Alternative smoking device with no nicotine and no tobacco, can it be true?

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Smoking, we all know it’s not great, but I must confess it’s one of my vices I struggled to give up. If you’re anything like me when I used to smoke, I actually detested myself for it straight after putting it out. The smell, health dangers and antisocial behaviour that surround smoking makes me wonder why a supposed intelligent Virgo such as me began the habit. So with my recent health issues hanging over me, I looked for an alternative smoking device, and in my quest to quit I started looking for help and advice online.

I began by reading other peoples’ stories on how they quit and from this I stumbled upon a recommendation about a new product that actually ticked all the boxes for what I was looking for…

The Electronic Shisha eshish brand!

The simple fact is, I’m loving my Shisha Sticks, especially when the weather is hot like it has been recently, there is nothing better than sitting outside with my hookah pipe, smoking, relaxing and pondering life’s mysteries.  So when I came across Shisha Sticks who sell electronic shisha and in particular a brand called eshish also sometimes called a shisha pen I was intrigued and immediately wanted to try their products. I found this site to have an amazing selection of products and vast collection of flavours, including the authentic shisha mint flavours.


The majority of products on the site are nicotine free.  I wanted to get rid of my addiction once and for all, so I have decided to go cold turkey and only order the zero nicotine range. For those that don’t want to start off clucking like a crazy turkey like me, then you are in luck as some of their products have varying levels of nicotine so you can pick and choose what you fancy and what would work best for you.

I was surprised to find a product such as this selling online and have to admit that I was overwhelmed by the huge array of flavours to pick from. The great thing is, I just sit at home, order online and wait for my eshish order to come to me!

On a social level, the beauty about this product is the fact that you can smoke a shisha pen indoors.  One major factor I hate about smoking is having to go outside to smoke.  We might be having nice weather now, but hey this is the UK, it’s not going to last forever so if I can avoid having to go outside in the rain, freezing cold, even snow then I’m willing to give this alternative a good shot.  Another reason I wanted to try this substitute is that if it can help me quit smoking cigarettes, I have done my calculations and I will actually be saving myself a lot of money – That’s a no brainer if you ask me.

Anyway, the big question is will this product I have stumbled across help me quit my habit long term? I truly hope so.

I feel positive that by the time you read this blog, another day goes by that I am nicotine–free. For sure it’ll be hard, but with the great variety of choices Shisha Sticks provide, and through pure willpower I know I WILL beat this terrible habit. I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress, but in the meantime, if any of you reading this were smokers, how did you stop and what worked for you?

I look forward to hearing some inspirational stories.

All the best,

Virgo Man

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