Hi and welcome to Virgo Man.

Here I’ll get to share with you my life as a Virgo. This may seem simple enough, but living in my skin is anything but simple. Add to the mix that I have major OCD when it comes to security & electronic products, you’ll soon find out that I, Virgo Man, am an intricate but lovable person who simply wants to do things right. I’ll be blogging about things that I find interesting and funny, and hope you do to. My ranges of subjects vary from dating a Virgo Man, lost luggage to the bizarre experience of trying on clothes in men’s fitting rooms. Please feel free to visit anytime leaving feedback on anything you’d like, and remember, you can follow me on, Google+Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. I’m also available on the move on Instagram – @VirgoManBlog. Finally, as you can probably tell, I love coffee.


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