. I have been with my Virgo man for a year and we are still together but he seems to be pulling away and I have read a few things am doing wrong but am still generally confused, I’d feel better if we could talk or something because you kind of sound like him, I don’t want to lose him. He loves me I know, I think I just have a hard time with his no expressions and flirty behavior with other ladies and how he ignores me, my birthday was on Sunday and he didn’t get me anything instead we had another fight, and yeah am Aries.

  159. Hi…I just met a Virgo man that has persued me. When I met him I had a bump on my face which and dressed down. Was not expecting to meet anyone. I am also 18 yrs older than he, also a Virgo and he wants to date me. We hit it off so we are going to try!

  160. Right I have recently started dating a virgo guy and all you said about Virgos is spot on. He just so lovely and I geuniely had a great time. The problem is I had sex with him on the second date and I feel I ruined my chances with him cause I gave up the goods to soon.

    Love your blogs by the way :)

  161. I met a Virgo man (28, I’m 27) online a month ago (he lives a 3 hour drive away from my city) he said I was beautiful and then we got to talking and very quickly he said he had fallen for me as he saw there was so much more to me than my pretty face, he kept saying I stimulate his mind, I’m extremely smart but also the most stunning girl he’s ever laid eyes on. After two weeks of constant texting and talking for hours on end each night he told me he loved me and did it all the time every day since.

    We met a few days ago and had a wonderful date and had very hot adventurous sex that night (but he was very tender and attentive before and after, it wasn’t just sex and then the date was over). He told me loved me and has called me his Queen for 2 weeks now. The next day after the sex though and the last 2 days he hasn’t called me any of the pet names he’s used and he hasn’t said “I love you” (it was daily he would say it, but not since the day after we met and had sex).

    He said he had a lot of fun and the next morning he promised he would see me again and we have texted casually, a lot less than usual, apparently he has been tired and sleeping a lot. Is he distancing himself because he’s not interested or is he just trying to play it cool? Would a virgo man tell a girl he loves them and wishes that girl is the last girl he ever makes love to and not actually mean any of it? Was he just trying to hook me in?

  162. I dated a virgo man for six months, and not once did he ever kiss me.i ditched him

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